Position Profile

Job Title:  Electronic Information Management (EIM) Specialist

Work Unit:  Policy and Strategic Corporate Services, Information Management and Technology Services (IMTS), Strategic Information Services (SIS)

Ministry:   Alberta Culture and Tourism

Competition Number:  1043437

Date:  July 2017



The Records and Information Management (RIM) unit leads the development of the Ministry's information management framework and associated strategies to ensure integrated and consistent approaches to records and information management are applied across the department and to associated agencies, boards, and commissions. The RIM unit is also accountable for developing, implementing, and monitoring Ministry-specific records and information management policies, standards, guidelines, and practices that are consistent with applicable legislation, the GoA IMT Strategic Plan, and industry best practices.

The EIM specialist provides specialized expertise and services associated with the development, delivery, and ongoing enhancement of the Ministry's RIM program. The Specialist develops and maintains operational policies and procedures, clarifies and monitors accountabilities and roles, and implements review processes and measures relating to the RIM program.

This position defines and coordinates implementation of an integrated records classification system for the Ministry that aligns with relevant legislative and corporate frameworks. This includes documenting methodologies, developing the classification system and associated retention and disposition schedules, and addressing the training needs of users. In addition, the EIM Specialist has an important role in advancing the Digital Government pillar of the GoA IMT Strategic Plan by identifying, promoting, advancing, and supporting digitization initiatives originating across the Ministry and the GoA. These initiatives reflect goals to reduce dependency on paper and improve access to digital information. This position is relied on to introduce and reinforce the transition to digital government and enhanced access to digital or electronic information as an aspect of all records and information management activities performed.

The EIM Specialist also has accountabilities relating to the assessment, selection, implementation, and evaluation of an electronic information management system within the Ministry. This includes working with Service Alberta and Ministry program and business areas to determine requirements and develop strategies to address conversion implications and operational needs. The EIM Specialist develops associated operational policies, practices and business rules, establishes access roles and security levels, and ensures Ministry staff are provided with training and other resources associated with the implementation of Digital Government initiatives such as an electronic system.

The role plans and coordinates the development and delivery of other Digital Government solutions to support Ministry business activities, including analyzing requirements, determining scope of challenges, researching and evaluating alternatives, recommending appropriate solutions, and planning and managing the implementation of approved EIM solutions. In addition to providing consultation and coaching support to Ministry staff in relation to associated technologies, tools, and processes, this position coordinates the activities of teams brought together to support the development, implementation, and continual enhancement of Digital Government solutions within the Ministry.

Responsibilities and Activities


An integrated records classification system that aligns with the GoA classification model is implemented to facilitate the transition to and use of EIM within the Ministry.


  • Conducts business analysis and research to identify and verify business functions, activities, and retention requirements of Ministry program areas.
  • Consults with Service Alberta, other ministries, other jurisdictions, and stakeholder groups to research integrated records classification systems and identify best practices.
  • Develops and coordinates approval of Ministry records retention schedules and associated information retention and disposition criteria.
  • Develops and implements information hierarchy folder structure based on the classification system.
  • Develops and implements approved levels of access and security rules based on established roles and responsibilities and GoA information security classification standards.
  • Establishes and implements change management strategies and provides advice and training to Ministry staff to facilitate implementation and ongoing enhancement of the classification system, retention schedules, and related streamlining or re-engineering processes.
  • Provides input, expertise, and recommendations for the development of operational policies, standards, and practices to enable the Ministry to manage information resources as strategic corporate assets.
  • Identifies and assesses information and records management issues and potential impacts for the Ministry's EIM program and develops associated solutions.

A cross-platform electronic records sharing structure (e.g., SharePoint and shared drive), including policies, practices, and procedures, is established and implemented to facilitate transition to an EIM environment within the Ministry.


  • Consults with Ministry program area and IMTS representatives to develop, implement, evaluate, and continually improve the structure and associated policies, practices, and procedures across all electronic records repositories.
  • Critically analyzes potential shared drive solutions and recommends actions to mitigate or resolve issues.
  • Develops implementation strategy for introduction and operation of electronic records repository structure within the Ministry, including assessing impacts on program areas, identifying and documenting changes to business processes, and conducting business re-engineering studies as appropriate.
  • Facilitates implementation of the cross-platform electronic records sharing structure through provision of education, training, information, and other resources to Ministry representatives.

Business analysis, planning, and consultative services are provided to program areas and within IMTS to identify requirements associated with the development, implementation, operation, and continual improvement of EIM solutions, technologies, and tools within the Ministry.


