Position Profile

Job Title:  UNIX Server Support Team Lead

Work Unit:  Ministry Services, Information Management and Technology Services / Infrastructure and Operations

Ministry:   Alberta Energy

Competition Number:  1043375

Date:  July 2017



Reporting to the Associate Director of Service Delivery and Operations, this position applies a sound understanding of client business processes in conjunction with knowledge of UNIX server environment hardware, software and peripherals to support clients in achieving business plans. This includes strategic planning for UNIX operating systems deployment, capacity planning, recommendations for new/upgraded equipment, coordination of all server software (including operating systems, ensuring all versions are current and licensed), disaster recovery planning/testing and coordination of and participation with after-hours support.

Responsibilities and Activities


Provide a secure, efficient and reliable technical foundation that supports the delivery of business functions by:

  • Developing UNIX hosting solutions with consideration of high availability and resiliency to meet the needs of business in delivering government services.
  • Implementing and enforcing proper security policies and practices that align with Corporate Security Directives
  • Applying configuration management practices that ensure highest levels of systems availability.
  • Liaising with manufacturers and/or resellers as primary contact for all hardware and software agreements.

Provide technical direction to guide client functional units through the phases of systems enhancement and business requirements. Evaluate requests for all such system enhancements (hardware and software) by:

  • Analyzing client needs/requests for server applications and assess impact on existing infrastructure.
  • Liaise with senior client management to identify, assess and test alternatives.
  • Participating in the preparation of solutions proposals that meet business requirements while aligning with corporate IT initiatives.
  • Proactively identifying, assessing and analyzing server application alternatives to meet needs identified as a result of working with clients on an ongoing basis and blending technical expertise with an informed awareness of both current client needs and emerging technologies.
  • Liaise with major hardware/software manufacturers on a regular basis to maintain currency with their roadmaps of forecasted technology changes.

Lead and/or participate in implementation of major system enhancements by:

  • Designing and/or developing work plans to rollout major system enhancements (i.e.: hardware/software upgrades).
  • Ensuring related impact on specific servers has been identified and addressed.
  • Documenting enhancements to assist team/clients in upgrade conversion processes and/or new implementations.
  • Assigning team members to specific projects; coordinating and monitoring project progress.
  • Verifying receipt of related goods and/or services; coordinating with suppliers in resolving issues, as required.
  • Assisting in budget forecasting.
  • Defining server environment hardware/software requirements and participating in the development and execution of Capacity Plans.

Co-ordinate asset management and maintenance activities for the UNIX server environment by:

  • Assessing server environment hardware, software and peripheral needs and requirements on an annual basis.
  • Preparing documentation to support which servers/devices need to be replaced along with the associated costs.
  • Developing and implementing plans for "cascading" replaced equipment based on business needs within the client areas.
  • Maintaining hardware/software inventories.
  • Monitoring leading usage indicators to proactively identify and address issues before they become problems.
  • Coordinating with database, application, acceptance testing and production operations analysts on an ongoing basis to address general and specific issues relating to the UNIX environment as a result of implementing customized applications and dedicated servers/services.

Supervise one other permanent full-time employee providing technical support services. Technical problems are either resolved directly by team member, internally in conjunction with other areas of the Business Unit and/or the Division, or referred to manufacturers/vendors for assistance with the resolution by:

  • Coordinating unit activities to ensure day-to-day provision of technical support expertise for server environment hardware, software and peripherals; providing guidance, mentorship and/or assistance in resolving complex problems referred by team member.
  • Coordinating, assigning and monitoring progress of team member assigned to specific projects or technical functions (i.e.: backups, patching, upgrades, etc.).
  • Developing and maintaining procedures.
  • Monitoring job logs to assess trends and team needs to be addressed; ensuring team provides timely and accurate technical expertise and consulting services.
  • Participating in the recruitment, training and development of staff resources; development and refinement of performance measures and relevant definitions of unique technical support requirements with respect to manpower resources.
  • Ensuring cross training is an active ongoing process (training of resource, knowledge sessions for the team, documentation and/or checklists) with respect to technical skills.
  • Ensuring clarity of accountability and authority of team members to maintain a strong, stable team environment.
  • Implementation of a strategy for succession planning.
  • Establishing opportunities for team members to show initiative and expand their IT knowledge; foster an environment that allows freedom to be creative in reducing cost and improving service.
  • Providing regular information on IT activities that relate to department clients in a proactive manner by holding meetings to discuss what team members have learned about client needs; verify/validate the information and communicate relevant information to the Associate Director of Service Delivery and Operations.

