Position Profile

Job Title:  Manager, Royalty Policy

Work Unit:  Resource Development Policy Division / Resource Policy Branch / Royalty and Hydrocarbon Processing Policy

Ministry:  Alberta Energy

Competition Number:  1042917

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Background Information:

Royalty and Hydrocarbon Processing Policy (RHPP) is the primary team that delivers Alberta Energy’s vision, mandate and contribution to the Government of Alberta’s resources economic development priorities with respect to natural gas, oil, coal and minerals, and the processing of hydrocarbons into higher value products. In support of the Ministry energy system and delivery of the Provincial Energy Strategy, RHPP leads the development and implementation of provincial royalty and hydrocarbon processing policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks to ensure Alberta remains a highly competitive investment jurisdiction for achieving environmentally sustainable natural gas, oil, coal and mineral exploration and development.

RHPP adopts a strategic perspective as it delivers on its policy, leadership and issues management functions. At its essence, RHPP’s work is focused on developing strategic royalty policy and hydrocarbon processing policy and implementation recommendations and issues management.

Position Summary:

The Manager, Royalty Policy has critical responsibility and accountability to lead a team of professional staff to provide policy analysis, strategic business intelligence and policy recommendations regarding the design and structure of Alberta’s royalty regimes. These responsibilities and accountabilities ensure Alberta’s natural gas, oil, coal and mineral resources are developed responsibly within the context of the Government of Alberta’s economic priorities and the Provincial Energy Strategy, and that the respective strategic royalty policy framework remains appropriate for the prevailing and expected economic and commodity environments. The Manager represents Alberta Energy on Government initiatives, ensuring Alberta Energy’s interests relating to the Alberta Royalty Framework and the fiscal policy systems for the Crown’s natural gas, oil, coal and mineral resources are communicated and represented throughout all phases of these major and complex policy development initiatives.

Acting as an associate to the Director, the Manager supports the Director to continually balance broad economic, social and environmental goals and assist the Director in providing direction to the development of strategic royalty policy options that respond to Government and Ministry priorities and the interests of key stakeholders. Through managing a team of professional staff members, the Manager is responsible for complex and comprehensive policy analysis and helping the Director make policy recommendations that effectively enable industry investment in responsible resource development, including innovative and groundbreaking initiatives relating to natural gas, conventional oil, emerging in-situ coal development, conventional coal and minerals royalty issues.

The Manager contributes to the responsible resource development and the integration of proposed policy options and recommendations with other government initiatives. In doing so, the position is responsible to ensure appropriate consultation with various internal and external stakeholders to design, advocate, and implement key royalty related projects and initiatives across numerous distinct and separate resource sectors: natural gas, oil, coal and minerals.

The Manager also provides strategic leadership and advice to the Director, the Branch Head and ADM in relation to policy development for emerging energy and mineral royalty policy issues, opportunities and challenges. This position provides leadership and supervision to three full-time equivalencies, leading and mentoring staff members as they contribute to defining and achieving RHPP’s mandate and goals.

Reporting to the Director, this position functions within the parameters of applicable Government and Ministry legislation, regulations, policies, directives, and procedures.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Alberta’s royalty policy systems incorporate Government strategic directions to achieve sustainable petroleum, coal and mineral exploration and development that is directly responsible for Provincial revenue and a significant industrial contributor to the Alberta economy while also reflecting the requirements and goals of the Ministry and its stakeholders.


  • Leads and coordinates Alberta Energy representatives and teams to develop strategic policy options that incorporate the Government’s energy, fiscal and sustainable resource and environmental management frameworks; influences policy discussions and negotiations to develop policy recommendations that balance provincial priorities for energy and resource development with broader economic, environmental and social goals of Government.
  • Leads and coordinates stakeholder consultations to support development of strategic policy options and program recommendations related to the Alberta royalty systems for petroleum, coal and mineral exploration and development.
  • Supports integration or alignment of proposed policy options and recommendations throughout the department through consultation with Resource Policy Branch Directors, other departmental policy branches, appropriate departmental sources of expertise, and operations branches prior to bringing policy options and recommendations forward for approval.
  • Supports the integration and implementation of approved royalty policy recommendations, ensuring the development or revision of associated legislation, regulations and other implementation mechanisms reflect the requirements of the Ministry and its stakeholders.
  • Leads and manages team efforts relating to the development of Alberta Energy policies, including leadership of comprehensive and integrated research and analysis to inform and evaluate policy options, providing leadership to policy development and implementation activities associated with the development of petroleum, coal and mineral resources in Alberta, and resolve complex and emerging strategic and tactical issues.
  2. Ensure other branches and ministries consider the economic implications to resources during their policy development and implementation efforts to ensure Alberta’s competitive position is assured and effective and responsible development of the province’s natural gas, oil, coal and mineral resources is enabled.


