Position Profile

Job Title:  Executive Administrative Assistant

Work Unit:  Municipal Government Board

Ministry:   Alberta Municipal Affairs

Competition Number:  1042927

Date:  June 2017



Reporting to the Chair, the Executive Administrative Assistant provides a wide range of administrative support services to the MGB as required. Responsibilities include drafting correspondence, day-to-day administrative support and assisting the Chair with organizing and meeting their time requirements and responsibilities.

This position also supports the Chair in managing the recruitment, appointments and performance assessment of board members.

The Executive Administrative Assistant also provides research, tracking/following up of action requests and key action items and continually reviews current processes, for ms and templates to develop and implement improvements. Supports management team with other duties and responsibilities such as finalizing reports and communication documents for liaising with senior department and external department officials.

Responsibilities and Activities


The Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative functions for the Chair to support and facilitate effective and efficient day-to-day operations.

This includes:

  • Providing support to meetings; organizes meetings by booking facilities, sending meeting invitations, preparing meeting materials, and attending to carry out necessary administrative tasks.
  • Researching and providing background material to the Chair in advance of meetings.
  • Managing calendars and travel arrangements.
  • Identifying administrative issues with potential to impact operations; recommends solutions and courses of action to deal with issues (i.e. developing templates for correspondence; advising of changes to general administrative operational procedures).
  • Assisting in the preparation of a variety of complex documents, reports and tables.
  • Composing routine letters, emails, memos, and forms on a regular basis as well as editing and proofing documents on behalf of the Chair.
  • Investigating and resolving scheduling conflicts surrounding the Chair's calendar.
  • Reviewing incoming correspondence, prioritizing issues and taking appropriate actions (directs correspondence, composing responses, bringing significant items to attention of management).
  • Developing and maintaining a tracking system for project deliverables and any other action items and takes appropriate action to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Drafting speaking notes for the Chair in advance of speaking engagements.
  • Following established records management standards.

The position is responsible for coordinating the flow and assignment of Ministerial, Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister correspondence, utilizing the Action Request Tracking System (ARTS).

This involves:

  • Administrative contact for Chair on departmental actions.
  • Receiving Action Requests from the Minister, DM and ADM offices. Assigning, routing, and distributing the AR to appropriate resources within MGB. Finalizing and forwarding AR responses.
  • Coordinating required background research from a variety of sources, as required for preparation of briefing materials.
  • Following up to ensure responses are received in a timely manner, and initiating requests for extensions to timelines, if required.
  • Formatting briefings, memos, documents, and letters under tight timelines.
  • Proofreading correspondence to ensure it adheres to established correspondence guidelines.
  • Ensuring Minister's/Deputy Minister's preferences and writing style is reflected in all correspondence/responses.
  • Ensuring copies are made and the necessary documents/emails/attachments/letters are uploaded into ARTs.
  • Following up on status of all action requests.
  • Ensuring final signed copies of correspondence are filed appropriately ensuring a complete paper trail is maintained.
  • Providing information required in responding to Ombudsman and FOIP requests.

The Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for variety of assigned project work that requires researching issues and providing findings and recommendations as well as providing support to address workload issues.

This includes:

  • Reviewing and summarizing topical information gathered through internet searches and files and documentation.
  • Compiling and summarizing information.
  • Generating and analyzing program statistics for reports; assisting/preparing reports/presentations.
  • Researching files containing past correspondence to gather relevant pieces of information to coordinate a response on a specific topic.

This position will monitor and track all staff leave of absence activity and verify all absences in preparation for management's approval. This includes investigating time reporting anomalies and advising MGB management on findings.


The executive administrative assistant is responsible for managing the timely recruitment and re-appointment process for MGB Board Members to ensure standard recruitment processes and tools are in place that there is a full complement of board members.

This involves:

  • Developing a detailed work plan and tracking system to identify appointment date, end-date, and any competency requirements.
  • Preparing recruitment packages for the Minister's consideration that include the number of board member vacancies, proposed start date for recruitment, and expertise and experience required as well as detailed information regarding recommended candidates.
  • Preparing Ministerial Order for board member appointments.
  • Oversee board member start-up, training schedules, coordination of ongoing communications and support (including preparation of bios for placement on website, etc.)

The position is responsible for assisting the Chair in the ongoing assessment of board member performance.

This includes:

  • Supporting the Chair in the development of performance valuation forms, feedback and process.
  • Coordinating and scheduling performance evaluation meetings.
  • Tracking and storing documentation.
  • Coordinating a feedback mechanism for board members to provide input regarding support being or needed to be provided, resources available, capacity/competency for completing hearing processes and fulfilling board member mandate.
  • Assisting the Chair in mentoring or other support mechanisms/evaluation tools.

The Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing support in completing projects, joining committees and initiatives, including training and development programs.

This includes:

  • Assisting management with compiling and coordinating resources for completing projects.
  • Coordinating workshop sessions by administering/organizing program requirements for successful delivery of workshops and training sessions.

This position provides administrative support to management on Human Resources related issues such as succession planning, training and development, employee engagement, recruitment, etc.


The Executive Administrative Assistant provides leadership by coordinating the day-to-day activities of the Chair's office and having a general knowledge of the day-to-day activities of the MGB.


This position prepares and tracks contracts and related documents for signature by the Chair, ensuring that all contract protocols and GOA guidelines are followed in every case.


Together with the Program Support Coordinator, the Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan.

This includes:

  • Develop a process for receiving input for updating the plan.
  • Prepare and complete draft plan for approval.
  • Designing and delivering the business continuity plan to staff. Act as a 'change agent' if changes to day to day operations are required as a result of the plan to help ensure a fluid implementation/transition for MGB staff.



The position exercises considerable judgement, tact and diplomacy in reviewing, assessing, and determining routing of action request responses.

The position functions independently in providing administrative support to the Chair and Director and must determine the most appropriate manner in which to complete day-to-day tasks, and manage work load and priorities. The position is also required to investigate or conduct some basic research to provide support to the Chair and Director on issues and to provide summary of findings.

The position proactively reviews information, documents, and forms for relevancy, accuracy and to ensure the information is current.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The position requires a minimum of a high school diploma, plus post-secondary experience and a minimum of 3 years' experience or 10 or more years' experience in lieu of post-secondary training. Related post-secondary training would be considered an asset.

The position requires knowledge in the following areas:

  • MGB mandate and operations priorities.
  • Related business and administrative policies, legislation and regulations, and procedures including records and information management.
  • The services provided by the MGB and knowledge of relevant issues to provide research, summary and recommendations.
  • Basic research methodologies.
  • Microsoft Office, SharePoint, PEAK, and GoA systems (ARTS, MyAgent, IMAGIS, Exclaim, etc.).

The position requires the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to organize and prioritize projects.
  • Ability to track issues to ensure a timely response.
  • Ability to respond to changing priorities and meet changing timelines.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize.
  • Ability to draft and edit memos, correspondence and preliminary decisions (e.g. administrative matters).
  • Ability to develop a positive, professional working relationships with other internal and eternal stakeholders.
  • Ability to function independently or as part of a team.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and proofreading correspondence to ensure it adheres to established correspondence guidelines.


  • Chair and Director: Provide administrative support and research and project work.
  • MGB staff: Provide information.
  • Appeal parties: To provide information.
  • ADMs, DMs and Ministers: To liaise regarding information/action requests.
  • Board Members: To provide assistance and support on all board business.

Supervision Exercised

  Position does not supervise.


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