Position Profile

Job Title:  Divisional Business Manager

Work Unit:  Health Standards, Quality and Performance - ADMO

Ministry:  Alberta Health

Competition Number:  1043203

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


The Divisional Business Manager, reports directly to the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Health Standards, Quality and Performance and works closely with the Senior Division Staff and the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Minister to accomplish core Division and Ministry goals.

As an integral member of the Divisional Leadership Team, this position is responsible and accountable for ensuring that the ADM (and others, including the Deputy Minister’s office), are fully informed on emerging issues, their impact, potential solutions and actions undertaken within the department to solve them. Working very closely with the ADM and providing the messaging and feedback on behalf of the ADM to the branches within the division, they will keep key activities moving forward against tight timelines. The divisional teams look to this position for leadership and direction to address challenges as they arise.

This position requires, demonstrating a high ability to build relationships and learn the culture within each of the divisions’ branches combined with the ability to multi-task and prioritize is important to success. As a reader of people, demonstrating awareness of those around you and bringing the key players together in a proactive way is integral to the efficient operations of the division, DMO, and the department.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following APS competencies:

  1. Build Collaborative Environments and Develop Networks:
    The complexity of issues that we are dealing with requires input from a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, by leading and creating opportunities for people to connect, communicate with transparency, share ideas, and bring different perspectives to the discussion, we will create a supportive environment that respects different perspectives.
  2. Systems Thinking:
    As a member of the divisional leadership team, we understand how key issues, processes and outcomes affect the organizations strategic direction and have the ability to continually assess how day-to-day tasks support the broader organizational objectives.
  3. Creative Problem Solving:
    As the issues and relationships facing the APS continue to become increasingly complex, and as change continues to occur at an increasingly fast pace, we require a new approach to problem solving. We need to be more innovative and creative as we address current and future challenges.
  4. Agility:
    This involves proactively seeking out new opportunities, building support for change and guiding the change process required for organizational success.

Excellent communication, coordination and interpersonal skills are required to support the office of the Assistant Deputy Minister, and coordinate the corporate deliverables of the Division. The ability to collaborate with stakeholders, assess and prioritize issues, research and coordinate supporting information and facilitate appropriate action will contribute to the success of the Ministry. In addition, this position will work collaboratively with partner Ministries in achieving our shared goals.

Responsibilities include coordinating major initiatives and projects, delegating responsibilities and project components to senior Division staff and contributing to policy development, formulation and review. This position also provides research, analysis, and planning support allowing decision makers to make informed and knowledgeable decisions.

Specific Accountabilities


Strategic Oversight: Issues and Relationship Management - Manages and oversees a comprehensive system to respond to urgent, ongoing and emergent issues, requests, briefings and special projects to facilitate the smooth operation of the Division:

  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships and communication linkages with the Minister’s office, Deputy Minister's office, ADM offices and staff, as well as key stakeholders, and Ministry partners; to ensure the ADM is aware of emerging and critical issues and has appropriate input and briefings to make decisions.
  • Works to build and maintain relationships with professional contacts within government and industry to improve knowledge networks for the ADM and the Ministry.
  • Works closely with cross-divisional colleagues to maintain operational and strategic awareness.
  • Acts as a broker and the primary contact on the issues between the Deputy Minister's office, Minister's office, and other ADM offices; and occasionally with other Ministries.
  • Identifies issues through regular communication with the Deputy Minister's office and Division and Ministry staff; monitoring strategic initiatives, key projects, delivery of services, internal and external environments; and reviewing Division and Ministry briefings and reports.
  • Assesses, prioritizes and researches issues and inquiries with Divisional implications. Determines matters requiring ADM's attention.
  • Works independently or with Division representatives, to resolve as many issues as possible without involving the ADM.
  • Facilitates actions, responses, and integrated resolutions by bringing the key players together and/or assigning responsibility to the appropriate Division representative.
  • Represents the ADM, as requested, at meetings/briefings/events to report back on issues and outcomes. Acts as a confidential aide to the ADM, recommending action as appropriate, regarding operational activities.
  • Keeps abreast of political and technological change that may impact the Division or department and prepares the ADM accordingly.

Divisional Management, Planning and Support - Ensures the ADM and senior Division representatives are supported in achieving the mandate, goals, objectives and operations of the Division.

Participates in the Divisional leadership team; contributes to the determination of strategic directions for the Division; helps identify and prioritize items for discussion by the team; provides information to determine and clarify actions required; and follows up on action items that are assigned.

  • Fosters, facilitates, and leads consultation, collaboration, and participation in activities across the Division.
  • Manages strategic and transitional planning for the Division, including providing direction to and integrating perspectives of senior Division representatives to ensure plans reflect Division priorities and strategic direction of the Ministry and government.
  • Performs secretariat functions to Boards and Committees that the ADM participates as chair.
  • Coordinates and contributes to special projects and initiatives as directed by the ADM, including research and preparation of responses.
  • Represents the Division on inter-divisional committees (e.g. to implement department and government-wide systems such as ARTS).
  • Accompanies the ADM to meetings as required; provides input and perspectives; summarizes views of the participants and suggests strategies to resolve issues and problems.
  • Coordinates and prepares background information, presentation material, and speaking notes for the ADM when necessary.

Communication and Information Management - Effectively manages communications and information requirements to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Division and the ADM's Office.

Establishes, implements and ·monitors comprehensive communication and information management strategies to facilitate and enhance communication and information flow within the Division, the Ministry and externally.

