Position Profile

Job Title:  Provincial Recovery Planning Analyst

Work Unit:  AEMA, Recovery Branch, Provincial Recovery Coordination Unit

Ministry:   Alberta Municipal Affairs

Competition Number:  1043316

Date:  July 2017



The Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) is accountable and responsible to the Government of Alberta (GoA), to Albertans, to their communities, and to industry for the protection of people, their property and the environment from the effects of emergency events. Alberta relies on a decentralized “system” for managing the various types of emergency events that occur every year. The AEMA accomplishes its objectives by leading the co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation between all entities involved in prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities within this diverse system. Within AEMA, the Provincial Recovery Planning unit enables and supports efforts to evaluate event-specific needs and the centralized coordination or referral of provincial resources to empower and enable communities, individuals and businesses impacted by a disaster.

Reporting to the Manager, Provincial Recovery Planning, the Analyst is responsible for completing research and analysis on multiple topics that contribute to the development and implementation of a provincial recovery framework, and specific plans and programs for integrated GoA recovery services in Alberta that are adaptable to varying scales of emergency and types of hazards. This work includes researching current issues, leading and best practices and previous lessons learned to inform the development of the framework, plans, programs, organizational arrangements, briefings and recommendations, and contributing to the development and delivery of recovery-based training and exercises and internal communications on recovery issues to enhance recovery capacity and preparedness.

Another focus for this position is the collection and synthesis of inputs to develop packages that are presented to Cabinet for approval to initiate financial recovery supports.

All work is conducted in support of the Recovery Branch’s priority to support of the long-term recovery of municipalities and Albertans from major disasters as well as exploring ways to foster increased resiliency. This position operates within the framework of existing legislation and policy, and direction provided by the Manager, Provincial Recovery Planning.

Responsibilities and Activities


Develop Cabinet packages that will initiate GoA financial recovery supports.

  • Research assigned issues, and obtain relevant information for preparing reports, briefing notes, or other materials for the ministry, and, as requested, to other government departments, to help them understand and manage issues associated with recovery after disaster
  • Work collaboratively with other areas of the Recovery Branch to develop and advise on the status of Cabinet packages
  • Develop and maintain templates, standards and resources for Cabinet package preparation and content
  • Request and follow up on information requests (e.g., for financial information) to other areas of the Recovery Branch, and ministries that have information needed for Cabinet packages
  • Critically assess all inputs and prepare documents for cabinet packages in compliance with existing requirements and timelines based on priorities established by the Manager or Director
  • Maintain and develop, as needed, templates, including briefing notes, letters, key messages, reports, funding requests, project progress and decision tracking templates, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a tracking database to monitor the status of reviews and decisions, and communicate information with other ministries, as required
  • In large scale events, support the development of reports, briefs and packages to recommend options to executive and Cabinet to manage issues or possible suite of recovery supports.

Contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of a provincial recovery framework and specific recovery operations plans to foster a more integrated approach for GoA resources and to provide a central hub for connection to GoA recovery initiatives.

  • Provide research to inform the development of options and recommendations for the framework and plans (e.g., gap analysis; leading practice; jurisdictional scans; inform the development of performance measures)
  • Provide research to advise other GoA ministries on leading practices for common recovery issues
  • Participate on project teams and cross-ministry committees as required, leading segments of larger projects as assigned
  • Provide secretariat support to a cross-ministry recovery working group to support the development of a provincial recovery framework
  • Contribute to the drafting of recovery issues plans as well as other documents related to recovery initiatives and projects, including, for example, protocols, committee terms of reference, and project management tools outlining outcomes and required resources, roles and responsibilities, as well as monitoring progress against terms of reference
  • Coordinate advice on modifications to existing department programs, services and regulations in support of streamlined and effective responses to emerging recovery needs (e.g., consolidate department input for recovery elements to existing provincial emergency plans and hazard-specific plans)
  • Develop program templates and tracking tools for use by the unit, branch or other departments involved in recovery

Provide a range of operational supports to the branch and to other recovery organizations to sustain recovery efforts.

  • Participate in Provincial Operations Centre (POC) activations to embed recovery as early as practicable into response actions and to provide advice and guidance on the initiation of recovery issues
  • During activations, manage and coordinate the development of briefs, reports and packages to determine an appropriate Recovery Operations Centre to coordinate recovery
  • Support Recovery Operations Centre section heads in establishing a team, planning functions and deliverables, and coordinating activities
  • Provide research to inform the development of guidelines and standard operating procedures to support an activation of the Recovery Operations Centre
  • Monitor, identify, research, and analyze trends to identify emerging issues, develop briefings and frame options for actions and response
  • Support various committees and meetings, including the development of meeting briefs, priority discussion areas, issues requiring resolution, and background information
  • Provide information, resources, and guidance to recovery organizations

Develop materials to support exercises and to inform continuous improvements in recovery competence and capacity.

