Position Profile

Job Title:  Manager

Work Unit:  Practice Management Office

Ministry:  Alberta Community and Social Services / Children's Services

Competition Number:  1043296

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Reporting to the Director Practice and Contract Management, the Practice Management Office (PMO) Manager provides leadership to the development and continual improvement of information management and technology (IMT) service delivery practices and processes. Efficiency in all service delivery channels will ultimately reduce overheads and achieve a corresponding increase in the consistency and success of deliverables and outcomes.

This role manages the implementation of Capability Maturity Models (CMM) for ITB. CMM is proven and effective tool used to aid in improving organizational business processes in diverse areas; for example in software engineering, system engineering, project management, software maintenance, risk management, system acquisition, information technology services, business processes generally, and human capital management. It is a set of structured levels that describe how well the behaviours, practices and processes of an organization can reliably and sustainably produce required outcomes.

The Manager is responsible to establish IMT delivery channel continuous improvement targets, research, design and develop processes and practices, and then measure outcomes that feed into targets and continue the improvement cycle.

The PMO Manager will work with Senior IMT and business resources, outsource vendors, and IMT consultants to establish, promote and mentor best practices for IMT. The role will have a responsibility to train and develop staff and others to ensure adherence to established practices in an effort to move ITB along the Capability Maturity Model. Only through the application of standard, repeatable, and effective service delivery processes and practices will ITB become a center of service excellence -which is critical for the success of the branch.

Critical areas of focus for the PMO is the continual improvement of the IMT system development life cycle processes to support the Director of Projects in consistent successful delivery of new application systems and the documentation and continual improvement of the application maintenance and infrastructure operations frameworks and CMM based upon industry standards such as ITIL.

Specific Accountabilities

  • ITB has a Capability Maturity Model in place to facilitate continued improvement of IMT delivery processes and practices.

In CSS/CS, business and IMT are “fused”. Changes to business mean change to the systems and technologies supporting the business, and changes in IMT means some degree of impact on business. ITB must be a center of service excellence in order to ensure business has what they need in a timely manner. The Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a continuous improvement methodology - the CMM. Failure to provide timely IMT services to the staff will impact their ability to perform their jobs and will ultimately impact the provision of services to CSS/CS clients. The Manager:

  • Must have strong knowledge of all IMT lines of business.
  • Must have strong knowledge of the Capability Maturity Model -a 5-level process maturity continuum - where the uppermost (5th) level is a notional ideal state where processes would be systematically managed by a combination of process optimization and continuous process improvement.
  • Has a broad focus and good systems thinking skills -the PMO will impact all areas of IMT delivery - from improving success with delivery of application developments on time, within budget and meeting requirements, to ensuring the process to procure and implement IMT assets is efficient and results in the right products at the right price at the right time.
  • Must identify and recommend priority areas for improvement.
  • Establishes performance targets for IMT lines of business.
  • Research PMO industry trends and best practices.
  • Determines effective practices and processes for performance improvement.
  • Defines governance standards including repeatable processes, training and metrics for all IMT lines of business.
  • Ensures alignment and fit with business processes and practices.
  • Provides training, consultation and orientation on PMO practices related to IMT.
  • Manages the transition from old to new processes and practices including the change in culture.
  • Proactively reviews and solicits feedback regarding PMO products from users.
  • Ensures alignment of PMO policies, strategies, directions and products with Government of Alberta (GoA) practice and frameworks.
  • The PMO is the source for "how to" information for ITB staff, CSS/CS business areas involved in IMT activities and IMT vendors providing services to the department.

The Manager is to develop and maintain a repository of standards, processes, tools, guides and templates to support the seamless delivery of IMT supports and services across all lines of business. These will provide tools that staff need to move ITB along the CMM continuum and facilitate consistent and excellent service delivery. Failure to introduce consistent approaches to IMT service delivery will result in an ad-hoc, best effort, piece meal approaches to meet business needs. Business staff will be frustrated with the delays, and their workload will increase trying to workaround band aid approaches to IMT services. The Manager:

  • Collaborates with ITB, business resources and other PMO specialists to develop standards, processes, etc. for each IMT line of business.
  • Must ensure the processes align with, or compliment, established business processes and other lines of business.
  • Solicits feedback on the tools provided to continually improve the artifacts to keep processes streamlined and avoid onerous and/or needless activities.
  • Provides advice/consultation on appropriate practices to all IMT staff, vendors and business resources.
  • Works cooperatively with other GoA departments to develop common PMO practices and share ideas and expertise.
  • Provides CSS/CS PMO tools and processes to other department PMO resources.
  • Advocates to all staff in ITB and CSS/CS on the benefits of consistent application of effective IMT practices and processes.
  • Consults with business areas on the interfaces on IMT services and works proactively to ensure the most effective processes are in place to ensure timely and accurate services in all IMT lines of business.
  • All IMT lines of business are compliant with the PMO and attain a level 3 CMM.
  • The Manager also is responsible for conducting compliance reviews to test for compliance against approved processes, standards, methodologies and quality assurance/continuous improvement. Based on the outcomes of the reviews, the Manager has the authority to stop work on IMT Projects until such time that the appropriate documentation is put place.

