Position Profile

Job Title:  Case Coordinator

Work Unit:  Surface Rights / Land Compensation Boards

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1042928

Date:  June 2017



The Surface Rights Board (SRB) is established by the Surface Rights Act and exercises powers and carries out duties under the Surface Rights Act and Regulations as well as other duties as may be assigned to it by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The SRB is a quasi-judicial tribunal that grants right of entry and assists landowners/occupants and operators to resolve disputes about compensation when operators require access to private land or occupied crown land to develop subsurface resources such as oil, gas, and coal or to build and operate pipelines and power transmission lines.

The Land Compensation Board (LCB) is established by the Expropriation Act and exercises powers and carries out duties under the Expropriation Act and Regulations. The LCB determines whether expropriation should proceed when there is an objection and the compensation payable to landowners and tenants where an authority has expropriated land and the parties cannot agree.

The Surface Rights and Land Compensation Boards conduct pre-hearing conferences, mediations and hearings to assist parties to resolve disputes in an effective and efficient manner. The Boards provide independent, arms-length, accessible quasi-judicial processes, delivering timely and fair proceedings and decisions within their legislated mandate and in accordance with the principles of natural justice under administrative law.

The Case Coordinator is responsible for the management and coordination of applications before the Boards from intake through all Board processes to final resolution, whether by settlement between the parties or by a decision/order of the Boards. The position is responsible for reviewing applications against applicable legislation, regulations and jurisdiction of the Boards, and determining whether to proceed or reject the application as well as identifying applications, issues and files that require Board Officer, Director and/or legal counsel review and management. The position facilitates the timely, independent, quasi-judicial review and processing of applications that result in fairness and equity consistent with natural justice and administrative law.

The Case Coordinator directly supports the day-to-day work of the Boards by coordinating and overseeing applications before the Boards through Board processes from application intake to final resolution so as to facilitate the effective and timely resolution of disputes. Responsibilities of the position include: application intake; drafting correspondence and proceeding notices; scheduling and moderating resolution conference calls or mediation sessions; preparing case summaries; and, reviewing, drafting and issuing of decisions/orders of the Boards such as: Right of Entry Decisions/Orders; Decisions/Orders Determining Compensation; Varying or Amending Orders; Termination or Partial Termination Decisions/Orders; Rental Recovery Suspension and Termination Decisions/Orders; Compensation Review Decisions/Orders; and, Damage Dispute Decisions/Orders. The position also provides support and information to landowners, occupants, operators and other interested parties/stakeholders regarding Board processes including information about pre-hearing conferences, mediations, hearings, the SRB rules and how to file an application as well as providing updates on the status of application to parties before the Boards.

Responsibilities and Activities


The Case Coordinator is responsible for determining the level of complexity of each application to provide the appropriate support from intake through to decision in a fair and timely manner.

This involves:

  • Assessing each application and all file documentation/correspondence against legislation/rule/natural justice requirements to determine whether to file or to reject the application and how next to proceed.
  • Verifying information and documentation provided (e.g. survey plans, land titles documents, licenses, surface leases, etc.) and determining what is required, how to process the documentation/information/affidavits, next steps, who is to receive copies and who should have the opportunity to respond.
  • Providing parties (landowners, operators, respondents, legal counsel, etc.) with information regarding why applications were rejected and how to correct deficiencies.
  • Contacting appropriate parties to ensure application forms, supporting documents are provided and outlining the steps/processes required for the application to proceed.
  • Providing information regarding the appropriate forms, completion of applications, processes, rules, regulations, and legislation to landowners/occupants, respondents, legal representatives and other interested parties.
  • Being the 'one point of contact for landowners and operators, respondents, legal representatives, other interested parties relative to application/file responsibilities to provide reliable and consistent information/knowledge on the application and processes.
  • Anticipating the need for and securing advice from Board Officers, Director, and/or legal services when required, including determining when to escalate the application to a Board Officer, Director or Legal Council.
  • Coordinating and scheduling dispute resolution conference (DRC) calls including providing parties and board member(s) with proceeding materials/information and moderating the proceedings as required.
  • Tracking applications to ensure they move forward from the application intake through to the decision and hearing process in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Drafting, reviewing and/or formatting decisions/orders for content/accuracy including distributing final decisions/orders to all parties.
  • Reviewing final documentation to ensure complete official records prior to closing the file and submitting for filing. The appropriate record must be provided to Court upon judicial review, for appeals and to Ombudsman investigators.

