Position Profile

Job Title:  Senior Advisor

Work Unit:  Economic and Fiscal Policy

Ministry:  Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1043419

Date:  July 2017

Role Purpose


The Senior Advisor supports the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) through provision of policy analysis and coordination of timely responses to emerging economic and fiscal issues.
This position has a key role in leading the complete planning cycle for Economics and Fiscal Policy (EFP), including environmental scanning, stakeholder consultations, and articulation of goals, performance measurement, budgeting, and reporting of results.

The position reports directly to the ADM, Economic and Fiscal Policy, and provides expert advice and support on cross-ministry policy initiatives, including the climate leadership plan and economic development. It coordinates timely responses to emerging economic and fiscal issues.  Represent EFP on cross-ministry working committees and provide input on briefings and cabinet reports and coordinates research activities, helping ensure alignment and consistency between EFP, TBF and other ministries.

Key Accountabilities


Expert Advice and Cross-Ministry Support 

  • Provides expert advice and support on cross-ministry policy initiatives, including the Climate Leadership Plan and economic development
  • Represents EFP on cross-ministry working committees and provides input on briefings and cabinet reports
  • Provides expertise and input into decisions and planning activities for the division, and, where appropriate takes the lead to ensure delivery of required results
  • Develops strategies, communicates and interprets direction from the ADM, Deputy Minister and Minister to division representatives. 

Oversee and provide policy analysis and support to the ADM. Critically review and comment on Ministerial briefing notes and other action requests

Coordinate research activities, helping ensure alignment and consistency between EFP, TBF and other ministries

  • Establishes consultative relationships with all government ministries and stakeholders to identify needs, evaluate program requests and optimize program services and administration plans
  • Represents the division on external committees and key cross government initiatives to improve centralization of program administration, and the cost effective and efficient use of resources
  • Provides strategic options, comprehensive program advice, briefing papers, and recommendations to the Assistant Deputy Minister

Coordinate timely responses to emerging economic and fiscal issues

  • Establishes policies, plans, systems for the provision and development of effective and efficient responses to emerging economic and fiscal issues 
  • Leads the development of program measures and program structure with a focus on best practices to enhance utilization of staff

Research and Project Management

  • This position is regularly called upon to undertake or participate in initiatives or projects that relate to innovation, continuous improvement, relevance, and integration at EFP 
  • Operates in a fast-paced environment of changing priorities

Required Knowledge

  • University graduation in a field related to the position assignment, supplemented by six years progressively responsible experience
  • Understanding of the strategic directions and priorities as well as the processes, of the department, government, and other key stakeholders
  • Sound understanding of the division's mandate, priorities , business, goals, strategies, relevant policies, legislation, regulations, and organizational structure, including a thorough understanding of government and ministry strategic directions and business goals as they relate to the division mandate
  • In-depth knowledge of the structure, operation and decision-making processes of EFP, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Government of Alberta
  • Experience in budgeting and forecasting, business planning and annual reporting
  • Excellent communication skills through multiple mediums
  • Good understanding of government structures and initiatives at the divisional, departmental and provincial levels
  • Detailed knowledge and experience in strategic business planning and risk management
  • Project and business management experience
  • Excellent interpersonal relations skills; crucial to be able to develop excellent working relationships with all levels of staff within the division
  • Ability to prioritize and execute multiple (and often overlapping) deadlines
  • Ability to think strategically, anticipate future issues and know their potential impacts upon the division
  • Experience with change management processes
  • Experience working with senior/executive management
  • Strong stakeholder relationship building and management skills
  • Computer knowledge and competencies, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Adobe

Required Experience

  • Several years of government experience in policy, legislative and strategic analysis and administrative oversight
  • Extensive experience working with senior/executive management
  • Advanced communication and consultation skills to build partnerships, negotiate resolution to sensitive issues and conflicts, and facilitates decision making with internal and external stakeholders holding varying perspectives and priorities
  • A record of success leading change management, promoting innovation, and inspiring staff, clients and stakeholders to adopt new direction and concepts
  • Demonstrated strengths in building a culture of client service excellence and leading diverse teams of management, professional, and technical staff in an organization
  • Supervisory experience minimum of 5 year and second-line supervisory experience an asset.
  • Equivalencies of education and experience may be considered

Key Behavioural Competencies


Systems Thinking:

  • Integrates in-depth knowledge of underlying issues, the political environment and potential risks when considering possible opportunities or actions
  • Works with others to identify and address interdependent activities that require collaboration.
  • Anticipates outcomes and potential impacts across interrelated areas and factors this into planning.  Seeks to understand a range of stakeholder perspectives and how they interrelate.

Creative Problem Solving:

  • Continuously engages others to scope and solve issues and find the best solutions. Encourages debate and idea generation from across the organization.
  • Finds ways to improve complex systems or structures to better meet goals and outcomes.

Build Collaborative Environments:

  • Promotes collaboration and positive relationships (even in challenging circumstances) within and across groups and builds commitment to reach desired results.
  • Uses own enthusiasm and commitment to higher-level goals to motivate and guide others to achieve results.
  • Engages others to think broadly about impacts of projects, brings differing perspectives together and encourages debate.  Works with others to identify and remove barriers.

Develop Networks:

  • Looks broadly inside and outside the APS to identify key stakeholders.  Actively engages them early and ensures their voice is heard and concerns are acknowledged.
  • Builds trust by being open to different perspectives while looking for long-term and mutually beneficial outcomes.


  • Identifies alternative approaches or courses of action in unclear and complex situations.  Supports others to identify, assess, and use alternative approaches.
  • Makes decisions and takes action even when there is not enough clarity to predict the consequences with certainty.  Includes a back-up plan in case predictions are incorrect.

Drive for Results:

  • Openly acknowledges personal responsibility for outcomes, even when not all elements of a situation are within direct control but could have been managed through influence.
  • Sets and accomplishes goals and priorities in order to deliver outcomes consistent with Government direction, departmental objectives and public expectations.

Develop Self and Others:

  • Finds ways to leverage strengths through on the job assignments, career moves or further developing strengths through formal training, volunteers for stretch assignments and taking on increase responsibilities.

Key Relationships/Org Structure and Purpose of Contacts


Key Relationships:

  • Daily interaction with the different branches within EFP
  • Relationships with key stakeholders, leaders, public agencies, and other government jurisdictions - interaction as required and necessary
  • Interacts with the ADM on a daily basis

Issues/Problem Faced and Decisions Made (Authorities)

  • The position is responsible for apprising the ADM of major issues that arise, as well as the strategies and progress in resolving those issues.  On-going responsibilities and day-to-day management of issues under the general direction of the ADM 
  • This position has a key role in communicating information and providing direction to staff on behalf of the ADM to ensure expected standards are met
  • The position is responsible for many results that affect the division. For example, responses and updates to the Minister/Deputy Minister offices
  • Is the primary portal for the Ministers Office, Deputy Minister Office, branch Directors and stakeholders (including Cabinet Minster/MLA offices) to address issues, concerns or inquires, disseminate information and assess needs , determine appropriate work in areas within the department (and or government)for response, track and respond with an outcome to originator
  • Works collaboratively with other departmental Divisions on joint assignments, initiatives or projects

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