  • Consults with program areas to determine business needs and assess EIM requirements; provides guidance regarding EIM options and solutions available to support business operations, while ensuring a common approach is used to manage paper and electronic records that adheres to legislated and mandated requirements.
  • Evaluates Ministry information management systems, including paper and electronic formats and media, to identify gaps, streamline opportunities, and pursue innovations along with developing responses and recommendations.
  • Researches and analyzes EIM solutions, technologies, tools, and best practices, including consulting with vendors and service providers to identify solutions that meet program area requirements and are consistent with corporate and Ministry information and records management frameworks and the GoA IMT strategic plan.
  • Plans and facilitates implementation and deployment of EIM solutions and enhancements through provision of consultation and analysis to program areas, information technology professionals, consultants, and service providers; develops and implements related change management plans and communication strategies.
  • Develops documentation and training strategies for users and IMTS staff members relating to Digital Government solutions, coordinates training pertaining to solution components and tools, and provides troubleshooting and coaching support to program area representatives relating to the use of EIM applications, technologies and tools.
  • Administers EIM system to ensure a current, optimized, and reliable solution is available to users and addresses and resolves issues and enquiries pertaining to the system, technologies, and tools.

EIM policies, standards, guidelines, and practices are developed, reviewed, and enhanced to support consistency, continual improvement, and alignment with Ministry and GoA directions for records and information management.


  • Prepares, evaluates, reviews, and updates Ministry EIM policies, standards, guidelines, and practices.
  • Liaises with other areas of the Ministry and IMTS (e.g., FOIP, business continuity, information security) to identify and collaborate on development of policies, guidelines, and practices associated with use of EIM systems and tools; contributes to development of change management plans and processes to facilitate their implementation.
  • Monitors Digital Government policies, standards, guidelines, and practices in other departments and at the corporate level, including those associated with the GoA IMT Strategic Plan (e.g., digital identity, open government / information sharing, enterprise content management); identifies implications and opportunities for the Ministry and develops associated recommendations.
  • Participates in internal and external teams and committees reviewing or establishing new EIM policies, standards, guidelines, and practices, including actively contributing to the EIM community of practice within the GoA.

The management and senior management teams are supported in achieving the IMTS mandate and goals.


  • Develops briefing materials, analyses, and responses to information and action requests relating to the integrated records classification system, EIM solutions and systems, and other aspects of the Digital Government program.
  • Provides information and recommendations to support senior management decisions and approval of Digital Government related initiatives at the Ministry level.
  • Coordinates responses to and supports litigation holds, FOIP requests, and privacy matters.
  • Develops and maintains collaborative working relationships with representatives of the Ministry and government (e.g., Service Alberta, Alberta Justice, OIPC, Provincial Archives), stakeholders, vendors, contractors, consultants, and other service delivery providers to support a coordinated and integrated Ministry RIM program.
  • Provides leadership to teams assembled for projects and initiatives, including developing project strategies, planning and coordinating activities of project teams, and monitoring execution of project deliverables.
  • Maintains awareness of industry directions and emerging products, technologies, and tools, including researching and assessing tools and technologies, developing recommendations, business cases and action plans, and coordinating acquisition and implementation efforts upon approval of recommendations.



Information management is a critical function within the Ministry and GoA, encompassing complex and strategically sensitive issues as well as constantly evolving technologies, applications, and tools. This position evaluates, develops, and implements information governance program elements, including controls, retention schedules, classification structures, and other tools, essential to operating in an electronic environment and supporting the GoA IMT Strategic Plan.

The EIM Specialist provides business analysis, consultation, and project management services essential to the delivery of the Ministry's RIM program, maintaining a strategic view of information management to facilitate integration of digitization and electronic solutions and initiatives into program and business operations. This position identifies relevant issues and trends, recognizes and assesses their impact on program operations and business and legal obligations, and develops recommendations and solutions to improve business capabilities and processes while aligning with established Ministry and GoA frameworks.

The EIM Specialist provides leadership to all levels of Ministry representatives during the analysis, implementation, and evaluation phases of EIM-related solutions, including performing reviews, documenting business requirements, developing standards and guidelines, and providing consultation. This position also develops and delivers training and resource materials and coaches staff in the use of relevant technologies and tools. Decisions and recommendations made by the EIM Specialist in relation to the implementation and operation of Digital Government solutions, technologies, and tools have the potential to affect all program areas (including those of the agencies, boards, and commissions associated with Alberta Culture and Tourism}, as well as consultants, external stakeholders, and service providers.

This position demonstrates initiative, creativity, and professional judgment when collaborating with Ministry program area and IMTS representatives, other ministries, consultants, service providers, and stakeholders. The EIM Specialist must remain aware of corporate information management strategic priorities and directions given the GoA's movement toward digital government and using and leveraging information assets as a single organization. This position has a key role in the implementation of Digital Government solutions that not only support Ministry business operations but also business processes associated with other aspects of the GoA IMT Strategic Plan (e.g., single identity services, the Alberta citizen / organization ID service, GoA data / information classification standards).