The Case Coordinator is responsible for resolving day-to-day issues that arise with the application processes to facilitate and increase knowledge and understanding and to ensure the appropriate and timely resolution of disputes before the Boards.

This includes:

  • Effectively and immediately problem solving a myriad of issues or anomalies that arise during the life cycle of an application to determine the appropriate next steps.
  • Ensuring that Board Members/Board Officers/Director/legal counsel are aware of and appropriately briefed on issues as appropriate.
  • Responding appropriately and professionally and managing politically and emotionally charged situations as they arise.
  • Drafting and/or issuing appropriate correspondence to address matters arising during the application process.
  • Ensuring the timely and appropriate flow of the proceeding processes (pre-hearing conference, mediation, hearing) by tracking receipt of the notices/applications, scheduling conference calls and/or hearings and issuing board decisions.
  • Managing preliminary/procedural requests, changes, and objections from the parties in an effective and timely manner while ensuring processes are correct and fair.
  • Responding to inquiries from landowners, operators, interested parties, and the public regarding the Boards' processes. This responsibility includes assisting in drafting/determining the responses with awareness of the sensitivities and interests of various internal and external stakeholders.
  • Outlining information about board processes for all parties including options available prior to, during and after the proceedings/hearing and final decision without providing legal advice, recommendations or opinions.

Once the position has determined that a file needs to be escalated, it is responsible for providing support to Board Officers, Board Members, Director and/or legal counsel in coordinating the effective and efficient delivery of impartial hearings and ensuring processes are compliant with the principles of natural justice and fairness under administrative law.

This accomplished by:

  • Identifying issues to Board Officers/Board Members/Director/legal counsel that resulted in the decision to escalate.
  • Identifying and flagging issues related to the application process (e.g. potential jurisdiction, procedural, confidentiality, conflict of interest).
  • Preparing case summaries for Board Officers/Board Members/Chair/Director/legal counsel.
  • Coordinating and scheduling hearings, DRC and/or mediation proceedings including logistics and location and ensuring the venue is appropriate (e.g. room size, amenities, necessary video/teleconference equipment, etc.).
  • Responding to Board Officers/Board Members various requests/questions throughout the hearing processes (e.g. research required, preparing proceeding materials, accommodation and/or travel, etc.)
  • Ensuring all proceedings documentation/records, statistics, and correspondence are accurate, timely, recorded, tracked and maintained as required.
  • Providing information to the Board Chair in determining/assigning the appropriate Board Member Panels to avoid potential conflicts of interest and to best utilize Board Member skills and expertise.
  • Ensure that the appropriate reports/decisions have been provided to the Boards, administration and all parties.
  • Reviewing file documentation to ensure complete official records are in order prior to closing the file and submitting for filing. The appropriate record must be provided to Court upon judicial review, for appeals and to Ombudsman investigators.

The position is responsible for providing support as required to address workload issues and identify opportunities to improve processes and practices.

This includes:

  • Proactively identifying opportunities to improve processes and streamline procedures to more effectively manage application caseloads.
  • Assessing application processes to recommend changes and improvements to process, forms, templates, guides, and information provided to applicants to improve the completion of the application and provision of required supporting documentation.
  • Responding to general inquiries regarding the Surface Rights Board/Land Compensation Board mandate, the legislation, regulations, rules and guides including accessing forms and information on the website.
  • Following records management standards set for the Surface Rights Board/Land Compensation Board.
  • Providing timely responses relating to responses to Inter-Ministerial/Ministry program areas, MLA, and Minister's/DM's and ADM's office requests for information. This includes providing all salient information to the staff that responds to Ombudsman and FOIP requests.
  • Sharing information and learnings with the Case Coordinator team and other staff.



