Position Profile

Job Title:  Divisional Coordinator

Work Unit:  Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility Division, Assistant Deputy Minister's Office

Ministry:   Alberta Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1042321

Date:  May 2017



Under the general direction of the Executive Advisor (EA) to the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of the Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility Division; the divisional coordinator provides leadership and serves as the main contact for the coordination and review of requests flowing through the ADM's office, including establishing and ensuring deadlines and other requirements are met.

This position researches, drafts, edits and prepares correspondence and briefings for the Minister, Deputy Minister, and Assistant Deputy Minister; ensuring that the messages and information is accurate, responsive, and consistent with all other departmental communications (both internal and external) and expressed in a clear and concise manner for the intended audience.

The writer operates within a framework that includes the division, other divisions in the ministry; including the communications branch, Deputy Minister's office and Minister's office. Communication and coordination within this framework is crucial to the writer's ability to help the Assistant Deputy Minister and Ministry achieve their goals.

As a key contact in the ADM office for issues related to action requests, a high degree of time management skills, along with a political understanding is crucial in meeting the needs of the division and ministry. This position operates in an environment which is both highly political and technically based, a solid understanding of the division and ministry priorities and/or goals are imperative.

Responsibilities and Activities


Writing and editing

  • Review drafts for content (including technical details), clarity, tone, style, English usage, grammar, and format in accordance with department standards.
  • Ensure messages are consistent, current, contain proper content, and all questions posed by the correspondent are addressed.
  • Draft standard and follow-up responses for ongoing initiatives and issues, consulting with ministry and divisional staff on content.
  • Prepare background information, presentation materials and speaking notes for ADM
  • Liaison with staff in the communications branch to develop messages that accord with new initiatives and the ministry's program and services.
  • Develop and administer processes/communications for special projects of various size, scopes, duration, and complexities.
  • Collaborate with program areas, other editors, and managers to ensure accuracy and consistency in messaging.
  • Applies judgement and researches files using ARTS or network files to gather additional relevant information for assigned requests.

Managing the division's Action Requests (ARs) and ADM action items

  • Using the Action Request Tracking system (ARTs); process ARs in accordance with ministry procedures and best practices.
  • Assign ARs and action items within the division, determining priority and setting clear direction on requests to ensure when complete they are accurate, comprehensive, and received in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with divisional staff and provides advice on information requirements, required action, format, protocol, etc.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other ADM's offices on action requests/items, as needed.
  • Route various other communique and correspondence to appropriate ministry or divisional staff in which the information may impact their responses/assignments.
  • Reprioritize work as necessary to respond to urgent requests from the Minister and Deputy Minister.
  • Prepares a daily divisional list for ARs due, to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Development, maintain and adapt the style guide and divisional processes with each new administration and as best practices are identified.
  • Prepares comprehensive AR material/packages for ADM/EA review and approval.

Issue management/collaboration

  • Build and maintain solid collaborative working relationships with ministry and divisional staff to resolve issues, clarify requests, prioritize ARs/action items, and negotiate usually tight/competing deadlines to meet the needs of all parties.
  • Identify issues to the ADM/EA that may have an impact on divisional responses and their completion.
  • Provide advice and assistance to divisional staff at all levels, as required, in the completion of ARs and action items.
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the divisional program staff and administrative staff as it relates to the process/completion of ARs/action items.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of establishing AR processes and best practices.
  • Work closely with all staff within the ADM office, division and ministry to ensure ARs and action items are coordinated with any other requests; ensuring best efforts are applied to reduce duplication.
  • Responsible for training and troubleshooting of ARTs for the division.
  • Collaborate with the ADM, EA and other divisional staff to set priorities and timelines, improve team processes.
  • Provide advice and support to department staff of all levels to build capacity and improve overall quality of responses.
  • Chair regular meetings with division staff to communicate relevant information, processes and share best practices.
  • Work in partnership with divisional staff on the maintenance and accuracy of content on the division and/or ministry's intranet/internet sites.

Human resources administration for the ADM's office and the division are provided with leadership and coordination.

