Position Profile

Job Title:  Digital Designer

Work Unit:  Apprenticeship and Student Aid, SA Marketing and Training (SAMT) / Digital Strategy and Services

Ministry:   Alberta Advanced Education

Competition Number:  1043356

Date:  July 2017



Student Aid's Digital Designer is responsible for implementing a coordinated approach to the creative development and delivery of digital media content for internal and external audiences. This includes providing advice to program areas on what is creatively and technically possible and as well as proactively assessing, advising and consulting on the development of digital media content and materials that support marketing initiatives and program and services delivery. The Digital Designer identifies specific design requirements and supports testing of all digital/content products prior to live release - including identifying future enhancements as needed. The Digital Designer produces a wide range of digital content destined for a variety of programs and services tools, such as websites, social media sites, training materials and webinars. This requires knowledge, skills and abilities in digital media planning, digital design execution, editorial/content coordination, video and audio production. Expertise is applied to make products interactive, educational and engaging. This results in Albertans receiving the right Student Aid information at the right time through a variety of digital media and platforms that enable business areas to use information to educate students and stakeholders about student funding programs and services.

The Digital Designer is a key member of the Digital Strategy and Services team who works with other team members to bring creative ideas to the table and, ultimately produce graphic content/digital media for a variety of marketing and communications initiatives, in a timely manner within the Student Aid Alberta Marketing and Training Branch.

Responsibilities and Activities


Conceptualizes, plans, designs, and produces a wide range of graphic/digital/multimedia content to market and communicate student funding programs to a range of stakeholders.


  • Identify client requirements through consultation in alignment with the Marketing and Communications Strategy.
  • Create designs specific for specific content or products (e.g. from brochures and presentations to websites, apps, biogs, training videos).
  • Create mechanical aspects of designs with preparation, sizing and corporate presentation/branding quality to build or post to digital products (i.e. websites, apps, biogs, social media sites).
  • Works with ministry webmaster/web teams to ensure the design elements provided fit the requirements of the site and the constant challenges of website/digital design related to site standards, browser compatibility and system upgrades.
  • Coordinate and participate in testing and assurance of content and products to ensure its accuracy prior to posting.
  • Develop and update graphic content in e-newsletters, info graphics, social media tool kits.
  • Ensure quality control on completion of design implementation within the construction of the sites/digital products, define and ask for adjustments and manipulations of the code created for the assembly of the sites to assure design coherence and adherence to branding standards.

Provide advanced graphic and digital production expertise and services to internal and external clients on social media and digital approaches for marketing, communication and training.


  • Provide advice and expertise on social and digital multimedia to help clients define needs and opportunities.
  • Provide expertise, guidance, assistance and recommendations to staff on type and format of materials to ensure consistent messaging and adherence to brand.
  • Provide recommendations and ideas to clients on how social and digital media can be leveraged to promote information about the Student Aid sector.
  • Coach and pass on information about the abilities and applications of various graphic programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, In Design etc. to support work unit and branch staff capabilities.
  • Share information on leading practices in digital marketing and communication based on ongoing research.

Coordinate and manage specific projects identified within Student Aid's three core strategies: the Marketing and Communications Strategy, the Training Strategy and the Financial Literacy Strategy.


  • Build project plans and identify project participants to ensure accurate content / product development.
  • Track and monitor progress providing updates to project stakeholders.
  • Provide updates to the Manager to inform broader reporting on the strategies.
  • Identify ideas for potential new or enhanced projects based on digital expertise.
  • Leverage lessons learned to other projects.



The Digital Designer is highly skilled in the use of numerous types of software programs required to develop content and information in graphic, audio and/or video format. Part artist, part designer, part creative ideas generator, the Designer is capable of creating a graphic from a blank canvas, knows how to manipulate and customize stock photography and illustrations, shoot high quality photographs and raw video footage, and has experience using the full suite of software available in the Adobe Creative Suite package (i.e. software for photo manipulation, graphic/illustration, document layout and video production). The Digital Designer moves seamlessly from Photoshop to Illustrator to inDesign to Final Cut Pro to build digital content destined for presentations, websites, apps, social media sites, training sessions and webinars. He/she has the artist's eye and the skilled technicians' ability to produce traditional documents and presentations, informative infographics and motion graphics as well as produce corporate-quality videos.

