Position Profile

Job Title:  Climate Change Engineer

Work Unit:  Regulatory and Compliance Branch

Ministry:   Alberta Climate Change Office

Competition Number:  1042582

Date:  May 2017



Reporting to the Director of Climate Change Compliance within the Regulatory and Compliance section of the Climate Change Office, this specialized professional position provides the department with policy advice, scientific and technical expertise in the field of greenhouse gas mitigation, including areas of estimation, measurement, verification and reporting aspects relating to regulated facility emissions.

The incumbent will support the development and implementation of Alberta’s Greenhouse Gas Regulatory System. This work will include the ongoing development and implementation of greenhouse gas reporting and reduction programs used for greenhouse gas management, and policies and programs to facilitate GHG mitigation opportunities as well as quantification procedures related to the creation of offset credits and other carbon market instruments.

The position will also support policy development and the assessment and evaluation of key GHG mitigation technologies in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon capture.

Knowledge of engineering processes, emission sources, and emission control technologies will be required to develop and evaluate emission estimation methodologies used by Alberta industry. Comprehensive knowledge of estimation methodologies used to calculate emissions from industrial and non-industrial sources such as transportation, agricultural operations, commercial and residential buildings, and forest fires will also be required for this position.

Responsibilities and Activities


Ensure the technical accuracy of emissions inventories and compliance systems through a comprehensive understanding of processes and emission estimation methodologies applied to various emissions inventories and related programs.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of, and provide advice on, emission estimation methodologies used by industry to generate greenhouse gas emissions data reported to Alberta Environment and Parks and the national greenhouse gas reporting system.
  • Review and assess facility baseline applications and compliance reports to support Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction program.
  • Analyze and interpret emissions data, and relay information to stakeholders in a general and easy-to-understand manner.

Support policy development and the assessment and evaluation of existing and emerging mitigation technologies in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon capture.


  • Provide advice and recommendations around the integrity of underlying science and applicability of the science to Alberta circumstances.
  • Providing specialist support to others in the department and the government on complex and emerging climate change and technology issues.
  • Evaluate project proposals received through the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation’s request for proposals process for the investment of funds collected through the greenhouse gas emissions reduction program.
  3. Conduct background research in specific sub-sectors of activity in Alberta to better understand the emissions profile and reduction opportunities and associated costs.



frameworks for Alberta, involving a range of stakeholder and government interests. The expectations of the position range for technical support to program development, and involve significant technology and sector specific knowledge.

The position requires a high degree of problem solving and stakeholder engagement to ensure the successful design and implementation of policies.

As the position involves a range of exploration and technical analysis of regulatory and non-regulatory aspects of environment management not current employed by the department, significant emphasis is placed on creativity and innovation.

The technical support and information generated by timely emissions data will affect decisions on regional, provincial, and national emissions management. Some of the management programs affected include:

  • Alberta’s regulatory framework for GHG emission reductions including compliance options (fund, offsets).
  • The Province’s commitments under its Climate Change Strategy.
  • Alberta’s Energy Strategy.
  • Greenhouse gas management strategies developed by the Alberta and federal governments.
  • The development of the national greenhouse gas reporting program.
  • Carbon capture and storage regulatory framework.
  • General reporting to the public.
  • Alberta’s Science, Research and Technology Strategy.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong analysis skills with specialized expertise in emission estimation methodologies used provincially, nationally and internationally for calculating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A minimum of a Bachelors degree in environmental science or engineering. A post graduate degree is preferred.
  • Knowledge in industrial technologies and sources for greenhouse gas emissions and associated accounting principles.
  • Ability to interpret existing scientific information and integrate new data and information as it arises, using the latest scientific methods, and present the information in terms understandable to scientific experts, non-scientific stakeholders, and members of the public.
  • Knowledge and understanding of provincial, national and international activities as context for the setting of environmental guidelines and objectives or the establishment of policy.
  • General knowledge of Alberta industry, where they are, what they produce, and how they operate.
  • Capable of working independently, in a multi-disciplinary team environment, or as the leader of specialist and/or multi-disciplinary teams as the situation requires.
  • Strong written and oral presentation skills to be able to effectively share ideas with team members and other stakeholders.
  • Strong communication skills required for developing emission management strategies for Alberta in partnership with other branches and regional staff, facility operators, industrial associations, and other government agencies.
  • Strong understanding of air emissions data management systems used in Alberta and nationally.
  • Knowledge of the Climate Change and Emissions Management and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Regulations.
  • General knowledge of geology and optimal conditions for carbon capture and storage.
  • Understanding of economic instruments, including carbon offsets.
  • Qualification for membership in the Association of Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGA) or a similar professional association. Willingness to meet professional requirements on an ongoing basis, and increase knowledge by pursuing professional and continuing education opportunities.


  Contact with a range of internal and external individuals is required to successfully support the undertaking of the primary responsibilities and activities of this position. This position will have significant contact with members throughout the Climate Change Office. The key contacts within Alberta Environment and Parks, will include the Environmental Policy units and approval coordinators. This position will have significant contact with industry to obtain emissions information through regulatory and non-regulatory processes. Primary contacts will include internal CCO staff, Alberta Environment and Parks staff, industry, governments, environmental associations, members of the public and educational institutions.

Supervision Exercised



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