The Manager works closely with ITB resources in each IMT line of business to ensure they are aware and trained on the PMO practices for their area. The Manager provides advice, feedback and recommendations at specific points during the execution of the processes to assist with alignment to the processes and to keep the service delivery on track for success. The delivery of IMT service is only as successful as the "weakest link" in the service chain. Failure to align any of the lines of business with consistent successful practices will again impact the services to users, and ultimately the service to CSS/CS clients.

      • For Example - for the Application Development (AD) line of business the Manager
        • Orients project teams (ITB staff, business, vendors and contractors) to the PMO practices for the AD line of business.
        • Works with project teams to determine the appropriate PMO practices to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.
        • Provides consultation and advice to project teams on the use and implementation of PMO practices.
        • Reviews project life cycle progress and PMO compliance via project reviews and gates.
        • Assesses degree of risk of failure of the project based on established PMO practices and benchmarks.
        • Works with project teams to ensure they remain aligned with effective PMO management practices to reduce risks and keep projects on track.
        • Can place projects on hold until critical practices are completed. The Manager may approve deviations from approved PMO framework, templates, processes, standards and guides as appropriate. For example, at a recent project development gate review, the PMO Manager determined that insufficient user testing had been carried out, that the risks for implementation were significant, and that it was not appropriate to sign off that stage of the project until more testing had occurred.
        • Escalates issues on major development projects to the Director, PCM.
  • Effective support for acquisition of IMT resources.

The Manager provides support to various IMT Audits conducted by the OAG, CIA and CSS/CS Internal Auditors.

  • Reporting to the Director of IMT Practice the Manager may be called on to help with the acquisition of IMT contracted resources. The Manager will work with the ITB to identify resource skill requirements, support the development of effective evaluation criteria, and provide input on the final assessment. A poor Request for Proposals (RFP) process will result in delays and challenges to acquiring the needed resources in a timely manner to deliver the planned activities. This in turn will delay services to business. The Manager:
    • Must have strong knowledge of the GoA procurement practices.
    • Must work collaboratively with ITB, the Director and Procurement Services (in Service Alberta) throughout the tendering process.
    • Provides advice to ITB resources on how to prepare the procurement related documents.
    • Provides the "boilerplate" terms and conditions for inclusion in procurement documents.
    • Reviews the documents and does final preparation for submission through the GoA process.
  • The Practice Assistant resource is mentored and developed into a strong team member.
    The Manager must plan and direct the work of the PMO support resources to develop strong skills and an aptitude for service excellence. Developing resources with solid IMT knowledge and strong interpersonal skills are key to the success of individuals as well as the PMO program. The Manager:
    • Must model the Alberta Public Service vision and values
    • Must conduct an effective performance management program to help develop the resources in a constructive positive environment
    • Works with staff to develop work plans that challenge the individual and build strength in required skill areas
    • Identifies accountabilities and prepares performance requirements and targets
    • Evaluates performance and provides coaching and support to administrative support position
    • Provides guidance to ensure the online repository of PMO artifacts, templates, etc. is maintained and available as required.
    • Reviews/analyzes the project specific document inventory, with respect to PMO alignment.
    • Ensures actual schedules and costs are collected for all activities and available for review.
    • Fosters an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, professionalism, and integrity among staff.
    • Works with staff to determine training/education requirements and makes recommendations to the Director.

Knowledge / Experience

  • Degree in Computing Science or related discipline(s) and a minimum of six years' experience in IMT.
  • Strong knowledge of all IMT lines of business.
  • Extensive experience in the management of IMT service delivery.
  • Experience in projects both as a team leader and team member and other practice areas such as application maintenance and infrastructure operations.
  • Strong knowledge of practice management, project management, application maintenance methodologies, change management processes, application development methodologies, and business process reengineering.
  • Strong knowledge of ITB CSS/CS IMT architectures, common components, etc. and Government of Alberta practice management standards and activities.
  • Strong knowledge of process design concepts and techniques as well as knowledge of template and guide development.
  • Strong knowledge of GoA and industry trends and best practices as related to practice management.

Leadership and Business Know-How

  • Extensive change management skills including experience with culture change.
  • Understanding of the business and business processes in CSS/CS.
  • Ability to work proactively and think strategically including well developed systems and critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills including the ability to adapt presentation format and style to various audiences.
  • Well-developed presentation skills to deliver PMO training and orientation sessions.
  • Strong influencing and persuasion skills to ensure that CSS/CS staff and external contractors adhere to PMO processes.
  • Supervisory skills to provide direction to Practice Assistant resource.

