Position Profile

Job Title:  Manager, Strategic Planning and Policy

Work Unit:  Strategic and Business Services Division / Strategic Planning and Policy Branch

Ministry:  Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Competition Number:  1042698

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Strategic Planning and Policy (SPP) is responsible for coordinating the Ministry’s integrated strategic planning process which includes leading: implementation of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework, production of the ministry strategic plan, Business Plan, Annual Report, and related performance measures. In addition SPP takes a leadership role in the Business Continuity Management Program (BCMP) and ministry legislative planning activities as well as other corporate activities such as Executive Team strategic planning retreats. SPP is also works closely with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) on their policies, as well as provides project management and management consultation services for special projects as required.

The Manager, Strategic Planning and Policy supports these responsibilities by:

  • Designing and developing frameworks, processes and templates to support strategic, business and operational planning, reporting, ERM, BCMP and management consultations.
  • Cultivating and maintaining an advanced understanding of the business conducted across the department that is essential in the development of the Ministry Strategic Plan, Ministry Business Plan, Ministry Annual Report and Department’s Business Continuity Plans.
  • Establishing broad networks, working collaboratively and liaising regularly with designated departmental staff, relevant Government of Alberta (GoA) Ministries, and other stakeholders as needed to ensure Ministry, Cross-Ministry, GoA, and Office of the Auditor General (OAG) planning/reporting/policy/special-project requirements are met in a timely and effective manner.
  • Managing the development of the Ministry’s Business Plan, including the development of performance measures and indicators in compliance with relevant guidelines and/or legislated requirements.
  • Facilitating the development of the department’s Annual Report and other associated performance reports in keeping with all relevant guidelines and/or legislated requirements.
  • Managing the department’s ERM program.
  • Guiding advanced policy and program work associated with the review, evaluation and /or implementation of AGLC policies and appointments, as well as policies and appointments pertaining to other agencies, boards, and commissions as required, and corporate policy priorities in support of the ministry’s strategic planning goals and objectives.
  • Managing the department’s Business Continuity Management program.
  • Providing 24/7 on-call support, playing a lead role in the event of an emergency, disaster, or significant business disruption to support the department’s response, recovery and restoration activities and to be a liaison for the department in the management of provincial emergencies.
  • Providing project management and management consultation expertise to special projects (e.g. creating policy development work plans, leading cross government Business Continuity Plan (BCP) projects, etc.) as required.
  • Manages professional services staff, and contractors as required.

Reporting to the Director, Strategic Planning and Policy, this position ensures resources are directed to effectively and efficiently deliver planning and policy outcomes and deliverables which include guiding and mentoring staff. This position functions within applicable government and department legislation, regulations, policies, directives and guidelines. All documents prepared for consideration of senior department representatives must adhere to the accountability framework set out in the Financial Administration Act; requirements set out in the Emergency Management Act and corresponding regulations; business plan, performance measurement, reporting and business continuity plan guidelines for all ministries; and requirements of Treasury Board, Cabinet, Office of the Auditor General, and/or the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA).

Specific Accountabilities


The department’s strategic, business and operating planning and reporting products provide meaningful information and are produced in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies, frameworks and GoA requirements and standards.


  • Facilitate discussions with the Executive Team (ET) to create the department’s three-year business plan. This includes the identification of department outcomes and the development of related strategic initiatives, performance measures and performance indicators.
  • Directs the preparation, finalization and publication of the approved department’s business plan, ensuring the business plan is in accordance with government standards and links to the Alberta Government’s business plan.
  • Develops and manages monitoring and reporting processes against business plans to support department senior management in tracking progress and making adjustments to plans.
  • Coordinates updates to internal reports used to inform ET decisions.
  • Facilitates the development and publication of the department’s annual report, ensuring compliance with relevant government and Office of the Auditor General guidelines and standards.

The department ERM framework is implemented and continually enhanced in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies, frameworks and GoA requirements and standards.


  • Design the ERM program to deliver outcomes desired by ET.
  • Facilitate discussions throughout all levels of the organization to identify key risks with potential to impact the department and develop associated plans to mitigate and/or respond to identified risks.
  • Manage the ongoing implementation and integration of the department’s ERM framework/process into ministry planning processes.
  • Resolves issues and directs implementation of recommendations from Corporate Internal Audit Services and/or the Office of the Auditor General regarding the enterprise risk management framework.

Directing and project managing advanced policy and program work associated with the review, evaluation and /or implementation of AGLC policies and appointments, other agencies, boards, and commissions policies and appointments as required, and corporate policy priorities in support of the ministry’s strategic plan objectives.


  • Takes a lead role and provides direction to staff, in carrying out major policy projects. This includes the review, evaluation, interpretation and/or implementation of strategic policy within the framework of the department’s strategic plan objectives.
  • Works with the Director to implement each stage of the policy development cycle – issue identification; research and analysis; options development; decision making; implementation; evaluation/performance management; and consultation.
  • Identifies and evaluates complex and sensitive issues that impact policy development and relevant stakeholders and briefs Senior/Executive leadership to facilitate discussion and advice.
  • Provides coordination in issues management.
  • Leveraging the Strategic Plan and focusing on ministry priorities, establishes the research agenda that will focus research capacity on the issues and trends with the biggest impact on the ministry.

