Position Profile

Job Title:  Program Support

Work Unit:  Strategic Support, Administrative Services

Ministry:  Office of the Child and Youth Advocate

Competition Number:  1043323

Date:  July 2017



The Program Support position is responsible for the delivery of administrative functions to support the services provided by the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA). This function is essential to the delivery of services to children and youth by enabling the OCYA to fulfill its' mandate.

Reporting to the Administrative Coordinator, the Program Support position works as a member of the Administrative Support Team by providing a full complement of administrative services to an assigned program portfolio, coordinating administrative standards across the organization, and ensuring appropriate support and efficient functioning of the office.

Each Program Support position within the Administrative Support Team is assigned a program portfolio for which they provide direct support, however, all positions may provide backup within the Administrative Support Team to ensure continuity in administrative services within the organization. Program portfolio assignments may change as organizational needs evolve.

Responsibilities and Activities


Classify and maintain an efficient records management system for administrative and operational records collections to provide consistent control and accessibility by:

  • Serving as the primary contact for program records collections.
  • Creating new program records (including amending file structure) with appropriate documentation.
  • Maintaining program records by ensuring file integrity, accustoming those authorized, and separating active records from closed and inactive records.
  • Inventorying program records collections.

Electronic Document Handling:

  • SIAM
  • LAPS
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.)

Data management:

  • Performing data entry into databases and/or tracking systems ensuring pertinent information is entered accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Assessing the necessity of missing/incorrect information and taking appropriate action.
  • Verifying information through cross-match systems or manually.
  • Maintaining information in program databases, as needed.

Provide professional quality Administrative Services by:

  • Producing, reviewing and editing timely and accurate templates, correspondence, minutes, agendas, reports, presentations and other documentation, ensuring conformity to OCYA preferred style and tone.
  • Managing correspondence and documents directed to and generated within program areas ensuring appropriate routing, accuracy of content, and consistency with service standards and information management.
  • Monitoring program email inboxes, responding to routine enquiries, forwarding more complex enquiries to the appropriate contact and follow up on those forwarded.
  • Monitoring and maintaining appropriate levels of all office supplies, filing supplies, business cards, communication and promotional material.
  • Interpreting policies and procedures accurately.
  • Maintaining accurate distribution lists.
  • Generating reports as required.
  • Preparing information packages for distribution.
  • Responding to queries from law offices about applying LRCY fees and tariffs.
  • Liaising with off-site staff working in remote locations, assisting to get information quickly when on the road Taking part in a variety of projects that require excellent organizational and research skills.
  • Maintaining working relationship with program teams and developing procedures for processing work. Providing orientation and training for temporary, or new, Administrative Services staff.
  • Coordinating requests for accommodation needs, telephone, telecommunications, video-conferencing, and IT issues. Initiating resolution of issues that arise.
  • Providing input to the Administrative Coordinator with respect to the development of administrative recommendations.

Plan and coordinate travel, meetings and events/functions by:

  • Scheduling appointments, coordinating meetings and monitoring electronic schedules for staff.
  • Preparing and distributing agendas, minutes and other meeting materials.
  • Booking transportation, accommodations, venues and catering arrangements. Ensuring authorization and/or hosting requirements are met.
  • Liaising with venue staff with respect to pre- and post-meeting/event set-up, meals, audio/visual requirements, etc.

Ensure financial processes and policies are adhered to by:

  • Providing accurate and timely documentation and information to Finance to ensure invoices are efficiently processed.
  • Reviewing employee and non-employee expense claims for accuracy within the establish timeframe, ensuring all items are in accordance with the Government of Alberta Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense policy.
  • Reconciling procurement card transactions within the established timeframe, ensuring all items in accordance with the Treasury Board Directive on procurement card use.

Provide expertise and advice in development of policies and procedures by:

  • Reviewing minutes, other documents and correspondence, and identifying the impact to administrative services.

Contribute to the Health and Safety of the organization by:

  • Sitting, as a contributing member, on organizational planning and action committees.



