Unpaid Work Experience Placements

What is a work experience placement?

Unpaid work experience placements are job assignments with the Alberta government that allow students to develop work place skills and learn about working for government.

They are a component of various post-secondary or skills training programs and are designed to match a student's area of study with related hands-on experience in the field of their choice. Work experience students take on a number of short-term assignments and projects during their placements.

How long are the placements?

Placements vary depending on the program and may be about four to twelve weeks in length.

How do I find out about current opportunities?

Post secondary institutions or skills training programs partner with employers to provide students with opportunities for work experience placements.

The work experience placements available with various Alberta government ministries are usually advertised at educational institutions that participate in student work experience programs.

You may also contact the Alberta government ministry in which you would like to work, to let them know about your work experience program and your interest and qualifications.

How to apply?

If an opportunity interests you, contact the Work Experience placement office at your educational institution.