Position Profile

Job Title:  Director, Learning and Development Policy and Program Design

Work Unit:  

Ministry:  Alberta Public Service Commission

Competition Number:  1043123

Date:  June 2017

Job Purpose and Organizational Context

  • This Director role will be responsible for the design and implementation of a learning and development policy for the APS which will include national and international research to support the policy direction and provide adult learning options, programs and initiatives relevant to the various learning levels and employee learning needs within the APS.
  • The Director will provide policy proposals for key learning and development initiatives, ensuring alignment to the vision for a learning and development policy framework.
  • As well, this role will conduct a review of the current directives and practices to ensure policy alignment with the new direction as part of developing the framework.
  • The Director will also explore cutting edge modalities of learning and training delivery to implement in the APS, explore opportunities for partnership agreements with organizations such as post-secondary institutions, non-profit and private training providers, municipalities, industry, other provincial jurisdictions, and the Government of Canada.
  • The Director will manage stakeholder consultations, develop policy position papers and program design plans along with recommendations on a chosen path forward to executive decision makers, and lead the program design work and implementation of APS programs.
  • The Director will be responsible for working with other colleagues in the branch/Division/Department and all ministries to identify, research and draft the required policy, program design and implementation proposals necessary to help position the APS to achieve the future desired state.
  • This role will provide leadership to the re-design of existing employee development programs including the Management Essentials program, Supervisory Certificate Program, the APS Leadership Program, the University of Alberta Management Development Programs, and Policy Essentials program to ensure alignment with new initiatives and to ensure the continuous relevancy and improvement of content.

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

  • Leads the research, exploration and analysis of cutting edge and trail blazing options in learning and development and develop policy papers and proposals to provide advice and recommendations to decision makers in order to develop a long term, sustainable vision for learning and development/training of APS employees.
  • Conducts research in new and creative possibilities for adult learning including exploration of other jurisdictions’ current and future learning plans and career paths; research competency relevance to learning and development; investigate potential new partnerships (beyond post-secondary institutions); assess a variety of funding options, different delivery modalities, etc.
  • Develops the design proposals required by Division Executive and DM-PSC for employee competency development including the Manager Competency Development Initiative, Indigenous Awareness Training for the APS and ABCs, executive management training and other learning and development initiatives as required.
  • Develops, implements, and evaluates policies, designs and implements programs, and leads stakeholder engagement through an ADM Steering Committee on Professional Development to seek input on the development and implementation of learning and development for the APS.
  • Leads and develops an effective team environment through engagement and mentoring of staff members; leadership of the Policy and Program Design team; encouragement and facilitation of learning and skill development.

Problem Solving Required

  • This is a creative strategic and systems thinking role responsible for leading research, analysis, development of proposals, and implementing long term, future focused proposals on policies and programs for learning and development. The role will resolve issues with respect to the development of the long term strategic policy through the policy development process. As well, the role will be required to explore and assess a multitude of possibilities for the future vision and continuous relevancy and improvement of learning and development in the APS.
  • Assistance with the policy framing and coordination is available from the Strategic Services and Human Resources Transformation Division and Policy Coordination Office of Executive Council.
  • Guidance is available from Division/Department Executive in assessing the multitude of options and developing recommended proposals to ensure alignment of organizational objectives.
  • Long term policy and program design and implementation proposals will directly impact all employees including executives, managers, and bargaining unit employees. Human Resources and other corporate services will be impacted as proposals contribute to the Public Service Commission (PSC) building a learning organization.
  • There will be secondary impact to other areas of PSC and Human Resources community such as Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, specifically Performance Excellence, Executive Development and Succession and Senior Manager Development and Succession.

Key Relationships and Purpose of Contacts

  • Division Executive for guidance on alignment to organizational objectives.
  • Department colleagues and ministry stakeholders for input and consultation on ideas and options.
  • External organizations to research and explore possibilities in learning and development.
  • Vendors to partner in delivering programs.

Preferred Education and Technical Competencies


Education Level:

  • Bachelor Degree.


  • Arts, Education, or Business/Adult Education, Policy

How is the knowledge/experience applied?

  • Write policy proposals and lead research to determine leading best practice relevant to the APS.
  • Design learning programs and curriculum for adult learners for key initiatives and development needs of APS.
  • Creative, strategic and systems thinking role, providing direction to a team of professionals.

Job Behavioural Competencies

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Systems Thinking
  • Agility
  • Develop Networks
  • Build Collaborative Environments

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