The incumbent understands digital services from a business and content perspective, and understands the power and capability inherent in:

  • Websites
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Mobile Apps
  • Intranet Platforms
  • Learning Tools (i.e. Training and Webinar Delivery)
  • Analytics Tools

Creativity is applied to visualize, create, develop and produce graphic materials for the development of multimedia digital platforms. The incumbent must also be able to situate deliverables within the broader strategies and goals of the sector and of the division. Within a defined framework of policies and procedures governing established website guidelines, branding guidelines, digital media guides and industry development practices, the Producer/Coordinator determines the best way to design and develop content, training materials or interactive applications working independently as well as liaising with Digital Strategy and Services staff, client groups, IT/webmasters, and contract support services, when required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Two-year College diploma or University degree in in Digital Media and Graphic Design Studies with two years related experience. Equivalencies such as a one-year accelerated diploma program coupled with four years relevant experience or minimum 5-years work experience in a digital media design shop/agency producing a variety of digital/multimedia products.

Skills / Abilities:

  • Advanced artistic/creative conceptualization ability.
  • Advanced design expertise in a variety of mediums (print, illustration, photography, audio, video, animation produced) for a variety of digital media platforms (websites, biogs, apps, social media platforms).
  • Creative talent combined with a strong knowledge of principles and practices of graphic/digital media design.
  • Advanced skills in the use of current design/illustration/photo editing and manipulation software.
  • Knowledge in website development, app development (html/.net).
  • Working knowledge of current website best practices related to responsive design/architecture.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of changing Internet/web-related technologies.
  • Teamwork skills - demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve desired outcomes to reach Branch, Sector, Division and Department goals.
  • Effective time management skills to prioritize workload to meet goals / deliverables in an environment that includes many competing deliverables, redesigns and competing deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently and delivery proactively.
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Effective negotiation skills.


  • Advanced abilities in the use of digital media design software (Adobe Creative Cloud).
  • Web Development and App development software and platforms.
  • Microsoft Office Suite of products, i.e. Word, Power Point, Excel.
  • Computer peripherals including: Scanners, printers, digital cameras, video cameras, sound editing software.

Guidelines to follow:

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Public Service of Alberta.
  • Government of Alberta/Ministry/Sector brand guidelines, and digital media guidelines and standards.
  • Ministry operations, policies and procedures.
  • Branch and Sector business processes and procedures.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Branch Director

Daily to weekly

  • Contribute to development and implementation of digital media information, products and services (web properties, apps, blogs, social media platforms, etc.) that support marketing and communications, training and financial literacy strategies that support sector and/or divisional mandate and priorities.

Manager/Direct Supervisor

  • Provide updates and reports on digital media projects/project deadlines.
  • Provide input to inform unit planning and reporting.

Work Unit/SAMT Branch Staff

  • Collaborate, coordinate and produce graphic design elements and/or digital media products in support of branch projects and strategies.
  • Collaborate with work unit / branch staff to support and produce content produced and published for a wide variety of digital media marketing initiatives.
  • Provide expertise and consultation specific to graphic design and digital media development.

SAMT Branch Managers

  • Provide expertise and consultation specific to graphic design and digital media development that supports business objectives related to marketing, training and financial literacy strategies.

Online Content Stakeholders (i.e. ministry webmasters, service provider webmasters, contractors)

  • Ensure collaboration and coordination with branch/unit staff to ensure graphic design elements/materials/platforms support consistent messaging designed/destined for a use in variety of sector marketing and communications materials managed by external stakeholders.

Corporate Communications

As required
  • Ensure new, repurposed and/or curated content is consistent with divisional and ministry key messages.
  • Assist with maintenance of student aid content on ministry website, social media platforms, and ministry Intranet related to SA initiatives.
  • Ensure adherence to GoA brand standards and guidelines.


As assigned
  • Collaborate, share, and/or demonstrate digital content materials / products / services that support client connection communications.

Directors of other branches within division and department

As assigned
  • Collaborate, share, and/or demonstrate digital content materials / products / services that support client connection communications and internal / sector communications.

Corporate Services representatives (i.e. Financial Services, Legislative Services, Human Resources)

As assigned
  • Collaborate, share, and/or demonstrate digital content materials / products / services that support internal / staff communications.

Counterparts in other provinces and the federal government

As assigned Participate in conference calls and meetings to understand client connection communications, and/or operational program and services that impact digital media design and development - to ensure operational efficiencies and consistency in client messaging through design, development and delivery of a variety of digital media products.
Contracted service providers As assigned Support/collaborate/coordinate development of digital media design materials and/or products produced by third party vendors.

Supervision Exercised

  No direct reports.


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