Problem Solving


Findings from closeout reports and post implementation reviews highlight issues with delivery - takes too long, not all needs met, business value hard to measure. It is the role of the Manager to first determine the root cause of the issue, and then to: conduct some research to look at what tools may be available to help address the issue, look at what other departments and jurisdictions might have done to address the issue, refer to PMBOK, and consult professional bodies to determine what best practices might be recommended. The position determines what practices or processes would be a best fit with the culture of CSS/CS and conducts some discussion sessions with ITB staff, business and vendors to get agreement on the best practice for the department. The Manager works with ITB experts to fully document the process, prepare templates and guides, publishes the documents to the SharePoint site and communicates/trains appropriately.

The FOIP area wants to bring in a new piece of software to support the redaction process in the branch. The project has been approved by the IMT Steering Committee, so the project is ready to proceed. The Manager works with the business area and a strategic planning advisor to prepare strong, tight, concise RFP documents that will facilitate a fair and equitable process for the vendor community, and ensures the process aligns with GoA and department policies and practices. The Manager advises on the content, the dates, the process, the evaluation criteria and then liaises with the Service Alberta Procurement Branch to move the RFP through the procurement and legal review. The position assists with the evaluation, then interfaces with procurement and legal with any challenges/issues to finalize and put the agreement in place.

The Director of Projects (DoP) has identified the need for a modified project management process to ensure delivery of needed functionality per the schedule. The Manager works with the project team to assess the risks of following a modified process and after review provides some options and recommendations to the DoP. In conjunction with the DoP the Manager will monitor status at gate reviews and ensure the modified process is producing a quality product in the time frames noted. The Manager will review the existing process and determine if the modification streamlines, adds value and reduces the administration effort and adjusts the PMO practices accordingly.

There are complaints with the delivery of Infrastructure Operations (IO) support services -new hardware and software requests are taking too long. The issue is determined to be a priority because of the impact on business. The Manager works with the ITB IO team to discuss the current processes and does some research to see what strategies would best fit with the department culture and the vendor agreements. It's determined that a user self-service function be established with ITB staff providing an audit function. The PMO advocates for dollars to be set aside to bring in resources to put the needed technology in place and assists the project team as needed.

The CIO's vision is for ITB to be a center of service excellence and wants to see how we are progressing on the CMM levels. Through process audits and working with the ITB teams, the Manger is able to show where each line of business currently rests on the CMM scale, and what is needed to improve service delivery and move ITB to a minimum of level 3 CMM.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Business resources interfacing with ITB


Provide an orientation to the PMO, solicit feedback on SPQ service delivery processes

Chief Information Officer

As needed

Report on status of CMM and priority areas for process development

ITB Senior Managers


Discuss the processes each line of business uses to deliver support and services. Look for opportunities to optimize and document the processes to ensure they are standard, repeatable and deliver the needed outcomes in a timely manner

ITB staff


Orientation to the PMO, communication on new artefacts, solicit input on ITB service delivery processes


Community of interest across the GoA

As needed

Share ideas and best practices

Vendors As needed

Orientation to the PMO, communication on new artefacts, solicit Input on ITB service delivery processes

Project Management Institute

Attend meetings

Retain certification and share ideas and best practices

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The PMO Manager provides leadership to the development and continual improvement of ITB service delivery practices and processes. This touches all lines of business in ITB, including:

  • new application/technology development and delivery;
  • maintenance and enhancement of legacy applications;
  • delivery of desktop support and services;
  • business process reengineering/Business architecture;
  • IMT Strategic Planning and prioritization.

The consistent successful delivery of IMT services is only accomplished through the establishment and use of efficient, repeatable, streamlined (LEAN/Six Sigma), IMT processes and practices. Failure to align any of the IMT lines of business with consistent successful practices will impact delivery of ITB service to CSS/CS staff, and ultimately impact the delivery of service to CSS/CS clients.

The Manager defines the CMM model for ITB and establishes the priority and plan for process improvements. The role monitors progress against the plan. The Manager works with ITB staff, business resources and other PMO specialists to develop standards, processes, etc. for each IMT line of business, and once in place, audits the ongoing activities against the established processes to measure performance against the CMM model.

The Manager reports progress to the Director and CIO and makes recommendations on areas for improvement based on feedback from ITB staff, business, stakeholders and vendors.

The second area of responsibility for this position is support for acquisition of IMT resources through a sound RFP process. The Manager works with the ITB staff to identify resource skill requirements, and provides advice on the development of effective evaluation criteria and on the final assessment. A poorly managed tendering process will result in delays all along the value chain - a delay in the acquisition of resources, a delay in the schedule of activities planned for the resource, a delay of services to business which impact the delivery of department programs and services.

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