Position Profile

Job Title:  Licensing and Revenue Services Coordinator (Temporary 1 year)

Work Unit:  Fish and Wildlife, Licencing, Revenue and Resource Data Management

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1043281

Date:  June 2017



Reporting to the Licensing & Program Services Specialist and working in a team environment, the incumbent is responsible for coordinating:

  • Responsible for the Recreational Licensing Management System (RELM) financial services and accounting administration to ensure $26 million in license revenue is collected and reported in accordance with Finance Policy, regulation s and contract requirements.
  • The License Information System (LIS) a specialized system encompassing a customized accounting system for Fish and Wildlife (F&W) revenue and Fish and Wildlife commercial licensing activities

Responsible for reconciliation of GOA revenue portion for APOS use and selection fees.

Supervises the revenue and inventory control of commercial licenses issued at the 60 District offices in the province in the Licencing Information System (LIS) system.

Responsible for ownership content of the My Wildlife Alberta website and information updates for licencing information.

Produce statistical and analytical reports and information for internal use as well as key stakeholder groups (ACA, APOS and Hunter for Tomorrow) so they can achieve their marketing, funding opportunities and management goals.

Responsibilities of this position include supervision and direction of the team responsible for Commercial Licensing and Revenue Services Administration.

Responsibilities and Activities


RELM Financial Services, Fisheries and Wild life Management Financial Services, APOS

  • Monitors service provider to ensure compliance with RELM contract and acts upon variances in contractor (Active) revenue submission requirements. Issuers of RELMS must remit revenue to Active and the incumbent must ensure that this revenue is then remitted to the government. The revenue in excess of $26 million collected is allocated to general revenue and dedicated accounts and plus two Delegated Authorities (Alberta Conservation Association and APOS). This position ensures that each account receives the appropriate allocated amount owed. The recreational license fee structure may change yearly therefore the incumbent must be familiar with the acts and regulations that government the fee structure and each appropriate license breakdown.
  • Evaluates transaction processing in the RELM database identifying areas of concern that would affect revenue forecast by analyzing license sale trends. Over 1,000,000 individual transactions are carried out over the RELM system annually and this position tracks monthly for comparison purposes.
  • Provides authorization for refunding of license fees and cancellation of appropriate recreational licenses using the RELM system. Responsible for receiving written requests from the public and District offices regarding all requests for license refunds. Assess each refund in accordance with the department Refund Policy and ensures all needed paperwork accompanies request and makes decision if refund will be approved. Authorizes the licenses for refund or cancellation.
  • Revenue is reconciled against sales and coded in CARS ensuring accurate breakdown of dedicated and general revenue funds; monthly reports prepared for forecasting and budgeting.
  • Ensures the government receives appropriate charges or refund s based on transactions. Develops and implements procedures required to reconcile revenue.
  • Develops and implements procedures required to reconcile revenue from district offices through the Licensing Information System. Plan, develop and coordinate system acceptance testing to ensure LIS is developed by the strategic alliance and operated as required by regulation and policy. This system must produce sales reports deposit information, posting to LIS and generate Journal Entries. The incumbent is responsible for supervision and support of financial and accounting information on LIS and coordinates business needs input to the departmental financial system.
  • Prepare and submit all year-end reconciliation s for recreational and commercial revenue.

Responsible for coordinating, interpreting and implementing system development of provincial Commercial licensing activities. Updating the Licencing Manual which defines and interprets the commercial licences. This area is responsible for the licensing carried out by the district offices of all commercial ventures involving the Fish and Wildlife resources. Supervises the personnel directly working on the licensing of trappers and trapline areas.

  • Identifies system development requirements to ensure all regulatory and policy decisions are incorporated in the system. The incumbent must identify and respond to changing organizational priorities and regulatory needs by planning for future licensing requirements.
  • Manages registration of Fur management areas and maintains data in the Geographic Land Information Management Planning System (GLIM PS) Client Registry and LIS. This includes the maintenance of boundary descriptions and land sales through the Resource Data Division. The incumbent must plan and develop administrative processes to address on-going changes to resource management policy and regulations. This process requires a thorough knowledge of the government GLIMPS used for the permitting use of public lands.
  • Recommend policy and procedure changes to improve the commercial licensing and revenue control program delivery to clients and GOA offices based on client feedback and system performance. Any changes to the licences and policy must be reflected in the Licencing Manual.
  • Plan, develop and coordinate testing to ensure the applications are developed and operated as required by regulations and policy. Determine enhancements and identify problem areas. These test cases must include all possible variables for license issuing and historical data and requires detailed planning and a sound understanding of the implications of planned changes.