Create an environment of teamwork. Enhance opportunities for and participation in teamwork with other functional units, other organizations, and other ministries. Contribute to government initiatives. This responsibility will be accomplished by:

  • Participating in the management of and improvements within the Business Unit and Division.
  • Identifying any areas for service delivery improvement.
  • Establishing opportunities to co-operate and share information and experiences with other functional units, other organizations, and other ministries.
  • Ensuring UNIX Server Support team actively participates in government-wide initiatives to improve the use and value of information technology whenever possible.



This position works with minimal supervision within the parameter of established government policies, processes and procedures. UNIX Server Support services provided directly and managed by this position have wide impact given the environment and its’ related software applications that are relied upon to generate revenue for government. This position is responsible and accountable for ensuring the UNIX server network is secure, robust and stable in support of the business of government. The UNIX server environment continues to evolve into a complex environment. An estimated 15-25+ individual projects relating to system maintenance and enhancement initiatives are managed each year.

This position has on-going contact with:

  • Senior management staff, in responding to requests to evaluate hardware/software options to meet specific needs.
  • Other systems staff, in relation to specific projects and assignments.
  • Other department staff, in resolving specific problems or general issues relating to the UNIX server environment.
  • Vendors and manufacturers of hardware/software relating to the UNIX server environment.
  • Other ministry staff, in relation to services migrated to Service Alberta and cross-ministry projects.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


This position requires technical systems knowledge in the UNIX server platform, as well as, supervisory skills to lead the team of technical professionals who provide a secure, efficient and reliable technical foundation that supports the delivery of departmental business functions.

Technical systems knowledge and skillset requirements for this position are:

  • University graduation in computer science or a related discipline plus four years related experience; or a two-year diploma in computer technology or a related discipline and six years related experience, or a related one-year certificate and seven years related experience.
  • Professional workstation software including enterprise system performance management tools, network protocols and utilities.
  • Oracle Solaris operating system (passwords, profiles, systems administration – security, etc.).
  • Application systems management tools and utilities (Sybase databases, data backup, volume disk management, etc.).
  • Principles, practices and procedures relating to an evolving and complex server environment and systems administration.
  • Trends and developments in network and server based hardware/software.
  • Knowledge of business functions and processes within the department, coupled with a strong commitment to client service.
  • Knowledge of Asset Management, from soliciting quotes through to purchasing procedures and authorization of invoices, coupled with a general knowledge of budgeting/forecasting.
  • Project Management skills, as a key resource in implementing major system enhancements. Ability to prepare meaningful reports for review by clients, Senior Management, and technical systems staff.
  • Problem solving/analytical skills to analyze technical systems requirements, assess impact on existing infrastructure and implement optimized solutions to address client needs and system requirements.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills. A role model in professionalism and negations.
  • Interpersonal skills coupled with the ability to communicate effectively with staff with varying degrees of systems expertise, in clarifying and addressing system requirements.
  • Team building/supervisory skills and organizational skills to lead the working unit and to simultaneously co-ordinate multiple projects, often within tight timelines.



This position has ongoing contact with Ministries at various levels of management which requires diplomacy and the ability to adjust to changing business requirements. This position also has considerable contact with external organizations (manufacturers, vendors, etc.) on an ongoing basis which requires professionalism and negotiation skills.

Supervision Exercised


Systems Analyst 2 - UNIX Server Support - System Administrator


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