Members of the Administrative Support Team for the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate have interaction with a wide range of contacts. Due to the nature of the business conducted, and the magnitude of scale of persons or groups that could be involved, the level of interaction and the amount of diversity and creativity will range greatly depending on the particular contact and the information being sourced. The conduct and response of the administrative assistant on the ability of clients to access services and have a positive experience with this office is significant.

The Administrative Assistant must provide a single point of entry that is youth-friendly and accessible and must ensure there is no perceived conflict of interest. There are urgent timelines and sensitive issues facing those who contact the service and the may be at the centre of decision making related to services and directing emails/telephone calls to the appropriate staff member. Skills in persuasion and assertiveness, with a sensitivity to others, is required in directing clients. A strong team player, the Administrative Assistant, is responsible for making decisions that concern the routing of public enquiries and preparing routine correspondence.

Discretion, judgement and confidentiality are required to establish priorities and to complete assigned tasks in an environment characterized by high volumes of confidential assignments carried out under specific deadlines with constantly changing priorities. The Administration Assistant requires a high level of professional conduct, flexibility, tact, initiative, good judgement, organizational and communication skills. This position deals with children who are in crisis, therefore, there is a need for high sensitivity in these situations. The Administrative Assistant also has access to information in Ministry systems (CYIM/ISIS, SharePoint, etc.). Information accessed in those systems must be kept confidential.

The Administrative Assistant has considerable independence and authority on day-to-day operational matters, such as responding to inquiries and planning for meetings, but will consult with the Administrative Coordinator on new tasks, tasks of a unique matter or non-routine problems.

Diversity, Complexity and Creativity:

Independence (Diversity and Complexity):

  • Prioritize and plan own work.
  • Coordinate work and back up with Administrative Services Team members.
  • Managing the diverse amount of work.
  • Time Management.
  • Decision making.
  • Resolve issues or determine when issues need to be elevated.
  • Problem solve and react quickly.
  • Make solid decisions with little or no information or guidance.

Virtual Office (Creativity and Complexity)

  • Support program staff while out of the office - obtain information, tracking down contacts, track location when traveling or visiting high-risk clients or areas.
  • Complexity of tracking staff and being prepared (proactive) for events in the office.
  • Independent decision-making

Information Systems (Diversity and Complexity)

  • Proficiency in managing the breadth and depth of software applications.
  • Utilizing the various systems efficiently.

Information Management (Diversity and Complexity)

  • Comprehensive understanding of program records.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • High school diploma and several years related experience.
  • Experience with records management systems.
  • Excellent keyboarding skills.
  • Commitment to detail and accuracy.
  • Superior administrative, prioritization and organizational skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to manage time and workload effectively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Aptitude to work independently under the constraints of time and seriousness of situations - with frequent interruptions.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Working knowledge of basic accounting skills.
  • Knowledge of proper English grammar and usage as well as appropriate Canadian Press, plain-language writing styles. Familiarity with relevant acts and legislation, including: Child and Youth Advocate Act; Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act; Protection of Sexually Exploited Children and Youth Act; Freedom of Information and Privacy Act; Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Knowledge and ability to interpret and communicate program guides and policies, such as the LRCY Lawyer's Handbook
  • Knowledge of administrative Government of Alberta policies, procedures, processes and directives including, but not limited to, the Alberta Records Disposition Authority and the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense policy.
  • Ability and intuition to engage children and youth and to read the situation accurately and quickly.
  • Thorough understanding of the sensitivity associated with the programs delivered.
  • Proficiency in Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access software.
  • Ability to quickly learn new software.



Internal Contacts:

  • All members of the Administrative Services team deals directly with all staff within the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate.

External Contacts:

  • Children and youth
  • Parents, grandparent, caregivers
  • School teachers, principals, counsellors
  • Police
  • Lawyers and the legal community
  • Judiciary/court staff, appeal panel staff
  • Politicians
  • Doctors, nurses
  • General Public
  • Government of Alberta
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services/Children's Services(Department and Child and Family Services)
  • Designated First Nation Agencies
  • Goods and services vendors

Supervision Exercised



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