Position Profile

Job Title:  Lead, Business Process Management

Work Unit:  Corporate Services, Corporate Performance Branch, Project and Business Process Management Section

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1042792

Date:  June 2017



Reporting to the Director, Project and Business Process Management, within Corporate Performance Branch, this position is accountable for the development and ongoing execution of the department’s business process management program. This position is responsible for designing and accelerating the program, which includes using proven business process expertise to fit the department’s business process needs. This includes establishing business process standards and methods, a framework and repository for enterprise processes, and leading a portfolio of process improvement projects. The scope of this position will involve working with all divisions within the department, other GoA departments and agencies. The Lead will design a performance measurement and evaluation framework for the enterprise processes, and will be responsible for driving the continuous improvement of the portfolio of processes.

The Lead will work with Executive Directors and Directors across the department to identify key cross-departmental processes that drive successful completion of the Department’s priority initiatives and important ongoing work, and in identifying the business processes required to address knowledge and succession planning priorities. The position will lead the team of Business Process staff as they work across all divisions to facilitate mapping and improvement of business processes. This involves providing planning and design support to process owners including process mapping, measurement, improvement and resourcing. This approach is intended to support business efficiency and management while providing an important tool for knowledge and succession management.

The position will also lead the business process management team in the development and execution of coaching, training and mentorship in order to build business process management capacity throughout the department, ensuring the organization is in a better position to meet its operational excellence goals. This will include using subject matter expertise to design training materials to build process management capacity across the department.

The Lead will play a critical role in engaging staff at all levels of the organization in generating awareness and in supporting teams as they address the change management considerations around process management. This includes coaching Managers, Directors and Executive Directors, as they support staff in transitioning to potential new future state of work. This may also involve working with Communications and other functional business areas to support the change.

Responsibilities and Activities


Maintain and evolve the department’s business process management program.


  • Assess and determine the overall enterprise process management needs of department clients (internal and external).
  • Consult with internal business units to develop requirements of the program delivery through promotion, concept development, process structuring, implementation strategy and work plan development.
  • Review Lean Six Sigma, change management methodologies, business process management models and best practices and adapt as required for the department’s business model.
  • Use strategic foresight in weighing various options and opportunities in program design and development.
  • Continue to evolve the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the business process management program.
  • Develop strategic and operational project proposals and plans.
  • Lead the team in the development of templates, tools and standards for use by business process management specialists and program areas.
  • Design a performance measurement and evaluation framework for the enterprise processes, using department and government of Alberta identified approaches for performance measurement and evaluation, and drive continuous improvement of the portfolio of processes.
  • Lead the development of Enterprise Process management charts, frameworks, schematics, and plans.
  • Work with business areas to identify and address knowledge and succession management priorities.
  2. Direct the implementation and delivery of the enterprise process management program.


  • Determine resourcing and capacity requirements.
  • Ensure staff have the competencies, resources and skills to meet operational needs and deliverables through leading, coaching, mentoring, motivating, controlling and directing the work of the unit.
  • Foster an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, professionalism and integrity among staff to ensure excellence in service delivery.
  • Provide significant functional leadership, integration and coordination to a group of professional staff and team leads of business process management projects.
  • Direct staff to perform assessments towards business process management or improvement opportunities to improve organizational management.
  • Prioritize allocation of resources to address department priorities.
  • Resolve issues through direct intervention or leverage up as required.
  • Provide expert assistance and vetting where required for high profile or high risk projects.
  3. Determine and manage the portfolio of key business processes.


  • Work with Executive Directors and Directors across the department to identify the key cross department processes that drive successful completion of the department’s priority initiatives and important ongoing work.
  • Engage with other Government of Alberta departments and agencies as necessary to address connectivity and alignment of cross-departmental business processes.
  • Maintain and continuously improve the central management office for enterprise level business process management.
  • Identify and implement information management solutions for documenting and housing key business processes, working within department and Government of Alberta requirements for managing this type of information.

Build Business Process Improvement capacity in the department.


  • Develop and implement an approach for strategically building process improvement capacity in the department.
  • Lead the team in the development and delivery of training tools for the program areas.
  • Promote business process improvement through written communications, verbal presentations and conversations throughout the department.

Contribute to department strategy setting and execution.


  • Contribute to the development of branch and division policies, processes, standard operating procedures, and strategic/operational plans, and the delivery of branch and divisional services by actively participating as a member of the branch and divisional management teams.
  • Identify areas of operational risk to the business due to ineffective business processes or lack of business processes.
  • Provide performance statistics for ongoing operational work into the regular status reporting process for executive.
  • Make recommendations for business priorities in terms of operational effectiveness.
  • Work with business areas, communications and other professionals to promote effective change management with the adaption of new business processes. This will involve providing coaching, advice and problem solving support to the leaders of the business areas.



The position has the delegated responsibility to develop and recommend Business Process Management program role and elements, to determine related policies, initiatives, determine strategies and set direction. Decisions made by the position to frame and scope an issue or business management project, or which aspects of the portfolio of enterprise processes to prioritize for development or change, have significant impact on how the department’s business processes affect stakeholders, and the effectiveness and efficiency of departmental resources.

The ability to effectively consult with clients, leadership, and stakeholders in making decisions will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the programs to which the methods are applied. Changes to business processes have a significant impact on relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of department programs and services, and the ability of the department to demonstrate results and change the way it does business over time.

The work of the Lead, Business Process Management will make a considerable contribution to the knowledge and succession management needs of the department, as departmental processes are documented, designed, and communicated.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


This position requires knowledge of business management, change management, Lean Six Sigma, business process management, process improvement, and related tools and techniques and how these are applied to improve efficiency and effectiveness at a corporate level in the organization. This knowledge is gained through an undergraduate degree, and post degree certification paired with extensive organizational leadership experience. Certification in process improvement is required, and certification in change management (PROSCI), project management, and/or facilitation would be beneficial.

This program is intended to provide a significant benefit across the department of aligning cross-functional processes towards client needs, and to provide a significant and overall increase in departmental level effectiveness and efficiency. The cultural shifts in this work in many cases are equally significant, and the position will need advanced understanding of organizational leverage points, advantages and limitations, and an advanced ability to leverage and focus executive leadership on the benefits of improving processes through branding and the limitations through expectation management.

This position requires experience directly supervising, mentoring and coaching staff.


  The position is accountable for managing the development, implementation and delivery of the enterprise process management program as well as the portfolio of strategic and operational business process management projects. To deliver the program the position provides direct supervision of unit staff as well as mentoring and coaching of staff in other parts of the department who are leading business management projects or implementing changes to business processes.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Corporate Performance Branch and Divisional Staff


Program development, planning and delivery.

Executive Directors

Weekly (to different branches and teams) Identifying critical business processes for the department. Identifying knowledge and succession planning needs.


Weekly (to different branches and teams) Identifying critical business processes for the department. Identifying knowledge and succession planning needs.


  Oversight of business process and management projects.

Other GoA Departments and Agencies

  Collaboration to identify and adopt best practices. Alignment of cross-departmental process.

Supervision Exercised

  • Business Process Advisor (PS3)
  • Business Effectiveness Advisor (PS3)


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