  • Provides leadership, consultation and policy expertise and represents the Ministry at various committees and during strategic level discussions, consultations and negotiations, balancing Ministry royalty policy interests with broader economic, social, environmental and political goals of the Government to influence and contribute to the development of strategic resource policy options and directions.

Processes are developed, implemented and continually enhanced to ensure stakeholders, industry organizations and other partners have opportunities to identify emerging needs, issues and trends relating to investment and development of natural gas, oil, coal and mineral resources and provide input to the formulation of associated Alberta Energy and cross-ministry policy options.

  4. Collaborative working relationships are developed with a wide range of stakeholders (including industry, non-government organizations, boards, and other ministries and jurisdictions) to enhance understanding of royalty policies and policy options, mitigate issues, provide expert advice and consultation, and ensure that a consistent approach to the development of Alberta’s energy and mineral resources is taken within the context of the Government’s sustainable resource and environmental management framework.
  5. Royalty policy operations are managed to deliver outcomes in accordance with Ministry and Government business plans; leadership, coaching and mentoring are provided to the team to support continual improvement and capacity development; and human and financial resources are effectively managed.
  6. Strategic options, comprehensive advice, recommendations, and perspectives relating to issues, opportunities, and challenges associated with relevant Alberta Energy programs and initiatives are provided to the Director, Executive Director, Assistant Deputy Minister and senior department representatives.

The Branch, Division and Ministry are represented on cross-ministry, Government, inter-provincial, national and other committees, task forces and teams to facilitate decision-making; identify, communicate, determine and respond to perspectives; identify trends and issues; and initiate and foster innovation.

Knowledge / Experience


A degree in economics, public policy, natural resource management or related areas is required.

The Manager requires broad and comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Government business plan goals and policy directions, particularly as they relate to the Ministry mandate.
  • Theories, issues and practices relating to policy development, including the Government’s policy development process and the role of Executive Council.
  • Principles and procedures underlying the fiscal frameworks for petroleum, natural gas, coal and minerals.
  • Principles, processes and associated procedures underlying Alberta’s tenure systems for petroleum, natural gas, coal and minerals.
  • Economic, social, environmental and other issues associated with development of energy and mineral resources.
  • Critical factors affecting industry investment decision-making to develop Alberta’s conventional oil, coal and mineral resources.
  • Strategic, business, and operational planning methodologies, principles, and techniques.
  • The client, partner, and stakeholder communities affected by Government and Ministry mandates, including relevant organizations, committees, boards, advisory groups, and senior representatives.
  • The political environment within which the Ministry operates and decision-making processes of the Government.
  • International and national issues and trends relating to resource development, environmental impacts and resource access.
  • The Government’s sustainable resources and environmental management framework.
  • Ministry business plan goals, corporate priorities, issues, programs, resources and frameworks.
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, techniques and procedures.
  • Financial and human resource planning, accountability, and performance management processes and systems.
  • Applicable legislation, regulations and policies (i.e. Mines and Minerals Act and relevant regulations; Oil and Gas Conservation Act and regulations; Coal Conservation Act and regulations; Provincial Energy Strategy; Coal Development Policy for Alberta.
  • Business productivity and other relevant software programs (i.e. Microsoft Office; Energy Resources Conservation Board well data information system; GeoDiscover; internet).

Leadership and Business Know-How


The Manager supports the Director to provide both strategic advice and business advice to support planning and decision-making relating to policy development at the department and cross-ministry levels. This position provides leadership, management and analysis for ongoing operations and major initiatives pertaining to the RHPP mandate, including those relating to petroleum, coal and mineral royalty policy issues. The Manager supervises a team of professional staff.

