Position Profile

Job Title:  Senior Analyst

Work Unit:  Resource Development Policy Division / Royalty and Hydrocarbon Processing Policy Unit

Ministry:   Alberta Energy

Competition Number:  1042916

Date:  June 2017



This senior analyst position reports to the Manager, Hydrocarbon Processing Policy. It has two main roles: first, to undertake economic and business analysis for the purpose of developing policy solutions to overcome barriers to achieving the Province’s strategic goals within the context of hydrocarbon processing policy. The position also contributes to the unit’s business development role which seeks to understand opportunities for, and the barriers to, growing and sustaining the hydrocarbon processing sectors in Alberta, with the subsequent formulation of policy solutions and programs.

And second, to support the Manager in the administration and oversight of the Incremental Ethane Extraction Program. This involves processing of annual applications for earned royalty credits under the program, and preparing briefings and program management reports.

The position involves analysis and development of economic and business knowledge of the hydrocarbon processing sectors including refining of oil into transportation fuels, processing of natural gas and natural gas liquids into products, and the mid-stream sector which extracts, stores and transports NGLs from the natural gas stream. Analysis and development of economic and business knowledge related to hydrocarbon processing infrastructure is also an important component of this position.

The position involves cross department collaboration on contributions to strategic goals, understanding outcomes, problem-definition, investigation of various policy pathways, and contributions to the formulation of policy options and recommendations.

Knowledge is required in the area of research methodologies, economic and business analysis, and of policy, program and business development processes. Practical knowledge of hydrocarbon infrastructure, of mid-stream and downstream industries is also required. Knowledge is supported by appropriate quantitative and qualitative information.

Knowledge of current policy development processes at the provincial and federal levels is an asset for this position. Policy formulation can require significant collaboration efforts. This position requires applied knowledge of Alberta’s energy legislation and programs for a broad range of hydrocarbon commodities. Knowledge of provincial environmental goals and issues; provincial and Canadian regulatory trends, as they affect Alberta’s energy processing sectors is also considered important.

Responsibilities and Activities


Policy Review, Development and Operations

Activities (Infrastructure, Feedstock and Processing Economics and Business, Markets, Environment):

  • Keeps informed on government program reviews, legislation and other activities that may have potential implications for the refining and petrochemical sectors, advises management as appropriate and reports on significant developments.
  • Assess Alberta’s competitiveness with other jurisdictions and identify gaps and provide recommendations for management.
  • Participate in the Departmental and Cross Ministry working groups to represent interests of the Alberta Department of Energy in the context of the hydrocarbon processing sector, to identify and share information and ideas, and contributes to the development of departmental strategies for energy development.
  • Work with colleagues within the unit and in other DOE groups to track and monitor relevant hydrocarbon processing data, to identify potential infrastructure problems or issues and to develop recommendations for management.
  • Contribute to the Unit’s efforts at providing oversight and administration of the Incremental Ethane Extraction Program.
  • Take direction from Manager on review of applied for credits under the Incremental Ethane Extraction Program to determine completeness in accordance with the regulations and guidelines.

Industry Advocate/Promotion


  • Builds relationships and maintains information networks through involvement on interdepartmental and intergovernmental committees and task forces, industry associations and government/industry initiatives and forums.
  • Conducts ongoing and periodic environmental scans of the industry, through both independent review and through participation on a cross-government team, to monitor the health and competitiveness of the current industry and its markets, in Alberta and globally.
  • Identifies, evaluates and makes recommendations on trends and issues affecting the hydrocarbon processing sector and on new business development opportunities.
  • Prepares policy drafts, briefing notes, position papers and responses for the Manager and Director and in response to Executive Communication requests (ECLs).
  • Participates in conferences, committees, etc., as required and provides assistance and guidance to other branches and departments on matters related to assigned industry sectors.
  • Manages the “Energy Processing” content for both internal and external websites that provides factual and interesting information about hydrocarbon processing and contributes to increasing employee-knowledge and public awareness of the industry’s presence in Alberta.



Director of Royalty and Hydrocarbon Processing Policy, Resource Development Policy Division, Oil Sands Division, International Energy Markets group, Energy Information and Analysis, Strategic Policy, Regulatory Affairs, Economic Development and Trade, Environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Understanding of Alberta’s fiscal framework, energy and industrial-related policies, regulatory regimes and economic development policies.
  • Knowledge of business: upstream, midstream, and downstream economics, markets, infrastructure, and capacities.
  • Knowledge of the energy industry, including current events and major issues that may affect Alberta’s mid-stream and downstream energy sectors.


  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent research, evaluation and development skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Effective interpersonal skills with ability to develop resource networks, both internally and externally.
  • Ability to work independently and within team environments.
  • Negotiation skills to deal with diverse interest groups.


  • A background in hydrocarbon feed-stocks, processing to products, product markets and associated business and economics.


  • Post-secondary education or equivalent in a related area preferred. A professional designation or graduate degree in such fields as engineering, economics or science is highly desirable.


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