Responsible for reconciliation of APOS revenue.

  • Develops and implements procedure required to reconcile revenue from APOS. Ensures allocation use and selection revenues are remitted in compliance with DAO's policy.

This position requires daily interaction with AEP Regional Offices and JSG Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Offices:

  • Provide oral and written direction to district administrative and enforcement staff to ensure compliance with regulations and policies. This requires extensive consultation with organizing committees.
  • Consolidate licensing regulations and policy information to be reflected in publications, regulatory guides and Licencing Manual.

Responsible for preparing Ministerial Certificates pursuant to the Wildlife Act and Wildlife Regulations (for submission to courts). All documents must be 100% accurate and reviewed by Enforcement Services and signed by the Fish and Wildlife Director only. Acts as provincial expert witness on court cases related to commercial licensing.

In coordination with web services, responsible for content ownership, maintaining and updating the external website and the licensing information internal website.

  • Creates and publishes forms, statistical information and manuals to reflect activity within the licensing area of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Initiate, add and delete content pertaining to the recreational and commercial licence information on the My Wild Alberta website.
  • Develop and maintain user manuals ensuring that the Web applications are kept up-to-date as systems changes and regular changes are implemented.

Produce statistical and analytical reports and information for internal use as well as key stakeholder groups (ACA, APOS and Hunting for Tomorrow) so they can achieve their marketing, funding opportunities and management goals.


  • Extensive and complete knowledge of the Licencing Information System - not only the applications but also the procedural and regulatory acts and policies which govern these systems.
  • Excellent communication and decision making capabilities. Above average consultative and negotiating skills in order to work with a diverse group of clients in negative situations.
  • Supervisory skills must be at a level to give this person the ability to lead and monitor numerous different projects and personnel synonymously.
  • Excellent communication skills to coordinate requirements with users and systems professionals. Excellent organizational and analytical skills are needed to assess and identify system requirements to develop complex test environments and associated applications to ensure that all aspects of commercial licensing systems are adhered to correctly.
  • Excellent training skills are needed as training is given to all levels of personnel within the Department.
  • Ability to accurately interpret, understand and identify changes and the impact of those changes to annual regulations on the operation of systems. Must be able to apply the necessary administrative and regulatory changes to the commercial licensing programs.
  • Excellent communication skills to provide in formation and negotiate services to the public, delegated authorities and other non-government businesses.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Fisheries and Wildlife Acts of Alberta and the Fisheries Act of Canada.
  • Extensive knowledge of Financial Administration Act and accounting practices. Thorough knowledge of software used to examine financial reports and revenue data.
  • Extensive knowledge of RELM system and the contracting agreement is required to ensure compliance with financial requirements.
  • Knowledge of systems for applications - RELM, LIS, CARS, GLIM PS and FWMIS.
  • Knowledge of client servers and web applications plus the internet as well as Microsoft office, Windows, Adobe Acrobat. In-depth working knowledge of Excel, Word, and the use of Oracle databases.
  • In-depth knowledge of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation in order to assess and respond to requests for information.
  • Decisions pertaining to refunding, license issuance, program direction and method are carried out in the normal process of work.
  • The development and coordination of system acceptance testing of online systems that are housed within Licencing Revenue and Resource Data Management. Ensuring the systems are kept current not only with changing regulations but changing techniques and equipment.
  • Development of the licensing internal and external websites to reflect changing needs and techniques.


  • FWEB District staff - Officers, admin support and biologists - on licence implementation and procedures and provision of Ministerial Certificates.
  • Operations Division - Regional Fisheries and Wildlife Biologists for licence implementation and procedures.
  • Policy Division, fish and wildlife management communications staff for producing the Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Draw regulations.
  • Active Network - Feedback on development and production of financial reports.
  • Delegated Authorities - APOS, ACA, Hunter for Tomorrow - provide statistical and financial reports
  • Contact with web administrators for licencing web update information.

Supervision Exercised

  • Wages staff as required to meet seasonal demand


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