  • Works collaboratively with the Ministry Coordination and Issues Management team and supports the Deputy Minister's Chief of Staff for overall Ministry issues and projects.
  • Manages Deputy Minister and Minister requests on an urgent basis or resulting from meetings and committees, including those originating from the Ministry Executive Team meetings.
  • Manages and coordinates the preparation of briefings and background materials for Executive Team meetings such as SMT or M/DM. This includes coordinating with representatives from the Executive Operations branch, Communications staff, and other Division and Ministry contacts as needed, as well as delegating activities to senior Division representatives and staff.
  • Responds to and resolves inquiries, often of an urgent and sensitive nature, through management of activities internal and external to the Division.
  • Ensures Branch Heads are kept informed on issues affecting their respective areas and works directly with them to develop options/alternatives for ADM consideration.
  • Provides leadership to Branch representatives to ensure that assignments are addressed in an appropriate, timely and coordinated manner.

Knowledge / Experience



  • Sound understanding of the Division's mandate, priorities, business, goals, strategies, relevant policies, legislation, regulations, and organizational structure, including a thorough understanding of government and Ministry strategic directions and business goals as they relate to the Division mandate.
  • Specific knowledge of:
    • Department/government planning processes and requirements.
    • Minister and Deputy Minister correspondence guidelines.
  • General knowledge of:
    • Various department/government acts and regulations.
    • Department's position on a variety of issues.
    • Provincial political system.
    • Political, societal, and executive decision-making environment in which the Division and Ministry operate.
    • Fiscal planning and forecasting cycle/processes.
    • Quality assurance principles.
    • Business/operational planning processes to maximize the Division outcomes (deliverables) and continually develop and implement innovative processes to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies.

Skills and Abilities

  • Strategic, systems thinking, analytic, and conceptual skills.
  • Leadership, team building and interpersonal skills.
  • Organizational and issues management skills.
  • Planning and project management skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, and electronic).
  • Proven ability to develop and implement practical procedures and systems that reflect best practices.
  • Ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with senior executives and staff of government departments.
  • Demonstrated ability to promote teamwork, collaboration, and partnership at all levels.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage a range of issues of varying scale and urgency.
  • Flexibility to accommodate changing priorities in a fast paced environment.


  • University graduation in a related field supplemented by a minimum of four years directly related experience is required. Experience providing leadership to coordinate results and/or utilizing project management principles is preferred as is experience in government and public agencies. Experience with quality assurance principles is considered an asset. Equivalencies will be considered on the basis of one year of experience for one year of education.

Leadership and Business Know-How


The Divisional Business Manager is expected to provide information, advice and support to the department by leading teams on projects and garnering information from a wide range of sources on short notice within tight timeframes. The incumbent will have limited authority, and must influence stakeholders in order to provide the required level of support to the ADM. To do this successfully, the Divisional Business Manager must build relationships within the Ministry and government. It is essential that the incumbent work collaboratively, communicate extensively and demonstrate knowledgeable leadership in order to build the trust and sense of shared responsibility required for success in this role.

Problem Solving


Analytical and evaluative skills are required to assess issues and inquiries in order to determine their urgency, impact and to connect to the appropriate program staff to ensure a coordinated and timely response. The Divisional Business Manager must be able to access appropriate resources quickly and develop approaches that ensure timely and accurate responses.

The incumbent is often required to assume projects without reference to similar past initiatives, requiring the incumbent to think strategically and "outside the box". Projects are assigned on an ad-hoc basis and are often within the ADM's office either due to the level of difficulty or political sensitivities; much information is highly confidential and must be treated as such. This requires balancing multiple objectives and input from various sources, often within a short time frame.

Difficult or Challenging Situations

The Divisional Business Manager is continually faced with situations involving ambiguity and must exercise extensive judgement and problem-solving skills to support the ADM to achieve the Division mandate and priorities. The nature of the issues that are presented range from the day-to-day issues arising from internal operations to emergent issues arising from the Deputy Minister's Office or external environment.

  • This position is relied on to anticipate, detect and assess complex issues to determine their level of urgency and provide leadership to others in developing associated approaches for resolution.
  • Resolution of issues in the context of considerable consultation and/or the absence of the ADM.
  • Gaining the cooperation of others to work together to resolve issues in the midst of competing priorities. This is dependent on the incumbent's ability to establish effective relationships and demonstrate knowledge of Divisional and corporate issues and sensitivities. The challenge will be to cultivate a sense of shared responsibility across the Division for outcomes.
  • Provision of immediate responses to the Deputy Minister's office and the Minister's office requiring research and problem-solving skills, and sound judgement within tight timelines and the ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • The need to identify priorities when everything is a priority.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

ADM and Deputy Ministers Office


Keep advised/take direction

ADMO Staff


Collaborate on projects; share information

Branch Leaders and Staff within the Division


Share information; maintain awareness of priorities and how they might impact projects

Branch Leaders and Staff across other Divisions

As Required

Engage participation as needed in projects

Corporate Services (e.g., Finance, Legal and Legislative Services, Procurement)

As Required

Liaise on a regular basis as needed during specific projects



As Required

Engage participation as needed in projects; align

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


This is a key advisory role within the department. The contributions of this role have impact within the Division, the department and may have impact on the government's approach to issues. This role supports decision making made at the ADM level which is often the basis for Deputy Minister and Ministerial policy decisions. For example, this role will coordinate the response to questions from both the Minister and Deputy Minister offices. Those questions may be from constituents, industry stakeholders, or other government departments. This role is also a key contributor to internal communication processes within the Division, which impacts senior leaders directly. The Divisional Business Manager is expected to act independently, but does get support from the ADM and the Deputy Minister's Chief of Staff, and must work collaboratively with the team of ADMO Managers of Divisional and Issues Coordination.

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