Position Profile

Job Title:  Senior Budget Analyst

Work Unit:  Community Services & Supports

Ministry: Community & Social Services

Competition Number:  1043245

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Reporting to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Community Services & Supports Division, this position is responsible for managing the financial functions of the Division. The Senior Budget Analyst is the senior financial expert within the Division which provides advanced, specialized professional technical, analytical and consultative services to the Ministry, the Division, and it’s Agencies on budget management, contract/grant administration, financial requirements, audit and fiscal analysis. The position is responsible for planning and coordinating financial processes and initiatives, including the provision of clear instruction and direction/guidance for short and long term financial planning and current revenue/expenditure forecasting.

This role includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing direct support to the Assistant Deputy Minister in the achievement of the Ministry’s financial goals and objectives;
  • Managing the Divisional requirements and contributions to the preparation of Ministry’s annual budget estimates, business plan, annual reporting, and related briefing materials;
  • Ensuring efficient and accurate budgeting, forecasting, and auditing/accounting of Divisional expenditures;
  • Providing contract/grant management support services to the Division and its Agencies;
  • Providing strategic financial expertise and decision making support to the Assistant Deputy Minister, and Divisional Senior Management as a member of the Division’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT);
  • Representing the Division on internal and cross-government committees to develop and improve financial, budget and contract/grant management practices within the Ministry;
  • Providing financial leadership and direction for staff including training, coaching, and competency development;
  • Drafting and recommending related financial policies and procedures;
  • Providing supervision and oversight to a budget officer support staff member.

Primary Accountabilities / Responsibilities


Financial Planning

  • Lead the analysis and preparation of the Division’s contributions to cyclical budgeting and business planning process requirements including annual Budget, Business Planning, and Consideration of Estimates.
  • Lead the Divisional requirements in the completion and adherence to year-end accounting processes, including Annual Reporting and Public Accounts.
  • Lead the Divisional response and input of the Minister’s Consideration of Estimates briefing binder by providing thorough variance explanations, supporting documentation and analysis to Corporate Finance.
  • Develop a customized Divisional Consideration of Estimates Binder to directly support the Assistant Deputy Minister with specific detail tailored to the Division.
  • Provide ongoing corporate support in identifying in-year program surpluses and spending pressures.
  • Ensure Divisional submissions to Corporate Finance and responses to ad hoc requests are comprehensive, timely, and appropriately informative.
  • Manage and maintain Divisional manpower spending targets and FTE resources to ensure ongoing adherence and alignment with financial obligations.

Divisional Spending Management

  • Manage and coordinate the ongoing forecasting requirements of Divisional program areas to ensure the achievement of financial objectives and program specific requirements.
  • Develop, analyze and review forecast updates from Divisional program areas to validate their accuracy, completeness and reasonableness.
  • Monitor and manage overall Divisional program spending, ensuring that the Ministry’s financial objectives are being adhered to and achieved. 
  • Manage the ongoing identification of Divisional cost pressures and the associated cost containment strategies in conjunction with Ministry objectives.
  • Represent the Division’s financial position and submit accurate and ongoing forecasting requirements to Corporate Finance according to prescribed timelines.
  • Represent the Division as the lead coordinating role responsible for internal and external audit responses and requirements.
  • Provide oversight to support and coordinate ad hoc statistical, operational and financial related information and briefing material for ADM, Executive Leadership Team, and Divisional program areas.
  • Manage centralized information resources in support of Divisional program areas for access and distribution of financial information and statistical data.
  • Supervise and maintain overarching Divisional requirements, and providing guidance and training in regards to general financial/operational processes and financial-based operating systems including: CMAS, Exclaim, P-card, EPS, IMAGIS, HRMS.

Divisional Grant/Contract Management and Administration

  • Lead the Divisional management and oversight of various grant/contract obligations and responsibilities by ensuring that Divisional grants/contracts are being administered, processed, and maintained with a high level of accuracy and within given timelines.
  • Provide overarching process and policy support to Divisional program areas as the Division’s primary contact and liaison with Corporate Finance, Corporate Procurement, and Legal Services in regards to issues and services requiring financial, legal, and /or risk management supports
  • Represent the Division in various grant/contract/strategic procurement working groups and committees in order to develop and maintain formal Ministry policies/procedures/processes.  
  • Support the ongoing development, maintenance, analysis, and review of Divisional grants/contracts.
  • Support Divisional program areas in monitoring and maintaining ongoing grant/contract accountability and performance standards.
  • Develop and administer grant accountably standards and ensure on-site agency adherence as the co-lead of the Divisional Grant Accountability Review (GAR) process.
  • Provide financial support and expertise in support of the Program Evaluation Framework for the Outreach and Support Services Initiative program.