The Manager leads, influences and integrates strategy with royalty policy and program delivery for diverse resource sectors encompassing petroleum, natural gas coal and minerals. Each of these resource sectors is completely distinct from each other in all facets. The Manager must have broad knowledge of the varied activities in each sector including understanding the business drivers, markets, stakeholders and technological advancements. Royalty policy areas require a strategic approach to address emerging and future issues. Mineral policy is ‘less advanced’ than the other sectors and requires an ability to identify strategic opportunities presented from a currently nascent industry in Alberta, and to translate into policy development where little sector-focused policy currently exists. The Manager must have the ability to co-ordinate, organize and lead a functionally and characteristically diverse spectrum of industry sectors and stakeholders during policy and program development initiatives.

The challenges faced by this position require superior analysis, reasoning, evaluation, judgment, influencing, negotiating and problem solving skills. Significant conceptual, interpretative, evaluative and developmental thinking is required, along with the ability to understand and work within complex relationships and facilitate policy development processes involving internal and external stakeholders. The Manager must identify and recognize potential policy synergies and potential conflicts across several groups within provincial and other levels of government.

The Manager must be knowledgeable of global and regional industry and corporate business drivers, provincial fiscal priorities, provincial environmental and sustainable resource management policy issues and their relationships to energy and mineral resource exploration and development activities. This position models a highly collaborative approach when coordinating in reaching decisions and achieving outcomes, both within the Ministry and Government and when consulting, negotiating, and communicating with executives and senior representatives of stakeholder and industry organizations.

The Manager requires well developed and demonstrated:

  • Strategic and lateral thinking skills to develop and encourage commitment to new approaches; work within broadly defined conceptual frameworks or develop new ones; and manage multiple complex issues while delivering results.
  • Interpersonal and facilitation skills to consult, negotiate and resolve conflict with stakeholders, Government and Ministry representatives having often widely varying perspectives, expectations, requirements, and priorities.
  • Leadership and influencing skills to promote innovation, build consensus, and motivate others to accept and adopt innovative concepts and approaches.
  • Relationship management skills to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships within the Ministry, across Government, and with stakeholders and partners.
  • Conceptual, critical, analytical thinking, and research and problem solving skills, including ability to analyze information and risks and make decisions in alignment with Ministry and Government business plan goals.
  • Verbal and written communication skills, including ability to develop and deliver presentations to key decision-makers, stakeholders and partners.
  • Organizational skills and project management skills.
  • Ability to operate effectively within a complex organization and continually changing business environment.
  • Human resource and financial management skills.
  • Commitment to staff development, team building, continuous improvement, innovation and building capacity.

Problem Solving


The Manager contributes to the responsible resource development and the integration of proposed policy options and recommendations with other government initiatives. One significant challenge is to work with and manage a cross-ministry team or work with external stakeholders in addressing royalty policy. The diversity of the stakeholder group requires innovative approaches and dealing with non-consensus issues.

When working with diverse stakeholders and cross-ministry teams, the Manager is expected to remain focused on ensuring Alberta Energy policies incorporate Government strategic directions to maintain Alberta’s investment competitiveness as a resource jurisdiction and to facilitate the achievement of environmentally sustainable energy and resource exploration and development within the province.

The Manager requires an understanding of problem solving tools and techniques, including interest-based negotiation, consultation, collaboration and consensus-seeking processes. The position must understand the business drivers, political environments and other stakeholder interests unique to each of the distinct resource sectors when representing Ministry royalty policy interests. This position also requires an in-depth understanding of Ministry interests and the broad economic, social and environmental goals of the Alberta Government.

Human resource management is also an important challenge, with the Manager responsible for leading professional staff members with highly specialized knowledge and diverse abilities. The relatively minimal size of the team requires the Manager to adopt innovative resource management and partnership approaches to ensure the policy analysis and development functions of the team are effectively delivered. This position collaborates with the Director and Executive Director to develop and implement staff development initiatives, recruitment and retention strategies, and succession planning as key tools to ensure current and future availability of appropriate knowledge and skills within RHPP.

