Position Profile

Job Title:  Wildfire Ranger

Work Unit:  Forestry Division / Wildfire Management Branch / Edson Forest Area

Ministry:   Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1042914

Date:  June 2017



Reporting to the Wildfire Technologist located in the Edson Forest Area – Grande Cache office, this full working level Wildfire Ranger carries out a range of duties to support the delivery of the wildfire operations, wildfire prevention and forest management programs in the Edson Forest Area. Based out of the Grande Cache office, this position is a key member of the Wildfire Management and Forest Management team and delivers assigned components of the these programs. A primary role of this job is to ensure the seasonal wage staff are supervised and mentored efficiently, effectively, and safely. This position also requires to be ever prepared to respond to wildfire incidents and participate on area rosters. A key focus of the job is to ensure the effective operations of a number of programs. The individual is expected deliver various components of the overall forest management program including regeneration checks, Forest Operations Monitoring Program (FOMP) components and Timber Production Monitor (TPM) components.

Responsibilities and Activities

  1. Assist in the Pre-suppression of Wildfire Operations.


  • Assist in preparation and implementation of the annual Pre-suppression Plan.
  • Recruit, train, supervise, and oversee the performance of a variety of seasonal staff.
  • Assist in supervision and management of Wildfire Management facilities and other infrastructure.
  • Assist in development of project work lists for seasonal and emergency hire staff.
  • Ensure Pre-suppression resources are available and ready to respond to all incidents as directed by the Area Duty Officer.
  • Ensure Pre-suppression activity data and associated costs are properly recorded and forwarded for data entry into FIRES.
  • Ensure communication of Safety and PPS plans and alert status to Pre-suppression resources.
  • Audit and mentor junior firefighting personnel.
  • Participate as a Duty Officer or Deputy Duty Officer, when required.

Actively carries out a variety of roles to assist with the suppression of wildfires within the Area and province as required.


  • Actively participates in the suppression of wildfires within the area and provincially as directed by the Area Duty Officer.
  • Participate on Incident Management Teams.
  • Assist with coordination and briefing of incoming resources, fire communication with stakeholders and fire line reclamation, planning and implementation.
  • Ensure all SOP’s and Policies are followed and that all wildfire operations are done safely and efficiently.
  • Provide logistical support to fire suppression resources to meet Area objectives, Provincial policies, Standard Operating Procedures and local business rules.
  • Ensure fire suppression activity data and costs are recorded and forwarded for data entry.
  • Ensure communication of safety and PPS plans and alert status to pre-suppression resources, ensure safety briefings are conducted and forward Fire Behaviour Predictions to staff under supervision.
  • Assist in fire situation communication with stakeholders.

Support the pre-suppression, and suppression components of the Wildfire Management program by fulfilling regular scheduled shifts as a Response Officer.


  • Responds to all wildfires as directed by the Area Duty Officer.
  • Responds to other after hours issues as directed by the duty officer.
  • Determine the need and level of causal investigation which may lead to cost recovery.
  • Issues enforcement orders.
  • Conduct smoke investigations.

Support the manpower program by coordination of contract and non-contract firefighters.


  • Audit contractor to ensure contractor is fulfilling obligations of the contract.
  • Organization of Firetack training, meetings and fitness testing.

Support the detection component of the Wildfire Management Program by overseeing the operation and staffing of wildfire lookout tower facilities to ensure early detection of wildfires in the area.


  • Assist in preparation and implementation of the annual Detection Plan, selection and supervision of seasonal staff.
  • Open and close, inspect and report on the facility, as well as developing the Emergency Response Plan for the assigned facilities.
  • Assist in maintenance of remote weather monitoring devices.
  • Assist in ensuring a consistent level of care and maintenance of Area tower sites and facilities.
  • Assist in compilation of updated list of permanent smokes and major facilities within the Area.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining the Values at Risk Map.
  • Assist in maintenance of weather stations and equipment.
  • Monitor lookout preparedness and competence; ensure they are fully trained, instructed and capable.
  • Support the Aerial Detection program by participating in patrols as required and able.
  6. Support resource and ecological values by participating in Forest Management and Forest Health program.


  • Actively engaged in Forest Operations Monitoring Program (FOMP) and Silviculture program checks.
  • Actively engaged in the Timber Production Monitoring program. – Including Scaling, Truck Checks and Weigh Scale inspections.
  • Working knowledge of monitoring programs such as RSA.
  • Support Mountain Pine Beetle operations and other Forest Health Initiatives.
  • Participate in the delivery of forest mgmt. enforcement if necessary.

Participate in the delivery of the Enforcement component of the Prevention Program.


  • Ensure fire permits are issued in accordance with provincial legislation and fire permit issuance guidelines and are issued to clients in a timely manner.
  • Ensure permits are being entered into FIRES.
  • Ensure Orders to Reduce or Remove a Fire Hazard are issued correctly and followed up on by the determined deadline.
  • Conduct wildfire investigations as per provincial policy and standard operating procedures and within the guidance of the provincial wildfire investigation manual.

Participate in the delivery of the Engineering component of the Prevention Program.


  • Assists with FireSmart initiatives within the Edson Forest Area.
  • Supervise FireSmart projects or contracts to ensure results are meeting departmental standards.
  • Assist in the review and effectiveness of pre-suppression guides on communities within the Edson Forest Area.
  • Ground truth to validate fuel composition and type of forest fuels in and around communities.
  • Actively participate or lead in Prescribed Burn planning and implementation as required.
  • Support the safe and responsible development of Industrial facilities from wildfire threat by field inspections and proactively addressing wildfire concerns.
  • Support the wildfire component inputs to the Land Use Framework initiative.

Participate in the Education component of Wildfire Prevention.


  • Conduct as required, public information sessions and meetings.
  • Organize and participate in school presentations, trade fairs and other planned functions.

Performs a range of administrative functions to support the operation of the wildfire management program.


  • Participates in safety program.
  • Maintain a complete inventory and report discrepancies.
  • Maintain and use assigned Government vehicle as per policy.
  • Complete monthly salary time reports, absence request, and overtime requests.
  • Complete annual performance agreements.
  • Maintain calendar of present and upcoming activities.

Participates in provincial working groups and training courses to assist in the development of various programs.


  • Participate in working groups to deal with provincial issues.
  • Participate on training courses as an instructor or chairperson as required.


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