Position Profile

Job Title:  Director, Licensing and Service Investment

Work Unit:  Service Modernization, Enterprise Validation and Transformation

Ministry:  Service Alberta

Competition Number:  1043289

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Service Alberta provides leadership, direction and expertise in the identification, planning, delivery and ongoing enhancement of cross-government strategic initiatives that advance the Government of Alberta (GoA) vision of one enterprise service delivery. Service Modernization provides leadership, direction, and expertise in corporate Information Management and Technology (IMT) governance, strategic planning, security, innovation, service delivery and investment management that enables ministries and the GoA to meet desired business goals and objectives.

Reporting to the Executive Director of Enterprise Validation and Transformation, the Director, Licensing and Service Investment leads and manages the development, implementation, and management of GoA enterprise licensing, Service Alberta licensing, and Service Investment.

Specific Accountabilities


Leading and directing cross government enterprise IMT licensing to promote a proactive one-enterprise approach; including:

  • Leading the continual transformation and alignment of GoA IMT enterprise licensing agreements with multi-national vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle:
    • Leading appropriate procurements such as RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, etc. to acquire licensing.
    • Negotiating agreements that provide value (cost reduction, efficiencies, IMT enterprise alignment, and / or intangible benefits) to the GoA.
    • Consulting and partnering with ministries to ensure the needs of the GoA are understood, aligned, and appropriate licensing is in place to support business needs.
    • Facilitating and ensuring completion of GoA wide annual true-up and funding recovery processes.
    • Automating true-up and licensing practices to streamline and ensure that efficiencies are gained.
  • Partnering with ministries to ensure continuous assessment of GoA IMT licenses to determine efficiencies and / or areas for value opportunities (e.g., new enterprise licensing opportunities).
  • Exploring partnership opportunities with agencies, boards, and commissions and public sector organizations to provide additional value and greater efficiencies for the GoA.
  • Conducting environmental scans to gain insight on and leverage work in other jurisdictions on specific licensing opportunities and the value that might be gained.
  • Maintaining awareness of current and planned government initiatives that may impact or have a dependency on enterprise agreements.
  • Demonstrating leadership in providing direction and recommendations to senior management, other government department and stakeholders on the principles and objectives of license management.

Leading the coordination and facilitation of Service Alberta (including IT Shared Services) IMT licensing agreements:

  • Maintaining IMT licensing records for Service Alberta and ensuring that Service Alberta has the appropriate licensing in place to support business needs.
  • Developing and implementing a coordinated and proactive approach to the management of IMT licensing in IMT shared services, including creation and maintenance of a master repository for all licensing information that allows for divisional, branch, unit, and team reporting.
  • Partnering with all branches within Service Modernization to ensure continuous assessment of IMT shared services licenses to determine efficiencies and / or areas for value opportunities.
  • Maintaining awareness of current and planned government, department, and divisional initiatives that may impact or have a dependency on IMT licensing agreements.

Leading and directing service investment for IMT shared services, including:

  • Maintaining and ensuring ongoing development of consumption reporting used by ministries to view and manage their usage of GoA Shared Services.
  • Leading all communication with government departments of the pricing and chargeback/core services remuneration processes in support of Shared IMT services delivery to the GoA Enterprise.
  • Implementing and maintaining standardized services pricing model, analysis and measurement processes, benchmarking, and dashboard reporting.
  • Automating service pricing forecasting to support and ensure appropriate pricing and chargeback levels for ministries.
  • Providing financial oversight of IMT shared services projects to ensure value (including cash flow, investment plans, ROI, reporting-including burn rate).
  • Conducting environmental scans to gain insight on and leverage work in other jurisdictions on specific service investment opportunities and the value that might be gained.
  • Demonstrating leadership in providing direction and recommendations to senior management, other government department and stakeholders on the principles and objectives of service investment, including cost management.

Developing and maintaining a network of effective relationships with senior/executive management in the ministries to understand ministry business needs and assist Service Modernization staff in developing an understanding of the requirements.

Leading and evaluating area operations to deliver outcomes that support Ministry and Government business plans, providing leadership, coaching and mentoring the team to support a culture that embraces innovation and best practices.

Managing human and financial resources and developing and maintaining operational plans that are consistent with and further division and ministry business plans.

Providing strategic options, recommendations and perspectives relating to issues, initiatives, opportunities and challenges to the Executive Director and senior Ministry representatives.

Representing the ministry on government committees and teams to facilitate decision-making communicate positions and requirements; remain aware of perspectives and initiate and foster innovation.

Knowledge / Experience


The Director Licensing and Service Investment requires:

  • Knowledge of Alberta Government goals, strategies, priorities and initiatives, particularly as they relate to the mandate of IMT.
  • Experience with IMT licensing management, contract management, and vendor management.
  • Experience with GoA procurement processes and practices.
  • Experience with IMT services pricing financial analysis and modeling.
  • Extensive related experience in a leadership role with proven success collaboratively working with multiple stakeholders in the development and implementation of frameworks, strategies, policies, and processes.
  • Very strong facilitation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills and the ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships within the organization, across government and with stakeholders including the ability to balance the needs and interests of these diverse groups and facilitate the delivery of coordinated technology.
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate, identify problem areas and create innovative solutions to address issues identifies.
  • Demonstrated ability in leading large and complex initiatives and projects.
  • Knowledge of project management processes, methodologies, principles and techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, including very good consultation, facilitation and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to encourage innovative approaches and question existing ones to ensure the most effective and efficient outcomes delivered.
  • Knowledge of IT technical environments, specifically servers, data facilities, and networks.
  • Knowledge and experience about information and technology delivery and development.