  • Serves as worksite contact for the division, applying understanding of human resources forms and documents (e.g., commencements, resignations, transfers, acting pay, secondments, etc.) and associated documentation and procedures to provide guidance and resolve concerns.
  • Liaises with Human Resources and Pay and Benefits for human resource administration issues and requests.
  • Reviews human resources- related forms and documents submitted to the ADM for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with divisional codes and government policies and guidelines.
  • Prepares and processes human resources and pay and benefits forms as requested by the ADM or EA.
  • Assists division staff with on-line time entry and approval processes and guidelines when necessary.
  • Monitors and reviews division on-line time reporting in accordance with processes, policies, and guidelines.
  • Develops, maintains, and tracks organizational structures for the division and branches by using organizational charts and FTE utilization counts and liaising with human resources as necessary.



Although this position reports to the EA, it also receives on-going direction from the ADM, with accountability for coordinating action requests/items to support the ADM and EA in achieving divisional and ministry goals. The divisional coordinator produces information and communication that has a direct impact on the credibility of the Minister and ministry, which requires them to act as an expert in written communications for Minister, Deputy Minister, ADM responses. In addition to a thorough understanding of the division and ministry mandates, programs, and priorities, this position requires a comprehensive understanding of division and department processes, guidelines, and protocols related to action requests/items.

Responsibilities have division-wide impact in that the writer ensures the timely, consistent, and effective delivery of action requests/items to and from the ADM's office. This position coordinates information flow within and between the ADM's office and those of other senior representatives, including the Minister's office, the Deputy Minister's office, and other divisions. This position requires superior communications skills given the considerable interaction with various levels of staff in the division and department.

Excellent judgement, a high degree of professionalism, and respect for confidentiality of information is critical, given that decisions and recommendations may be highly sensitive and political. In addition, this position is relied on to prioritize a high volume of time-sensitive incoming requests from the Minister's office and Deputy Minister's office and bring these items to the attention of the EA and ADM in a timely manner, when tight timeframes and concurrent deadlines usually exist. The divisional coordinator also provides guidance to build capacity and quality of responses within the division.

This position works within the parameters of established legislation, policies, guidelines, processes, and procedures. The EA sets general objectives; however, the position has latitude to determine priorities, areas of focus, and approaches to work on a daily basis. This position exercises initiative to ensure that, based on the specific request; effective processes are developed and maintained to meet the necessary requirements. The divisional coordinator also provides guidance to ensure divisional requirements are met in an appropriate, consistent and timely manner, including coordinating and leading team meetings where staff can communicate and share issues and ideas.

Work is normally reviewed on completion for achievement of results, accuracy of information, and implications of decisions or recommendations, with highly unusual or sensitive situations discussed with or referred to the supervisor. Issues that arise without established policies, processes, and guidelines or clear precedent are discussed with the EA and/or the ADM, typically in terms of recommendations made by this position to deal with situations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The divisional coordinator requires considerable knowledge and understanding of:

  • relevant division and department business plan goals, objectives, and strategies
  • department and division organizational structures, mandates, programs, and services
  • government's role, structure, policies, procedures, and protocols
  • political environments and their implications
  • interests and perspectives of stakeholders, including other government departments
  • relationships of the ADM's office and the division to key stakeholders and clients
  • impact of applicable legislation (e.g., Health Information Act, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)
  • office software and computer applications (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, ARTS, etc.)

The divisional coordinator must have highly developed and demonstrated:

  • written and verbal communication skills, including ability to communicate effectively with offices of senior department and government representatives and key stakeholders
  • interpersonal and facilitation skills, including ability to handle sensitive and/or difficult situations and negotiate agreement and commitment to action
  • organizational and time management skills to prioritize multiple responsibilities
  • analytical, research and problem solving skills to compile and summarize information and recommend viable solutions
  • ability to track, record, retain, and retrieve practical information in a well-organized manner
  • records management skills
  • awareness of political sensitivities and commitment to confidentiality and diplomacy

The divisional coordinator must be able to:

  • plan and coordinate multiple tasks and projects under significant time pressures
  • coordinate complex information flow and assignments within short time frames
  • proactively identify issues and develop potential solutions and recommendations
  • initiate action independently using sound judgement and creativity
  • function independently as well as lead and contribute within a team environment
  • demonstrate initiative and flexibility


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