Position Profile

Job Title:  Compliance Officer – Filing Compliance and Collections

Work Unit:  Tax and Revenue Administration, Revenue Operations / Finance and Property / Filing Compliance and Collections

Ministry:   Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1043272

Date:  June 2017



Enforces the filing and payments of taxes in accordance with legislation, regulations, administrative policies, information circulars and other agreements resulting in fair and equitable treatment of taxpayers within each program. Incumbent is responsible for low to high-risk files.

Responsibilities and Activities


Accurate entitlement and assessment (compliance & legislation)

  • performs compliance activities according to established policies and procedures;
  • understands the assessment process, including when returns are required to be filed, how Alberta tax payable is calculated and the impact of various reassessment types on taxes payable (ie: small business deduction, loss carry back, etc.);
  • performs investigative analysis of specified accounts.

Accurate database

  • maintains effective documentation on case files;
  • updates case information in a timely manner to ensure TRA’s database is accurate;
  • participates as required in testing to ensure system enhancements and changes are functioning properly.
  • liaises with accounting dept. to ensure proper allocation of funds.

Analyze and determine program conditions/performance

  • refers complex accounts to senior compliance officer(s) or group lead(s) as required for their input and/or decision;
  • identifies compliance risk within their case inventory and develops an appropriate inventory management strategy.

More informed stakeholder community

  • educates taxpayers and their representatives on the requirements and obligations to file and pay;
  • informs taxpayers of relevant information circulars, special notices, etc.;
  • promotes electronic filing and payment alternatives.

Collect revenue

  • enforces the filing of tax returns and payments of outstanding balances for corporate and commodity taxes;
  • makes arrangements for filing of tax returns and payments of outstanding taxes. Recommends legal action where appropriate;
  • reviews/evaluates information to determine the most effective and efficient compliance action and application of legislation to be used;
  • investigates, locates, reviews and analyzes a taxpayer’s situation and records, including basic analysis of accounting and financial records;
  • analyzes all available information to determine corporate structure, nature and value of assets, viability of the enterprise and other indicators of business activities;
  • communicates with taxpayers in response to enquiries, condition/delinquency of account, etc.;
  • maintains collection files including correspondence and discussions between debtor and collector to document and justify actions taken on files;
  • responds to telephone inquiries on low risk cases.

Make TRA more efficient and effective

  • makes recommendations/suggestions for improvement to policy, procedures, processes and legislation to streamline the collection and enforcement process.


  • operates within TRA’s established guidelines, information circulars, legislation, policies and procedures;
  • assistance readily available from peers, senior compliance officers and group leads;
  • involved in work of corporate and commodity tax programs;
  • well-defined framework based on precedence outlined in training materials and procedure documents;
  • plans and organizes day-to-day work, reviews diarized files and manages own workload;
  • stakeholders include taxpayers, claimants and their representatives, and internal staff;
  • contact with external stakeholders on a routine basis includes, taxpayers, tax collectors, tax accountants etc.;
  • external communication with trustees, banks, receivers etc. to confirm/provide information, investigate, negotiate, and respond to enquiries;
  • participates in teams/projects and in review/work efforts including assisting on complex files.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Two-year diploma in a related field, or equivalent education/experience as described below:
    • 1 year of education for 1 year of directly related experience; or
    • 1 year directly related experience for 1 year of education.
  • knowledge of provincial legislation and policies;
  • ability to interpret supporting documentation (including financial statements) and make decisions;
  • knowledge of the processing systems and rules;
  • knowledge of risk criteria and the ability to apply per defined procedures;
  • knowledge of industry conditions and trends;
  • knowledge of tax, interest and penalty calculations;
  • ability to interpret/apply legislation;
  • analytical skills;
  • familiarity with the general responsibilities of other tax or business related agencies, various consumer assistance and registry services;
  • problem solving skills;
  • negotiation skills;
  • oral and written communication skills;
  • computer skills, e.g. Word and Excel.



This position’s primary and most frequent internal contacts will be with other compliance officers, senior compliance officers and group leads - all within Filing Compliance and Collections. The nature of these contacts will be to discuss corporate or commodity case work and workload issues and provide suggestions for improvements to work area procedures.

This position’s primary and most frequent external contacts will be with taxpayers, accountants, or taxpayer representatives. The nature of these contacts will be to discuss corporate or commodity tax account issues related to the filing of outstanding returns or the payment of tax debts.

Supervision Exercised


Not applicable


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