Position Profile

Job Title:  Senior Procurement Analyst

Work Unit:  CSS, FS, Financial Operations and Accountability

Ministry:   Alberta Municipal Affairs

Competition Number:  1042835

Date:  June 2017



The Financial Operations and Accountability Unit support the goals and objectives of the ministry through playing a leadership role in governance, accountability, and procurement and contract management activities.

Reporting to the Senior Manager, Financial Operations and Accountability, this position acts as support to the Chair and as the CRC Coordinator of the ministerial wide Contract Review Committee (CRC) and provides ministry-wide services, leadership and oversight for all ministry procurement. Supporting the CRC is a significant role given the high visibility of contracts and ensuring all MA procurement is in compliance with applicable GoA legislation, regulations and policies.

This position ensures Municipal Affairs meets the mandate set out in the Procurement Accountability Framework and is responsible for ensuring appropriate processes, templates, and methods are in place to procure all service related procurements for all solicitation methods. The incumbent is responsible for providing leadership and guidance in interpreting business area procurement needs, recommending procurement strategies and paths, and anticipating future requirements based on a sound knowledge of the business requirements identified by divisional staff. Directs unit staff to assist business area clients in meeting their needs.

Responsibilities and Activities


Responsible for providing leadership and direction in adhering to the Procurement Accountability Framework for service contracts.


  • The incumbent is responsible for developing internal procurement processes, templates, and methods to ensure that adequate information is gathered to develop procurement documents (i.e. RFPs, RFQs) and to ensure that consistent procurement processes are maintained.
  • The incumbent is responsible to continually assess the effectiveness of the Department's contracting related policies and recommend and implement changes as necessary.
  • Delivers training to the ministry as a whole on current procurement practices.
  • Ensures appropriate methods and processes are in place to enable the business area clients to minimize the risk management with each contract.

Responsible for supporting the Chair of the Contract Review Committee (CRC) and assuming the role of CRC Coordinator.


  • The incumbent is responsible for supporting the CRC in ensuring compliance with GoA legislative, regulatory, procurement and reporting requirements and department financial policies.
  • Through the CRC the incumbent will provide guidance or direction on contracting related issues.
  • The incumbent will be responsible for managing the mandate of the CRC.
  • The incumbent is responsible for finalizing and distributing decisions to the respective signing authority over procurement.
  • The incumbent is responsible to act as ministry liaison for all GoA procurement working groups.
  • It is the responsibility of the incumbent to provide a quarterly summery listing and the recommendations of the contracts reviewed by the Committee to the Deputy Minister's office.

Responsible for providing leadership and guidance to business area clients in meeting their needs for open tender and competitive procurement.


  • The incumbent interprets business area needs to ensure that appropriate procurement mechanisms are in place to meet the needs of areas through the most time and fiscally efficient mechanisms possible, while working within government contracting policies and guidelines and in accordance with the Procurement Accountability Framework.
  • The incumbent oversees the development of clients' specifications and provides guidance on the completion of the procurement documents suitable for an open and fair competition.
  • Directs unit staff and provides input to unit staff in assisting business area units with their contracting needs.

Responsible for managing the monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the open tender and competitive procurement system for service contracts for the department.


  • Ensuring continual compliance with and improvement of the RFP and PQR process within the department including review of contracts and request for contracts to educate delivery managers on procurement processes to ensure compliance with Municipal Affairs Contract Policy, the Procurement Accountability Framework and the Agreement on Internal Trade.
  • Applies experience from previous procurement management projects to improve subsequent procurements.
  • Identifies risk management issues, evaluates and develops approaches to reduce or minimize the risk management to the ministry.

Lead special projects that support the activities of the branch.


  • Prepare briefings and background material for senior management.



The incumbent has the authority to determine procurement strategies and mechanisms (RFP, PQRs, etc.), provide guidance on evaluation plan(s) for the vendor proposal(s) and lead teams through sourcing exercises to ensure that the most effective and efficient methods for procurement are being employed. An extremely close and effective relationship with Service Alberta has been developed with mutual respect built at all levels. Contract management and procurement are critical areas to ensure excellence in government. The impacts of poor practices or application in this area are almost unlimited in political exposure, business risk and financial control.

The incumbent must be able to "think outside the box" in order to effectively procure the project and/or strategic IT requirements of the department while working within the Procurement Accountability Framework and contracting policies of the government. The incumbent independently resolves issues with Legal and Legislative Services, Financial and Corporate Services, Human Resources, etc. by making decisions that may affect the mechanisms used to procure divisional and department needs.

This position must be able to utilize their extensive knowledge and experience in government procurement to provide effective processes, practises and approaches to procurements within the department. Good business acumen, negotiation skills, communication skills, and general management skills are required along with specialized knowledge to adequately perform this demanding position. Procurements are high volume, complex, politically sensitive, time demanding and require a very high degree of diligence to ensure risks are mitigated.

The position requires excellent communication/presentation skills to lead the team involved in the area, with the business areas and to adequately involve the supporting areas (Legal, Finance, Service Alberta, RMI, etc.) when required.

The incumbent is responsible for fostering and strengthening working relationships with business areas and other areas of government (i.e. Procurement Services of the Contracted Services Section at Service Alberta, GoA Risk Management etc.).

Extensive and in-depth knowledge of all facets of government procurement and contract management is required providing direction, options, approaches, and best practices to this specialized area. Inter-relationships are extensive between the Legal and Legislative Services Branch, Procurement Services Branch of Service Alberta, and the Financial Planning Branch to ensure all risks and issues are appropriately managed on behalf of the department.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • The position requires a sound understanding of public procurement, including theories/principles of this specialized discipline and the ability to clearly communicate and provide direction and advice to staff and stakeholders.
  • An in-depth understanding is required with tender/contract law, risk management and applicable trade agreements.
  • Extensive understanding of the administrative practices in managing all aspects of public procurement responsibilities such as the GoA 's electronic tendering system (APC).
  • Knowledge of other areas such as information technology, business planning and project management is an asset. An understanding of the role, responsibilities and authority of the corporate purchasing body within the GoA is required as well as an understanding of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and how it impacts the public procurement process.
  • The incumbent must have a strong negotiation, communication (interpersonal, verbal, and written), leadership, supervision, facilitation, conflict management and project management skills. As well, the incumbent must be able to "think outside the box" and have RFP/contract development skills.
  • Must have knowledge of GoA contracting processes for service procurement practices.
  • Must have graduated form a business administration, management or commerce degree program, or a designation from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). A combination of education and procurement in Municipal Affairs are most desirable.
  • Experience in preparation of procurement documentation is desirable. Experience in facilitation and/or participation on evaluation teams relating to procurement requirements is desirable.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

MA Branches


Quality sourcing. Client satisfaction.

MA Legal, Legislative Services and HR

Daily Quality sourcing documents. Compliance.

Contract Review Committee

TBD Meetings to discuss contracts.

Service Alberta - Procurement Services

As required Quality sourcing, client satisfaction.
Risk Management Insurance Division As required Quality sourcing, quality sourcing documents.
Legal Services As required Compliance.

Supervision Exercised



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