  • Conduct research and analysis of leading and best practices, lessons learned from previous emergencies, and existing needs for training in recovery (e.g., what are the current gaps in knowledge? What already exists?)
  • Participate in the development of training content for different audiences and exercise development
  • Coordinate training and exercise delivery/facilitation with related units across AEMA (e.g., Field Services, Plans)
  • Develop and maintain tracking databases in liaison with other training and exercise units across the AEMA

Support the Manager to achieve business goals.

  • During activations, manage and coordinate the development of briefs, reports and packages to determine an appropriate Recovery Operations Centre to coordinate recovery as well as regular briefs to outline recovery activities and supports
  • Identifies and coordinates information necessary in meeting AEMA operational planning requirements.
  • Coordinate unit input for the ministry business plan and content for branch operational plans
  • Provide consolidated tracking and related reports of Cabinet decisions, training and operational supports
  • Lead specific projects as assigned, providing regular updates to the Manager
  • Represent the unit on AEMA, ministry or cross-ministry committees and teams as assigned
  • Maintain relationships with other AEMA units and with other ministries



The Provincial Recovery Planning unit leads the coordination of GoA recovery supports and issues management. The work of this position impacts the unit’s role to effectively coordinate the GoA approach, planning, implementation and strengthening of recovery resources and their linkages to emergency response and mitigation or preparedness. The Analyst has the lead role for the development of disaster recovery program Cabinet packages for approval of initiation of financial and non-financial supports. The Analyst ensures that all requirements and standards are adhered to, so that there are no unnecessary delays in decision-making. The Analyst determines when the initial draft package is ready to be submitted for internal review and approval. If problems arise, such as getting information on time and/or the completeness or adequacy of information received from stakeholders, the incumbent will make the initial follow up. The Manager is available to support more complex problems, and to elevate issues to more senior levels in the department or other departments if needed. In larger events, the Analyst provides support in advising on the sequencing of decision-making for recovery activities.

The Analyst also completes research to inform the development of the provincial recovery framework and multiple plans that incorporate recovery for different types of emergencies. Plans must be adaptable to a range of types and levels of emergencies. This work directly enhances the operational effectiveness of recovery supports by advising GOA ministries on best practices. Training and exercise development impact the competency and capacity for recovery across the GoA.

Creativity, project management as well as knowledge GoA strategic and policy priorities are applied to determine how best to approach assignments and how to present options and recommendations for various audiences. The incumbent does determine the best approach to use based on general instruction and objectives provided by the Manager. Projects often involve other departments that might have varying levels of knowledge about recovery issues. The Manager is available to support and guide more complex decision-making and problem solving (e.g., where precedent in limited or the problem reflects a higher organizational level or could have significant impact to the Unit).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Post-secondary education and at least two years’ relevant work experience; experience completing research
  • Awareness of relevant legislation and policy directions related to recovery
  • Awareness of the mandates of GoA ministries generally and specifically related to recovery programs and services;
  • Knowledge of different types of research and analysis along with ability to analyze issues critically and draw conclusions / summaries
  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships with internal stakeholders and appropriately deal with sensitive and complex issues
  • Knowledge and experience in project management
  • Knowledge of ministry strategic priorities relating to supporting sustainable and accountable municipalities
  • Knowledge of relevant ministry operational policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of AEMA and Unit goals and objectives
  • Working knowledge of concepts in training development and delivery
  • Awareness of GoA decision-making and approval processes and standards for related documents
  • Proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel and other software programs as required



Manager, Provincial Recovery Planning - raise awareness to significant emerging issues; participate in team planning and priorities; provide updates and reports

Provincial Recovery Coordination Unit Staff - provide inputs to briefing materials, issues identification and reporting related to disaster recovery policies and programs develop tools and templates that will support the work of the Unit

Recovery Branch staff or other units in other departments working on recovery issues - lead or participate in projects and meetings; monitor progress on recovery plans and operations; coordinate input on recovery matters; work with the Plans team and training / exercise teams; represent the team in the POC as assigned; provide information; collect and synthesize information and content for Cabinet decision-making packages

Units involved in recovery in other ministries - solicit information for Cabinet packages and follow-up as needed; provide recovery operations supports; share information; respond to queries

Supervision Exercised



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