Other examples of difficult and challenging situations faced by the Manager include:

  • Leading and coordinating the development of strategic and innovative policy options for a highly diverse range of resource portfolios that respond to Government and Ministry priorities and interests of key stakeholders, including those relating to royalty policy issues around natural gas, conventional oil, emerging in-situ coal development, and conventional coal and minerals.
  • Identifying and prioritizing policy analysis and research requirements based on an in-depth understanding of Government priorities and industry investment needs and drivers, including determining and directing associated resources, reviewing outcomes and results, identifying policy implications, and developing royalty policy recommendations for consideration by the Director, senior Alberta Energy representatives, the department executive committee and the Minister.
  • Communicating the mandate, roles, and responsibilities of RHPP and working collaboratively with other areas of the department to minimize duplication of effort, clarify overlapping responsibilities and ensures a consistent and strategic approach is taken for policy development and implementation.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective partnerships and working relationships with industry, industry associations, stakeholder groups and agencies to ensure Government and Ministry royalty policy frameworks are effectively communicated and stakeholder interests are appropriately considered during policy development and implementation.
  • Identifying and assessing opportunities to re-engineer RHPP business processes; and create efficiencies, as well as directing implementation of improvements to approaches.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Resource Policy Branch and RHPP management team and staff members

Regular and ongoing

Support development of RHPP plans and strategies; provide leadership and advice; and facilitate collaboration in relation to RHPP operations.

Other function areas from throughout Alberta Energy

Regular and ongoing Collaborate and develop strategies and policy recommendations; provide advice, consultation and expertise relating to policy development and implementation; resolve issues and concerns; negotiate solutions; exchange information; collaborate on initiatives.

Senior Ministry and Government Officials; including the Minister, Deputy Minister, and Executive Committee

As required Provide information and advice to support strategic planning and decision making relating to energy and mineral royalty policy issues, opportunities and challenges; receive direction and provide responses to policy inquiries and requests.

Representatives of:

  • Other departments (e.g. Treasury Board and Finance, Advanced Education, Environment and Parks)
  • Various cross-ministry committees
  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Federal Government departments and provincial and territorial governments

Representatives of:

  • Petroleum and natural gas companies
  • Coal and mineral producer companies
  • Industry associations (i.e. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers; Explorers and Producers Association of Canada; Alberta Chamber of Resources; Petroleum Services Association of Canada; Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada; Coal Association of Canada)

Communities and public stakeholders

Regular and as required Represent ministry interests and priorities; identify and resolve complex issues, including facilitating policy development and problem-solving and negotiating solutions; exchange information; identify opportunities for collaboration; propose royalty policy options to support environmentally sustainable energy and resource exploration and development within the province; encourage innovation; develop strategic partnerships and working relationships; provide leadership and expertise to cross-ministry and stakeholder committees in relation to policy development initiatives, consultations and discussions; exchange perspectives and best practices relating to emerging energy and mineral resource policy issues, opportunities and challenges.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The position has broad impacts on a large group of internal and external stakeholders. The position affects government policy and actions and the policy environment within which Alberta’s largest industries operate. The position has direct and significant impact on several of the Crown’s largest revenue sources (royalties and bonuses) as well as indirect impact on other revenue sources including income tax. The work of the position affects industry and individual company profitability. The position affects the share and level of fiscal and royalty benefits derived by government on behalf of resource owners: i.e. Albertans. The position also affects the level of industry investment, activity and employment in Alberta.

Long-term direction for RHPP is determined by senior Ministry and Government officials, with relevant legislation, regulations, policies and frameworks providing broad parameters for royalty policy initiatives. As a member of the branch management team, the Manager is jointly responsible for defining and achieving branch goals and contributing to the achievement of relevant department and Government goals.

The work carried out is complex, with the development and implementation of strategic royalty policies affected significantly by political decisions; economic, environmental and social goals; emerging energy and mineral resource, land and environmental issues and trends; and priorities and expectations of Government, industry, stakeholders and the public. The Manager works in a highly collaborative manner with the Director, Executive Director and other function areas to ensure integration of RHPP policy development and implementation initiatives with the department business plan and budget.

The Manager is responsible for supporting the Director in RHPP operations, including assisting in defining and delivery of goals, objectives and priorities; assignment of responsibilities, roles and projects; and provision of leadership and guidance to the RHPP team members.

The Manager provides substantiated and comprehensive analysis, advice and recommendations to inform the Director, department, Ministry and Government strategic policy decisions with the potential for extensive financial, environmental and social implications. Results achieved are significant, given the responsibility for developing policy options and influencing policy implementation efforts that facilitate industry investment and environmentally sustainable energy and resource development within the province.

The Manager must provide advice to the Director to consistently balance provincial priorities relating to sustainable resource and environmental management with economic and social goals that rely on the ongoing exploration and development of Alberta’s mineral and energy resources when leading and facilitating the development and implementation of Government and Ministry royalty policy initiatives.

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