  • Provide leadership, mentorship, and ongoing development of the direct staff report assigned to support the financial needs of the Division, as well as provide coaching and support to other Divisional administrative staff members assigned to support the financial needs of their individual program areas.

Knowledge / Experience / Competencies



  • The Senior Budget Analyst is a specialized advanced role combining broad theoretical financial and senior professional practice knowledge with in-depth knowledge and experience of budgeting, forecasting projections, funding models and fiscal management policies, practices and processes within the ministry and government.
  • The position is the senior professional expert in multiple areas applying its expertise and theoretical knowledge, which requires a strong understanding of the Ministry’s programs and initiatives with significant knowledge of their financial aspects and uniqueness.
  • The position requires a strong knowledge of financial and information reporting systems within the GOA and the Ministry, and understanding of the Ministry structure and reporting relationships.
  • The position requires a strong understanding of the Divisional programming, as well as its stakeholders and agencies, and expectations and concerns taking into account the broader Ministry and GOA perspective.
  • The position will lead and represent the Division on specific ministry-wide processes and projects, which requires input, strong interpersonal skills, the ability to influence, and generate solutions when necessary.
  • The position requires good knowledge of accounting (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Public Sector Accounting Standards) and standards.
  • The position requires good knowledge of GoA legislated Acts and Regulations including the Financial Administration Act and Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act.


  • Professional accounting designation, or
  • Undergraduate degree in Business Administration or Commerce with a major in Accounting or Finance
  • Experience in an accounting and/or budgeting environment at a professional level
  • Excellent knowledge of government financial reporting and controls
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, presentation skills particularly to individuals with a diverse levels financial literacy, experience and backgrounds
  • Knowledge of Government of Alberta (GOA) financial legislation, Ministry requirements, and GOA funding allocation methodologies
  • Knowledge of Government of Alberta business planning and reporting processes
  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving skills from a strategic perspective
  • Solid interpersonal communication, networking and team-building skills
  • Strong working knowledge of CMAS, IMAGIS and IMAGIS reporting tools or equivalents.
  • Strong working knowledge of IMAGIS budgeting tools or equivalents.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office or equivalents.
  • Good project management and priority setting skills


  • The position requires a high level of organizational skills and be able to co-ordinate and guide multiple projects, systems and requirements.
  • The position requires decision making skills, and the ability to act and think independently and yet include multiple perspectives in order to maintain the effective operations of the Division.
  • Ability to provide leadership and guidance to Divisional staff and external agencies.
  • Capacity to build strong working relationships and collaborate with Ministry Corporate Financial, Procurement, Accommodation and Legal Services; as well as external stakeholders.

Primary Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Assistant Deputy Minister, Divisional


To discuss issues and provide support, updates, and recommendations.

Executive Directors, Divisional


To discuss issues and provide support, updates, and recommendations.

Senior Management, Management, Divisional


To discuss issues and provide support, updates, and recommendations.

Deputy Minister

As required

Briefings, speaking notes and other material in support of the strategic financial planning process

Program Staff, Divisional


Provides ongoing financial and accommodations support, direction, consultation, and monitors financial process, accountability and adherence.

Budget Officer, Divisional


Provides leadership, direction and approval of work assignments, request support, investigation and research of financial issues, and obtaining technical/reporting services.

Corporate Finance & Accommodations - Senior Financial Officer, Directors/Managers of Financial Planning, Reporting, and Accommodations; Budget Officers, Accounting Officers


To discuss issues, address inquiries, and provide feedback and support; provide updates and recommendations. To initiate corporate direction, requests and policy/procedure.

Legal Services

As required

Provides legal consultation and supports in regards to grant/contract related issues.


External Stakeholders/Agencies

As required

Provides direction, monitors performance and accountability, and provides consultative assistance.

Community Based Organizations (CBO’s)


Conducts an annual onsite grant review with all CBO’s to ensure ongoing accountably in relation to the agencies Grant Funding Agreement.

GOA Ministries (Treasury Board, Service Alberta, Status of Women, Health, Seniors, Municipal Affairs, Infrastructure)

As required

Represents the Ministry/Division to provide expertise, advice, coordination and resolution of financial and accommodation based issues.

Office of the Auditor General (OAG)

As required

Provide program advice, supporting documentation, and initiate recommendations/policy on behalf of the OAG to ensure required all auditing processes are adhered to and maintained.

Building Services/External Contractors & Vendors

As required

Coordinate and procure accommodation services and supports on behalf of the Division.


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