Position Profile

Job Title:  Engagement Specialist

Work Unit:  Extension and Communication Services - Engagement Branch

Ministry:   Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1043154

Date:  June 2017



The Engagement Specialist uses expert knowledge of engagement/consultation methodology and applied best practices to lead, coach or guide complex engagement and/or consultation initiatives. The ES provides strategic advice and planning to help inform, design, and implement engagement processes and tools. This work includes offering comprehensive needs assessments, ensuring that clear objectives are set, providing evaluation, supporting engagement/consultation process integrity, and fostering continuous improvement. This ES also provides consultant-facilitator services and takes a collaborative approach to building engagement capacity across the department.

The ES ensures that AF is aligned with GOA’s engagement processes, requirements and best practices. They liaise with other engagement practitioners and connect to engagement/consultation resources and expertise in AF, the Government of Alberta, and pertinent agencies or organizations.

The ES provides a corporate service and as such their primary clients are internal to AF. As they support the delivery of engagement and consultation processes, the ES is required to work with a wide range of external stakeholders and partners including industry, first nations, the public and other levels of government.

The ES works with other members of the Extension and Communication Services Division to ensure consultation and engagement initiatives are consistent, coordinated. This includes tracking and the creation and implementation of common tools and approaches.

Responsibilities and Activities


Provide stakeholder engagement/consultation advice to AF Executive Team, managers, and staff.

The ES helps clients to execute meaningful stakeholder engagement processes that result in client-focused solutions, and informed decision-making and policy development.


  • Provide engagement, and consultation support, i.e. stakeholder and client issue clarification, needs/opportunity assessment, risk/assumptions analysis, competency coaching, guidance, process design and facilitation, resource linking (path-finding/navigation), templates, tools, and knowledge transfer.
  • Lead high level multi-stakeholder Ministry and cross-Ministry engagement/consultation initiatives. Ensure there is collaborative leadership and required approvals, appropriate diligence and consistency, coordination of support personnel and resources (including budget), and communication needed for successful outcomes.
  • Respond to engagement related issues and questions. Seek input and feedback; monitor, assess and report on progress or results to engagement participants, clients, and others, including Executive Team.
  • Remain current on best practices, theory, and techniques.  Customize and adapt engagement/consultation processes to meet the distinct needs or interests of diverse clients and stakeholders.
  • Meet mandatory requirements in legislative, regulatory, policy, or political engagement/consultation initiatives. Ensure there is alignment with Ministry and GOA business priorities and strategic direction.

Leverage capacity and elevate engagement/consultation competency.

The ES will capitalize on existing resources and expertise to optimize the use of Ministry and GoA resources and achieve desired outcomes.


  • Work with engagement practitioners in the department to partner on the development, delivery, and evaluation of initiatives. Identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Establish professional networks with key engagement collaborators and practitioners with the GOA, other governments, related sectors and/or organizations, and communities of practice to exchange knowledge, learning, tools, and resources.
  • Document and communicate lessons learned from engagement/consultation planning and implementation to foster organizational learning.
  • Develop and continuously improve the implementation of high quality engagement tools and mechanisms, including tools to track systems communications, e.g. invitations/notices, progress/results reporting, outcomes.
  • Ensure a coordinated and consistent approach in the exploration, validation, design and implementation of engagement processes across the department and beyond.
  • Build strategic relationships with organizations and networks to advance and transfer knowledge on best practices.

Foster stakeholder and client relationship building:

The ES consults with, coaches and/or leads internal and external clients with diverse needs and expectations in building and maintaining productive working or strategic relationships. Healthy relationships expedite engagement/consultation support and participation. Stakeholder and client relationships in essence serve as this Ministry’s social license to operate with the industry, i.e. build confidence and trust, and offer assurances.


  • Model best practices, facilitate interaction, coach and provide strategies for building and nurturing beneficial stakeholder and client relationships.
  • Continuously scan the external environment to identify new or changing people/connections to pursue and establish or regenerate beneficial relationships with, for example, government and industry leaders, decision-makers, beneficiaries of engagement outcomes, engagement collaborators.
  • Flag, bring forward to department leaders pertinent strategic issues or concerns shared by stakeholders or clients.
  • Establish internal and external networks geared to enhance proficiency and understanding of strategic and critical issues in engagement/consultation, government, and industry sectors.

Provide consultant-facilitator engagement services.

The EMS will mobilize, support, and collaborate with a team of extension-engagement professionals to ensure a systems approach to high-profile, high-priority engagement/consultation initiatives.


  • Act as the process lead and subject matter expert for engagement/consultation projects and initiatives.
  • Develop or facilitate the development of engagement/consultative plans. Provide input to project management to ensure there is a “big picture” focus, diligence, and integrity in the engagement/consultation component.
  • Develop and coordinate work planning, progress, and results reporting for branch engagement specialists and practitioners.
  • Continuously promote and advocate for this corporate service using marketing/communication tools, channels, and networks.
  • Provide expertise in other complementary extension and organization development work – process design, skilled facilitation, strategic planning/management, network/relationship building, leadership development.


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