The EIM Specialist works within the parameters of established legislation, frameworks, policies, and guidelines, with the Manager providing general guidance and reviewing work in terms of the quality of analysis, recommendations, and solutions provided. This position is delegated considerable independence to determine priorities and areas of focus, exercising judgment when presenting analyses and proposals to senior representatives and handling multiple responsibilities with demanding and concurrent deadlines. Matters with potential for significant impact on client business and program operations and resource allocation are discussed with the Manager, who is also available for assistance when dealing with highly sensitive or contentious situations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The EIM Specialist requires in-depth knowledge of:

  • information management principles, theories, concepts, practices, trends, standards, and tools
  • current and emerging EIM technologies, applications, and tools
  • principles and considerations for developing and implementing EIM solutions in a complex environment, including related business processes and business rules
  • GoA strategic and policy directions and guidelines relating to records and information management, including the GoA IMT Strategic Plan and the GoA Information Management Framework
  • the client and stakeholder community affected by the Ministry RIM program, including relevant organizations, committees, advisory groups, and representatives

along with comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Ministry business plans, goals, strategic priorities, and business needs related to records / information management
  • business analysis and business case development principles, methodologies, and processes
  • records and information management best practices
  • project and change management theories and methodologies
  • relevant aspects of the Ministry information technology and application architecture
  • information technology controls, particularly those targeting records and information management
  • the political environment within which the Ministry operates and government decision-making processes
  • legislation, directives, and standards relating to information and records management (e.g., Government Organization Act, Records Management Regulation, Historical Resources Act, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Personal Information Protection Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, GoA Records Management standards, policies, procedures and directives, ISO 15489 standard, and applicable information security management directives)
  • relevant EIM and business productivity technologies and tools

The EIM Specialist requires demonstrated and highly developed:

  • flexibility, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management skills to work with considerable uncertainty and ambiguity
  • consultation and interpersonal skills to facilitate development of information management solutions for business situations and issues involving a variety of requirements and perspectives
  • negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • leadership skills to promote adoption of innovative approaches and solutions, initiate and manage change, and influence information management practices and behaviours of staff members at all levels of the organization
  • analytical, research, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, including ability to analyze complex work processes, evaluate requirements, identify leading practices, and develop and recommend solutions
  • written and verbal communication skills, including ability to develop and deliver presentations to diverse audiences
  • organizational and time management skills to function effectively in an environment with multiple and competing priorities and deadlines
  • project planning and management skills
  • commitment to client service, continuous improvement, confidentiality, and diplomacy
  • professional judgement, creativity, vision, and foresight

The EIM Specialist must be able to:

  • conduct assessments of EIM-related issues and corporate initiatives, including developing recommendations relating to impacts and implications for the Ministry's RIM program
  • develop and monitor classification systems for the management of paper and electronic records to facilitate accurate and timely document access and retrieval across the Ministry
  • coordinate implementation and ongoing enhancement of complex records and information management solutions, technologies, and tools
  • proactively anticipate for program area needs and identify emerging EIM trends, issues, and opportunities
  • identify and promote adoption of new EIM tools, solutions, and practices of high potential value to the Ministry
  • maintain a strategic focus while delivering results at the operational level
  • function independently as well as lead and contribute effectively within a team environment
  • develop and maintain working relationships with clients, partners, consultants, service providers, and stakeholders
  • The EIM Specialist requires a university degree in a related discipline plus at least 4 years progressively responsible related experience or equivalent.



The EIM Specialist has ongoing contact with:

  • the RIM Manager and IMTS management team to provide briefings, background documents, plans and recommendations for discussion and feedback; provides EIM-related input to GoA CIO committees as appropriate
  • Ministry program staff at all levels to provide consultation and advice regarding the EIM program (including the development, implementation, and delivery phases of the records classification system and EIM solutions), analyze business and operational requirements as they relate to EIM, identify business re-engineering needs and requirements for new and revised business practices relating to introduction of EIM technologies, tools or initiatives, develop impact assessments, provide training and coaching services, and develop and maintain relationships
  • consultants, vendors, and service providers to exchange information, coordinate activities, and determine appropriate EIM solutions to address business and operational issues
  • representatives of GoA corporate entities (e.g., Service Alberta) and other departments to exchange information, resolve issues, coordinate activities in relation to information management frameworks, policies, guidelines and processes, and develop and maintain network of strategic contacts within the records and information and records management communities to ensure coordinated and consistent implementation efforts relating to EIM initiatives

Supervision Exercised


This position does not supervise other positions directly, but does provide project management services involving clients, service providers, and vendors. The EIM Specialist may also supervise short term or wage positions and provide direction when acting in the role of RIM Manager.


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