Summer Opportunities

What is student summer employment?

Summer employment with the Government of Alberta provides students with the opportunity to learn about our organization, develop workplace skills, and gain career related experience.

Summer students are typically hired during the months of May through August for employment opportunities that may last up to 4 months.

Summer students may work in various locations throughout the province and in a variety of areas including:

  • administrative support
  • computer technology
  • finance, accounting, economics
  • forestry
  • research, policy
  • law
  • human services
  • human resources, etc.

Applying for Summer Opportunities

Ministries are responsible for recruiting to their summer student employment needs. Ministries may:

  • access a centralized student summer resume database
  • advertise specific summer employment opportunities in the Seasonal category of the Government of Alberta Jobs website
  • post summer opportunities at educational institutions

Students interested in summer employment with us are encouraged to:

  • submit their resumes to a centralized student summer resume database through the Student Summer Employment Registration Service; and/or
  • apply directly to each advertised summer opportunity that they are interested in and qualified for.

In addition, students may contact the Government of Alberta ministry that they are interested in working for to find out about potential summer employment opportunities.