The department business continuity program / plan is developed, implemented and continually enhanced in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies, frameworks and AEMA requirements and standards.


  • Create and implement business continuity planning processes across the department that is in line with standard industry practices and methodologies.
  • Conduct business impact analyses and assist divisions in determining critical business processes, recovery strategies and recovery priorities in the event of disaster.
  • Coordinate disaster exercises to ensure effectiveness of procedures for maintaining essential services, the restoration of key resources and resumption of critical business processes.
  • Develop and produce training materials associated with business continuity. Conduct training and awareness sessions for Executive, Management and staff members.
  • In the event of an actual disaster and/or pandemic outbreak will support and advise Executive that are leading the response, recovery and restoration activities in addition to leading the division’s business continuity coordinators.
  • Work closely with Facilities Management and Information Technology organizations to gather, conduct and/or analyze risk assessment and reporting information for department occupied facilities and critical IT infrastructure to identify points of vulnerability and to recommend disaster avoidance and reduction strategies.
  • Collaborates with senior management to ensure that business continuity capabilities are appropriate and business continuity issues are addressed as the business changes and/or new equipment, facilities, services and systems are installed or the organization is re-designed.
  • Acts as the department’s primary Business Continuity Officer and the department’s primary Consequence Management Officer.

Provides management oversight to professional services staff to nurture an effective working environment.


  • Mentor staff.
  • Align work to employee strengths where feasible.
  • Performance management.

The Director and Assistant Deputy Minister are supported in achieving the mandate and goals of the Strategic Planning and Policy branch and the Strategic and Business Services division.


  • Provide consultations and recommendations for issues, opportunities and challenges associated with relevant branch functions.
  • Lends a project management perspective to the achievement of branch deliverables.
  • Prepares briefing materials, analyses and responses to information and action requests; collaborates with business areas to ensure accuracy of responses or documents.
  • Design and develops frameworks, processes, templates and work plans to support branch and division mandates.
  • Participates in cross-ministry committees and working groups relating to relevant branch functions; represents department interest and follows up with department representatives to ensure awareness of initiatives.
  • Collaborates with division representatives to ensure coordination and integration of activities; promotes collaboration within the department and with stakeholders relating to relevant branch functions.
  • Maintains awareness of and promotes adoption of current and emerging best practices and services relating to relevant branch functions.
  • Collaborative and consultative relationships and partnerships are developed and maintained with senior representatives of other government departments and other organizations with interests in business and continuity planning programs.

Knowledge / Experience


The Manager requires comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Theories, methodologies, principles, and techniques pertaining to government and department business planning, performance measurement, reporting, accountability, enterprise risk management, policy development, and business continuity and project management.
  • Applicable legislation, regulations, policies, standards, best practices, and guidelines/standards.
  • Key policies and priorities impacting strategic direction of the department and their impacts on policy, business planning / reporting, ERM, and BCP.
  • Issues and trends associated with development, implementation and evaluation of policy, business planning / reporting, ERM and BCP frameworks and plans.
  • Business experience with an understanding of organizational work flows.
  • The programs and functions of the various divisions and business areas within the department.
  • Clients and stakeholders affected by the department business plan / reporting, policy, ERM and BCP functions, including relevant organizations, committees, advisory groups, and representatives.
  • The political environment within which the department operates and decision-making processes of government.
  • Relevant information systems and software tools used to carry out responsibilities (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint; Outlook, SharePoint, ERM and BCP software tools and automated notification products).

This position requires a university degree in a related discipline in addition to several years of progressive experience working in a field related to either: policy development and implementation, planning, reporting, ERM, BCP, and/or experience in leading significant business related cross functional initiatives. A graduate degree in business or social science or accreditation in ERM or BCP is an asset. Candidates with a demonstrated knowledge and experience in planning, reporting, policy development, ERM and/or BCP within an industry or government organization relating to financial services will be given preference.

Leadership and Business Know-How


The Manager requires:

  • Consultation, interpersonal, facilitation skills and marketing abilities to successfully promote branch mandates; explain department and government business planning / reporting, policies, ERM and BCP requirements and associated roles to all levels of department staff; and develop solutions and recommendations for issues involving a variety of requirements and perspectives.
  • Leadership skills, including the ability to motivate others and foster strong and productive participation within teams, including the professional staff reporting to the manager.
  • Project planning and management skills.
  • Relationship management skills, including ability to develop and maintain effective partnerships and networks within and outside of the department.
  • Professional judgment, initiative and decision-making skills.
  • Strategic thinking skills to determine impacts and issues pertaining to ERM and business continuity plans within the context of government initiatives and standards.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills to research, analyze and integrate information obtained from broad and varied sources and develop solutions and recommendations for consideration of decision-makers.
  • Written and verbal communication skills, including ability to articulate concepts, prepare documents, and make related presentations to variety of clients and stakeholders.
  • Negotiation skills to mediate conflicting interests and perspectives.
  • Organizational and time management skills.
  • A commitment to client service, confidentiality, discretion and tact.
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal direction, as well as lead and contribute within a team environment.
  • The ability to remain calm; think logically to solve problems; and guide/influence the actions of others in an assertive and professional manner while under pressure.

