Position Profile

Job Title:  Job Evaluation Consultant

Work Unit:  Labour and Employment Practices, Compensation, Job Evaluation and Benefits/Job Evaluation

Ministry:  Alberta Public Service Commission

Competition Number:  1042697

Date:  June 2017

Position Summary


Reporting to the Director, Job Evaluation, the Job Evaluation Consultant, leads initiatives in the development and maintenance of the framework of job evaluation policy and classification (management and non-management) plan structures within the Alberta Public Service.

  • As project manager, lead the design and development of job evaluation initiatives in response to ministry requests, cross-ministry issues, government restructuring, or other impacting factors.
  • Research and develop recommendations on job evaluation and compensation-related policies, strategies, and plan design.
  • Provide expert consulting on job evaluation and compensation issues that arise from an assigned portfolio of ministries.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Maintain a consulting portfolio providing expert advice on the classification plans, their application, directives and regulations; as well as organizational design expertise. Consulting includes consultation with PSC Compensation, Labour Relations and Staffing to provide the most appropriate advice.

Lead multi-stakeholder projects to ensure the classification plans are flexible and responsive to continuous and frequent changes in government.

  • Project-managing from project start through to implementation; research best practices to design and develop classification plan/structure changes to meet the changing needs of the Alberta Public Service through consultation with key stakeholders (user ministries, PSC and AUPE).
  • Research, develop and provide recommendations on job evaluation structure and policies; and corresponding compensation policies and strategies by assessing the impact on the classification and compensation structures and on other user ministries and; develop and present options and proposals that address government policy and ministries’ needs.
  • Identify alternative options and provide feedback to departments on the interpretation of the classification and compensation plans.

Through collaboration with stakeholders, design and develop processes and systems to ensure consistent application of the plans across government and promote the one employer concept.


  • Lead initiatives to ensure consistent application of the plans across ministries. Review and revise existing processes and directives and develop appropriate communication strategies to the ministries to facilitate the one employer concept. Includes leading or providing support to the Quality Assurance processes for the job evaluation plans such as the Senior Manager/Manager Review (3-year review of all Senior Manager and Manager classifications).
  • Contribute to building job evaluation capacity by leading and/or supporting initiatives to determine training needs, design and develop alternate delivery options for information sessions and training courses for ministries. Develop communication packages and deliver training courses and sessions.
  • Provide expert consulting and guidance to appellants and ministries with respect to the Classification Appeal Board processes.
  • Seek out additional knowledge of best practices and trends in job evaluation.

Provide secretariat support to PREP QAAC or MJEP QAC.

  5. Manage classification delegated authority process.

Support collective bargaining and other pay determination initiatives by providing relevant, accurate and timely job evaluation information (as required).

Knowledge / Experience

  • Extensive knowledge of job evaluation and organizational design is required to develop and propose strategies and policy for any redesign of the job evaluation plans.
  • Project leadership skills to lead cross government projects.
  • A sound understanding of all human resource functions and government programs is essential for providing expert consulting to departments, researching issues and developing alternative options.
  • Strong communication skills to lead discussions and facilitate members of committees to reaching consensus and resolution.
  • Strong written and presentation skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills to handle several high priority projects at the same time.
  • Ability to conduct training needs assessments in the ministries; develop appropriate course material, speakers notes and deliver the information sessions and training courses.

Leadership and Business Know-How

  • The majority of the work involves project leadership of multi-stakeholders with diverse interests, for example different ministries with different needs, employees and AUPE.
  • The emphasis is on integrating the needs of the various users and ensuring that the corporate perspective is factored into all recommendations, while ensuring those different perspectives are considered.

Problem Solving

  • Requests are made either by the government, senior management or ministries to seek alternative solutions to address an issue. Research is undertaken, any required analysis and evaluation is undertaken, and proposals are developed to suit the circumstances as well as take into consideration multi-party interests such as the ministries needs, government policy (i.e. compensation, labour relations, staffing, etc.), public perception and AUPE. Examples – restructuring of the classification plans (e.g. recent implementation of Sub 1 – Legal Administration stream), redesign of the MJEP and PREP quality assurance processes, developing the process to changing benchmarks, addressing issues by AUPE, and providing input into the development of compensation models.
  • Solutions may be discussed with senior management to determine the most suitable strategy.
  • The ability to quickly establish rapport and credibility with all parties is key.
  • Plans and policies must address diverse and sometimes opposing requirements and must be created within the overall human resource management framework of the Alberta Public Service.
  • Work continues to evolve based on the complexities of the issues Ministries are encountering and the current classification plan structures.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Management and Staff in Compensation, Benefits and Job Evaluation; Labour Relations; as well as the Assistant Commissioner, Labour and Employment Practices


In consultation, provide strategic and technical support and recommendations on the development of HR strategies, policies, regulations and procedures on issues and information exchange. Particular liaison with LR in terms of negotiation strategy with AUPE on job evaluation reviews/plan structure.

Staffing Programs

Varies Collaborate with Staffing with respect to minimum recruitment standards and other issues that impact Staffing and/or Job Evaluation policies.

Job Evaluation Consultants

Daily Cooperate on initiatives, achieve program results, exchange information.

Various PSC employees (e.g. on cross-functional teams)

Varies Collaborate on initiatives, participate in internal or external teams – exchange information, achieve program results, provide lead hand direction on various projects.

Public Service Commissioner

As required Provide strategic and technical support and recommendations as required on job evaluation and classification plan issues.

Human Resource Directors; Human Resource Consultants; Line Managers

Varies: Daily, Weekly, Monthly As project lead for the redesign and development of job evaluation initiatives. Consultative advice and problem-solving to reach a consensus or workable solution in support of the government direction; obtain commitment; or to gather and provide information. Influence ministry staff to work cooperatively to achieve goals. This is an ongoing requirement in job evaluation work.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees As required Provide information and work to solve identified issues in job evaluation, specifically where new or changed work is identified that may result in a change to the benchmarks or plan structure. May provide support as the secretariat for the QAAC.
External Management Consultants As required Identify need, coordinate projects, and ensure advice received is complete and appropriate.
Other Jurisdictions, Organizations Varies: Weekly, Monthly Provide or gather information on new or existing initiatives and in support of job evaluation analysis and policy recommendations.
Crowns, Boards and Agencies that do not fall under the purview of the PSA As required Consultative advice, interpretation and process.
Appeal Boards, Quality Assurance Committee As required Consultative advice and interpretation.
Legal Counsel As required Consultation on structural, process or unique issues.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The classification plans impact all employees in government and can impact how management organizes the work. Because classification decision-making has been delegated to the ministries, it is essential that the Human Resource professionals are trained and knowledgeable how to administer the plans to ensure consistent application. Responsible for leading cross ministry projects to ensure maintenance of the plan.

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