The position is responsible for the oversight, management and coordination of applications before the Boards from intake through all Board processes. For example, it assesses applications and file documentation/correspondence and then determining whether to file or reject applications received and next steps. The position assesses the level of complexity of the applications and related correspondence/documentation and determines the most effective and efficient manner to proceed to ensure that the parties receive fair, effective, timely and independent processes in the application of the SRBs dispute resolution program. The position is the primary point of contact for parties to applications to the Boards.

The Board Officers/Board Members rely on the position to provide them with all the necessary documentation, case summaries, identification of emergent issues and coordination of all logistical matters in order for them to proceed with appropriate and timely proceedings (pre-hearings conferences/mediations/hearings). The position establishes and maintains on-going positive and professional relationships with all affected parties, operators, Ministry, government staff and other internal and external stakeholders.

The application/file coordination provided to the hearing, DRCs, and mediation processes by the position supports fair and equitable practices, natural justice and maintains the neutrality of the Boards. The position determines the most appropriate manner in which to process applications/related correspondence and complete day-to-day tasks and to manage workload and priorities. The nature of the work handled is politically sensitive and affects individual landowners and operators and is an important component of the overall regulatory scheme of oil and gas/power transmission lines and expropriations in the Province of Alberta. Correctness and accuracy to a court like standard of excellence on a high volume of complex, high conflict and sensitive applications is critical to maintain the confidence of both applicants before the Boards as well as the Albertans in general.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The position requires post-secondary education in a related field, and 3 years of directly related experience or equivalent education and experience.

The position requires strong knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Mandate and principles of the Alberta Surface Rights Board and Land Compensation Board.
  • Relevant legislation and regulations under which the Surface Rights Board operates and the ability to apply the regulations, rules and guides. (i.e. Surface Rights Act, Surface Rights Act General Regulations, Surface Rights Board Rules).
  • Quasi-judicial processes and principles of natural justice and procedural Fairness.
  • Basic research methodologies.
  • Internal and external stakeholders affected by and working under the legislation and decisions of the Board.
  • Microsoft Office applications.
  • SharePoint and website as communication and document sharing tools.

The position requires the following skills and abilities:

  • Strong communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal/diplomacy skills (to facilitate proceedings, interact with a very diverse internal and external stakeholder group and maintain positive working relationships with all parties).
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Conflict management skills.
  • Critical thinking skills to assess applications and determine appropriate process.
  • Critical attention to detail to ensure applications are complete and accurate as well as the Board decision accompanying documentation.
  • Ability to apply judgement and knowledge in determining whether or not to escalate issues/files.
  • Ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple applications in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ability to track issues to ensure timely response.
  • Ability to respond to changing priorities and meet changing timelines.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize in a fast paced, politically sensitive environment.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a cooperative team environment.
  • Ability to draft and edit documents/templates and hearing related correspondence for distribution including the review of affidavits, applications, land titles and survey documents.
  • Ability to deal with a high volume of complex, time sensitive, high conflict applications requiring a high standard of correctness on all areas of responsibility.


  • Parties filing applicants (landowners, owners, other interested parties. etc.) including representatives: To provide information regarding processes, legislation, regulation, applications/forms, rules and guides.
  • Board members: To provide information, application document package, administrative support, identification of issues, and reviewing completeness of orders/decisions.
  • Board Officers/Director/Legal Counsel: To provide information, application document package, administrative support, identification of issues and to escalate matters or obtain assistance including obtaining legal advice as required.
  • Internal and external stakeholders: To provide and receive information.

Supervision Exercised

  Position may supervise wage staff as required.


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