The Manager must be able to provide off-hours services in relation to the Business Continuity Program function and organize a team of BCP coordinators from the various divisions to do the same. This position is relied on to lead and coordinate multiple and complex initiatives and activities with concurrent and strict deadlines.

Problem Solving


Difficult or challenging situations typically handled or resolved by the Manager include:

  • Working with multiple stakeholders to lead the development and guide the implementation of high profile policy changes. This requires the creation of options where none previously existed, working with multiple ministries and stakeholders, who often have differing priorities and opinions, to get agreement on policy options and recommendations, and shepherding policy decisions through the government decision making process.
  • Leading and facilitating strategic planning and risk identification sessions with the Executive Team to develop the departments business plan and ERM plan. Guiding these conversations takes a high degree of facilitation skill, flexibility and knowledge of strategic planning tools to successfully guide the discussions and get the inputs needed to develop the required products.
  • Implementing and evaluating department processes and tools used to support the development of the ERM and BCP frameworks; the Manager is relied on to identify and promote best practices for ERM and BCP within the department.
  • Consolidating information from all division branches into cohesive business plans, annual reports, enterprise risk registers, business continuity plans and project management reports that reflect the broader department perspective, while also ensuring that priorities and issues of the various divisions and business areas are effectively presented.
  • Determining employee skill sets and abilities to assign work based on skill sets.

The Manager functions within the context of policies, directives, guidelines, and/or targets developed by the department, Treasury Board, Cabinet, the AEMA and the Office of the Auditor General. The Manager is also available to clarify broad goals, objectives, frameworks and priorities and provide consultation and guidance as necessary. Although guidelines and standards exist at the government level for business plan, annual report and business continuity plan preparation, departments develop and implement specific processes, tools and best practices that are in turn tailored to meet the unique reporting and planning of the department.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Divisional coordinators for Business Planning / Reporting, ERM and BCP, senior representatives of divisions

Regular and ongoing

Coordinate input to the department business plan, annual report, corporate enterprise risk register, business continuity plan; provide consultation and advice; assess requirements for supports, information and training; integrate and analyze information; collaborate on projects and initiatives, including coordination of recovery exercises and business continuity procedures; contribute to performance measurement committee.

Executive Team

As required Present briefings and recommendations relating to Business Planning / Reporting, policy development, ERM, business continuity and project management issues, challenges and opportunities; facilitate discussion on the department’s business plan; clarify responsibilities and roles; promote adoption of new approaches within established frameworks; support ET in responding to an emergency / disaster.

Other areas of the department, including Human Resources, Communications, Finance, etc.

Regular and ongoing Exchange information; resolve issues; collaborate on initiatives and projects; determine action plans.

Strategic Planning and Policy - Planning and Policy Analysts

Regular and ongoing Monitor workload and work assignments, mentor staff, hold performance conversations and, if necessary, take action to correct performance issues.

Representatives of other departments and agencies (i.e. Service Alberta; Public Service Commission; Public Affairs Bureau; AEMA; Solicitor General; Treasury Board)

Regular and ongoing Exchange information and coordinate activities relating to the business plan, ERM framework and business continuity program; participate on working teams and committees.
Office of the Auditor General or Corporate Internal Audit Services Ongoing and as required Respond to inquiries, provide information and implement recommendations relating to the business planning, BCP or ERM programs.
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Regular and ongoing Work closely with senior staff of the AGLC to support the development and coordination of AGLC policy that has significant importance to the Minister.  Input and guidance to AGLC on their policy related Action Requests and Cabinet Reports. Support recruitment to the AGLC board, as required.
Horse Racing Alberta and the Horse Racing Appeal Tribunal Regular and ongoing Manage and lead government directed policy changes related to these two entities, along with regular issues management. Support recruitment to the Appeal Tribunal, as required.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


Long-term direction for the Strategic and Business Services division and the Strategic Planning and Policy branch are determined by senior department and government officials. The work carried out is complex and affected significantly by political decisions and priorities established in the government and department business plans. Within established parameters, policies and frameworks, the Manager sets goals and objectives, plans and allocates resources, and creates work processes and tools to manage the delivery of branch mandates.

This position interacts and consults with staff throughout the department, at all levels, to provide advice and guidance pertaining to policy development and implementation, business planning and reporting, ERM, and business continuity processes and initiatives. Department operations and issues are diverse, complex and often politically sensitive, with this position expected to maintain a broad view of the department’s long-term strategic direction and priorities when coordinating business planning / reporting, policy development, ERM, and BCP products and processes.

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