Position Profile

Job Title:  Manager, Compensation and Job Evaluation

Work Unit:  Public Sector Working Group

Ministry:  Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1043117

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


The Public Sector Working Group (PSWG) is responsible for defining a disciplined, collaborative, long-term approach to public sector bargaining that achieves fair settlements for public sector employees that are consistent with the government's fiscal goals. The group makes accurate, objective market data available to bargaining teams in a timely fashion. A total compensation data framework will be a central element of PSWG's strategy to make objective market data available to support government's interests as employer and funder with respect to public sector bargaining in Alberta. The PSWG is involved in setting mandates across sectors; including Health, Education, Post-Secondary Institutions, and Alberta Public Service/Agencies.

Reporting to the Director, Compensation and Data Analytics, this job exists to develop, implement and maintain compensation data analytics for the development of evidence based mandates and to support collective bargaining. This position will have a broad scope of responsibilities that views compensation policy using a cross sector approach.

Approaching the development of mandates using a centralized data framework is a new advancement in the Alberta Government and will require an individual that can successfully transform an uncoordinated system to an integrated process while developing strong relationships with partners. Key responsibilities include: leading the design and development of complex compensation data analytics initiatives that span sectors, developing recommendations for mandates, providing expert consulting and advice on compensation strategies, as well as using a solid foundation in job evaluation to assist in benchmarking work for total compensation research purposes. Position is responsible for creating and leading a network of HR experts across sectors to support total compensation data analytics and benchmarking.

Specific Accountabilities


Research, analyze and evaluate data and information that will be used in the development of bargaining mandates across sectors. Information from other jurisdictions, employers, policy documents, and/or academic literature.


  • Lead the development of research reports, position papers and other documents related to issues impacting total compensation in Alberta across the public sector.
  • Support the development, implementation and maintenance of a salary survey system and database used to gather total compensation data from employers.
  • Analyze economic, social, political and technological issues to identify trends with the potential to impact total compensation frameworks.
  • Analyze information and identify potential implications and present findings for consideration to leadership teams and other stakeholders.
  • Use a coordinated approach to compensation research, engaging sectoral partners throughout the process.

Compensation and Job Evaluation: Understanding how work is structured across sectors is essential to the success of cross-sectoral compensation analysis.

This position will:

  • Coordinate and lead a group of professional across sectors to develop benchmarks that are representative and comparable across sectors to facilitate compensation analysis and serve as the foundation to salary surveys.
  • Develop thumbnail descriptions of benchmark jobs to serve as the basis for matching in salary surveys.
  • Become the expert on compensation and job evaluation across sectors.
  • Have a strong background in compensation and job evaluation to build credibility and collaborate with sectoral partners.
  • Proactively update benchmarks as required, continually enhancing the data available to support mandate development.
  • A key initiative for this position will be facilitating a coordinated and collaborative approach to gathering and analyzing meaningful compensation data related to support services across sectors. Support services are found in all sectors and there is an opportunity to coordinate evidence to support mandate development and collective bargaining support.

Information is developed and disseminated to ministries and sector employers to support informed planning and decision-making related to compensation issues and collective bargaining.


Briefings developed and provided to key decision makers to support the approval of collective bargaining mandates. Audiences include Deputy Ministers and Ministers from the various sectors, as well as Premier and the Public Sector Compensation Committee.


Provide expert advice, best practices and guidance to various sector representative regarding compensation, data analytics benchmarking across sectors and aligned to government policy direction.


Remain current and informed of sector issues, proactively recommending review and evaluation of policies and programs related to total compensation in support of collective bargaining and mandate development.

Knowledge / Experience

  • Extensive knowledge of compensation, job evaluation as well as human resource functions is required to develop a compensation and data analytics framework that can be used across sectors in support of collective bargaining and mandate development.
  • Knowledge of appropriate research methodology and tools. Research, job evaluation and analysis skills are essential in order to design surveys and to provide recommendations. The position must be able to recognize and extract relevant data and present ideas through strong written and verbal communication skills, in an understandable way to a variety of audiences.
  • Technical compensation knowledge, including statistical concepts, is required in order to analyze and research data, develop pay recommendations. Advanced knowledge of Excel required to perform statistical analysis and to create graphs for presentation.
  • Strong communication, organization and time management skills are required to lead discussions and facilitate members of committees to reach consensus and resolution, and to manage multiple projects. The ability to build relationship and networks across sectors will be key.
  • Strong written and presentation skills. Ability to synthesize and communicate complex data and information to a variety of audiences.
  • Post-secondary degree in a related field (such as Political Science, Human Resources, Business etc.).
  • Knowledge of research methodologies, techniques and procedures, including the application of qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis.
  • Ability to think strategically and critically on a broad scale in the development and implementation of innovative and feasible solutions.
  • Ability to multi-task with sometimes limited direction, while working in a dynamic political environment that requires adaptability and the ability to respond quickly to changing priorities.
  • Key competencies required include: Systems Thinking, Develop Networks, Drive for Results, Agility, innovation and building a collaborative environment.
  • This position will need to be able to work in an environment where the issues are new and the solutions are unknown, therefore requiring a diligent and creative approach to defining problems while taking an innovative and planned approach to developing solutions.

Leadership and Business Know-How

  • Strong organizational and project management skills are required in order to manage a number of projects of various scope and complexity at any one time, and to assist team members on various projects. Strong facilitation and coordination skills to successfully influence and build relationships across sectors.
  • This is a strong project management and expert consulting position. Emphasis on evidence based collective bargaining mandates requires robust compensation data and analysis to support desired outcomes across sectors, while maintaining the ability to attract and retain talent.
  • This position will use leadership and facilitation skills to work with professionals across sectors to achieve relevant and valid compensation metrics. The position provides advice to senior management on strategy options and implications.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Compensation and Data Analytics Team, other PSWG Staff


In consultation, provide strategic and technical support and recommendations on the development of compensation data analytics.

TBF IT Staff and FOIP Staff

Varies Collaborate on initiatives, participate in internal or external teams - exchange information, achieve program results, provide lead hand direction on various projects.

Chief Advisor on Negotiations

As Required Provide strategic and technical support and recommendations as required.

Human Resource Directors; Human Resource Consultants; Line Managers across Sectors

Varies: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Project manage the design of various projects, and the development of compensation data analytics. Consultative advice and problem solving to reach consensus or workable solutions in support of the government direction. Obtain commitment, or to gather and provide information.
External Management Consultant As required Identify need, coordinate projects, and ensure advice received is complete and appropriate. Participate in the Request for Proposal and selection of contractor and monitor project progression and deliverables.
Other Jurisdictions, Organizations Varies: Weekly, Monthly Provide or gather information on new or existing initiatives and in support of compensation analysis and policy recommendations. Maintain strong relationships with representatives from other jurisdictions.
Legal Counsel As Required Consultation on compensation and salary related issues as required.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The compensation plan impacts all employees in each sector and can impact how management organizes work. It is essential that compensation and data analytics be available to inform the development of mandates across sectors. This is a new approach to collective bargaining mandates in Alberta and expertise is required to build and maintain a framework to support long term results. Responsible for leading projects such as salary surveys and benchmarking exercises with internal and external stakeholders to ensure compensation data and analysis is valid and relevant across sectors. The position will be involved in the preparation of proposals for Ministerial, DM Executive Council, Premier, Treasury Board and/or Cabinet approval.

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