  • University education in a related field such as business, information technology, or accounting.

Leadership and Business Know-How


The Director, Licensing and Service Investment plans and organizes his/her own work with considerable independence and sets priorities within established project timelines. A key role of the Director is to influence internal and external management teams and cross-government collaborative working groups to act as a single focused team to create models, processes and practices that are effective at the enterprise and ministry level. This includes the ability to establish realistic expectations for the program and maintain focus on key goals and objectives; to ensure clear roles and responsibilities; to quickly address and properly manage issues, etc.

The Director, Licensing and Service Investment requires well developed and demonstrated:

  • Strategic thinking and planning skills, including the ability to develop and articulate the vision for GoA enterprise licensing, and service investment; develop broadly conceptual frameworks, processes, and practices; and manage multiple complex issues and resolve problems while delivering results.
  • Interpersonal and facilitation skills to consult, negotiate and resolve conflicts with stakeholders and senior Government and Ministry representatives with varying perspectives, expectations, requirements and priorities.
  • Ability to operate effectively within a complex organization and continually changing business environment.
  • Leadership and influencing skills to motivate and coordinate a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Relationship management skills to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships within the Ministry, across Government, and with other stakeholders and partners.
  • Influencing skills to promote innovation, build consensus, motivate others to adopt new concepts, and strive for continual improvement.
  • Conceptual, critical, analytical thinking and problem solving skills, including the ability to analyze information and risks and make decisions in alignment with the direction and strategies of the GoA.
  • Organizational and project/program management skills to coordinate a diverse range of activities within rigid timeframes.
  • Ability to manage internal and external resources, including partnerships and indirect resourcing to meet program objectives.
  • Commitment to staff development, team building, continuous improvement and innovation.

The Director is relied on to provide strategic and business advice relating to licensing and service investment and must have a thorough knowledge of issues and initiatives relating to business and information and communication technology. The position models a highly collaborative approach when reaching decisions and achieving outcomes, within the Branch, the Ministry, and across Government and when consulting, negotiating, and communicating with senior client and stakeholder representatives.

Problem Solving


The challenges faced by the Director, Licensing and Service Investment require superior analysis, reasoning, evaluation, judgement, and problem solving skills. Significant interpretive, evaluative, and developmental thinking is required, along with the ability to understand complex relationships and facilitate decision-making processes involving stakeholders and senior decision-makers.

Situations faced by the Director, Licensing and Service Investment are unstructured and approaches to solving problems are not determined. The Director is expected to remain focused at the strategic level when leading and/or providing advice on the development and implementation of plans, initiatives, standards, frameworks, and best practices at business, technical and operational levels. In addition, this position faces the challenge of balancing and aligning multiple ministry objectives and directions with those of the Government.

The position requires an understanding of problem solving tools and techniques, including risk based investment decision making processes, consultation, collaboration and consensus-seeking processes. Solving problems requires a strategic approach and needs to draw on a wide network of contacts and subject matter experts. The position also needs a strong understanding of stakeholder interests as well as the perspectives of ministries, other stakeholders and relevant vendors.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Assistant Deputy Minster

Weekly to Monthly

Provide consultation, advice and recommendations; respond to concerns and enquiries; executive status reporting; present strategies and directions and communicate requirements and recommendations.

Executive Director


To receive direction, give advice, resolve issues, develop strategic solutions, status reporting - two way exchange.

Executive Directors, Directors, Manager, and other staff within Division and Ministry


Provide consultation, advice, and recommendations; exchange information and seek expertise; collaborate on initiatives; resolve issues; maintain integrity of service delivery environment.  

Program Team


Provide leadership and expertise; enhance understanding of strategic initiatives and business opportunities; contribute to planning and managing resources to meet requirements of initiatives; support development of skills and capacity; provide oversight of day-to-day activities and issue management.


Other government departments (Directors, Executive Directors, CIO and ADM levels) and IMT vendors and partners.

Daily to weekly (varies by engagement)

Exchange information, receive guidance/direction, and collaborate on strategic and tactical solutions to develop an applications management framework; develop investment plans; present strategy, explain importance and benefits.

Other Jurisdictions

As required

Exchange information, best practices, lessons learned, issues, challenges, solutions and related opportunities.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The Director, Licensing and Service Investment will provide timely decision making and recommendations, be in a position to refocus resources within the division for work related to initiatives, and to influence direction and decisions of senior management. This position will be instrumental in defining the ongoing direction for IMT licensing and service investment, including the identification of new enterprise licensing opportunities and validation and implementation of a new service costing model for IT shared services.

The Director, Licensing and Service Investment provides advice and recommendations to senior Government levels that have considerable impact and influence on decisions relating to the Government of Alberta IMT goals, directions, accountabilities, structure, resource allocation, and financial commitments. In addition, this position maximizes the effectiveness of business and IMT strategies in the province by facilitating partnerships with government ministries and stakeholders to gain support for enterprise projects and initiatives and facilitate and promote initiatives that deliver measurable business value and outcomes.

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