Position Profile

Job Title:  Director, Corporate Planning and Reporting

Work Unit:  Corporate Innovation and Planning / Corporate Planning and Reporting Branch

Ministry:  Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1042885

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Reporting to the Executive Director, Corporate Innovation and Planning, this senior management position provides leadership to the Corporate Planning and Reporting Branch and is responsible for championing strategic planning, business planning, operational planning, program evaluation, performance measurement and performance reporting processes and activities directly impacting the strategic direction and overall performance of the Ministry. The position has overall responsibility for the development and coordination of the department's enterprise risk management framework, strategic plan, e-scanning, business plan, program area and ministry operational plans, performance measurement system, annual report, Deputy Minister’s Performance Contract and all related processes, documents and products. This position works in close collaboration with Ministry and Government representatives to provide input into the Government of Alberta Strategic Business Plan and is responsible for ensuring key priority initiatives for Agriculture and Forestry (AF) are tracked as required by the Policy Coordination Office, Executive Council.

Fulfilling the requirements of the position will encompass building strong relationships with senior management across the Ministry, including the Minister's Office and the Deputy Minister’s Office, Agencies, Boards and Commissions accountable to the Minister, and other departments and agencies in order to ensure the effective coordination of information. This involves providing consultation and planning expertise to Ministry staff to enhance their planning and decision -making capabilities and identifying and promoting best practice s for the development and implementation of planning, performance measures, reporting, enterprise risk management, program evaluation and accountability systems.

Specific Accountabilities


Business and Operational Planning and enterprise risk management-Ministry business and operational plans are comprehensive, relevant and meaningful to Ministry representatives and stakeholders; fully integrated with, and reflective of, the Government's strategic and business plans, the Deputy Minister's Performance Contract; and, in compliance with the Government strategic business planning requirements.


  • Leads the development of the ministry's three-year business plan through a collaborative process that engages staff at all levels in the organization. Ensures requirements, standard s and expectations are adhered to in accordance with GOA standards for the development and publication of ministry business plans.
  • Enhances corporate decision making and performance by facilitating and stimulating information sharing, learning, and innovation throughout the Ministry, at all levels, through the design and implementation of processes that support effective planning.
  • Assists managers in planning, managing and evaluating on an ongoing basis through the development and implementation of a streamlined and systematic operational planning process that is aligned with the goals and strategies outlined in the Ministry's three-year business plan.
  • Develops strategies and processes to build capacity of Ministry staff relating to operational planning, including the provision of coaching and consulting to support operational plan development.
  • Develops, implements, and monitors the Ministry's annual operational plan that facilitates informed and timely decision making in terms of achieving and monitoring progress against ministry goals, strategies and expectations.
  • Represents the ministry on Government and stakeholder strategic business planning committees and teams to ensure Ministry perspectives are represented and Government and stakeholder priorities relating to the Ministry's mandate are understood, and to collaborate on initiatives including the development of business planning and performance reporting standards.
  • Leads the implementation and monitoring of the Ministry's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework to identify and assess risk s as part of the operational planning process.

Performance Reporting and Auditing - Comprehensive policies and processes associated with performance reporting are provided with leadership direction and guidance to support the ongoing monitoring and analysis of the Ministry's performance.


  • Leads the development and publication of the Ministry's annual report through working with program areas, communications staff and finance staff. Ensures requirements, standards and expectations are adhered to in accordance with GOA standard s for the development and publication of ministry annual reports.
  • Effectively and efficiently measures progress against desired outcomes through quarterly reporting processes, contribution to GOA MeasuringUp and reporting requirements identified by Executive Council. This also involves preparing Questions and Answers for Public Accounts and other related reporting documents/requirements for Cabinet Policy Committee, Committee of Supply, etc.
  • Resolves issues/recommendations from the Office of the Auditor General regarding the Ministry's Business Plan and Annual Report.
  • Manages the processes that support Minister and Deputy Minister goals and requirements, including the Deputy Minister’s Performance Contract, Ministry priorities, Minister's mandate, and other projects that may be assigned.

Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation and Integration - The Ministry is provided with consultation and expertise in the area of performance measurement, results reporting, program evaluation, and accountability processes.


  • Delivers high quality Performance Measurement research and Control Systems that position the ministry to effectively report on its progress on realizing its business plan goals.
  • Develops and recommends processes relating to performance measurement for the Ministry, including identification and dissemination of related best practices.
  • Collaborates with Ministry representatives to support development and enhancement of performance measures and targets, including providing consultation, expertise, facilitation, and workshops to assist clients in developing relevant and comprehensive performance indicators and performance measures.
  • Plays a lead role in ensuring the integration of a number of processes including strategic foresight and planning, policy analysis and development, and enterprise risk management with business planning and performance reporting and further ensures wide-spread understanding of the linkages between these processes across the Ministry.
  • Provides direction and leadership for program evaluation projects and activities as required. This includes providing leadership and direction for the development of a program evaluation framework for AF grant programs.

Effective leadership and direction to the Corporate Planning and Reporting Branch (CPR).


  • Lead s/directs the operations of the CPR Branch.
  • Provides leadership and direction to staff for the development and management of external contracts and ensures accountability and reporting requirements are met.
  • Performs expenditure officer responsibilities to manage and control financial resources.
  • Leads the development of operational plans and performance contracts for CPR Unit staff and encourages ongoing training and development for CPR Unit staff.

Lead in building the department’s capacity for strategic foresight and strategic planning, in alignment with the AF planning processes including the four pillar plan: Rural Economic Development, Maximizing Value, Market Access, and Social License.  The ultimate goal is that strategic foresight is used as a key input into Ministry strategic planning, decision-making, strategy development, and design processes.


  • Lead in the development and evaluation of key strategic plans and policies, combining input from forecasting and futures research.
  • Build relationships to ensure that there are adequate resources and capacity to conduct all the components that comprise foresight. The position ensures strong cross-government linkages and with external organizations possessing expertise in the field.
  • Ensure AF’s input into the GoA’s strategic planning process is relevant, comprehensive and well-coordinated.
  • Ensures the effective integration, internal consistency and anticipatory rigor of the Department's strategic undertakings, and fosters an organizational understanding of strategic efforts and their relationships. Oversee and/or perform environmental scanning, business intelligence, trend and issue identification and analysis and strategic/business planning.
  • Oversee the production and effective communication of research reports, discussion papers, environmental scanning reports, foresight analysis and presentations.
  • Understand a range of possible futures and use that understanding to inform action.
  • Provide recommendations including the development, analysis, and implementation of integrated agriculture policies and strategies using multiple processes for advancing the department’s objectives in response to emerging issues and trends from a dynamic external environment.
  • Establish and influence the vision, long-term objectives, and priorities for the Ministry through the development of the Ministry’s Foresight Strategy.
  • Ensure a strong presence at national and international forums where foresight is developed, building connections within province, within Canada and globally, focusing on the government of Alberta’s foresight activities.

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