Position Profile

Job Title:  Manager, Financial and Administrative Operations

Work Unit:  Financial Services Branch

Ministry:  Alberta Culture and Tourism

Competition Number:  1042261

Date:  May 2017

Position Summary


Reporting to the Director, Financial Reporting and Operations, the Manager, Financial and Administrative Operations manages the Financial Operations and Administration unit and is responsible for the provision of services consisting of:

  • Development and maintenance of financial systems;
  • Coordination of financial operations;
  • Coordination of accommodation and administration services.

The Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is provided with financial systems that are developed and maintained to support program area business functions. This position also provides consulting services on financial operations that support accountability processes and internal financial controls that are adequate and meet compliance audit requirements. The coordination of the Ministry's administrative policies and procedures, vehicles fleet management, accommodations and risk management and insurance are also responsibilities of this position.

Specific Accountabilities


Financial systems are developed, implemented and maintained to support business functions.

  • Manage financial systems, including the determination of standards and reporting processes.
  • Determine the reporting needs of the Ministry and work with end users to ensure required ad-hoc reports are designed and produced in financial systems.
  • Oversee the security administration function to ensure user access is authorized and appropriate. Conduct periodic security reviews of financial systems.
  • Oversee the systems administration functions for financial systems including all modules in IMAGIS to ensure system configuration and organizational/budget structures are accurate thereby promoting integrity and accuracy of setup and reporting. Oversee chartfield maintenance, combo edits and the maintenance of security and reporting trees.
  • Oversee the financial systems reporting functions to ensure program areas have access to their financial and human resources reports.
  • Establish the standards and develop catalogues of reports and queries.
  • Lead and coordinate enhancements and upgrades of IMAGIS Financials and HRMS and other Ministry specific financial systems (e.g. contract management system). Promote end user awareness of upgrade activities. Assess Ministry impacts. Liaise with members of the IMAGIS Project Team.
  • Train Ministry staff with respect to financial systems. Oversee provision of Helpdesk functions that respond to end user inquiries.
  • Participate, as appropriate, on cross-Ministry committees related to IMAGIS.

The Service Manager role for coordinating IMAGIS delivery in support of Ministry's Financial and Human Resource programs (IMAGIS) and business initiatives is performed.

  • Primary Ministry contact for the Application Service Provider (ASP) - IBM.
  • Represent the Ministry in addressing business requirements and issues.
    • Submit Change Order Request (CORS) outlining system change requirements within the context of IMAGIS strategic direction.
    • Approve Change Order Proposals (COP) and Change Order Implementation (COI), including coordinating the funding authorization, if applicable.
    • Provide sign-off for business acceptance and testing for Ministry specific application changes.
  • Facilitate Ministry communication and change management.
    • Review the activity master planning chart for impacts on the Ministry and ensure the actions required are conducted.
    • Identify activities that could have an impact on IMAGIS (i.e. development of new applications that required integration with IMAGIS or changes to IMAGIS).
    • Act as a conduit for information, issues and communication between the Ministry and IMAGIS/IBM.
    • Monitor and report progress on IMAGIS and ASP (IBM) initiated activities.
    • Identify and coordinate Ministry user training and change management associated with new/changed applications.
    • Bring operational issues to the Service Manager forum for discussion, resolution and/or escalation.
  • Support IMAGIS and ASP (IBM) processes, projects and activities.
    • Understand and communicate the GOA and IMAGIS strategic direction and objectives as well as the general terms of the ASP (IBM) contract.
    • Establish a network of subject matter experts in the Ministry to review deliverables and complete project activities as requested.
  • Monitor Service Performance.
    • Monitor and provide feedback on quality of services provided by the ASP (IBM).
    • Escalate issues relating to the performance of the ASP first within IBM and if required, to the GOA Contract Manager.

Financial Operations systems and processes are in place to achieve and support financial accountability.

  • Oversee staff performing the Accounting Officer review of daily financial transactions for compliance with regulations, legislation and ministerial policies and procedures.
  • Assess existing business processes and recommend improvements. Lead re-engineering of business processes. Optimize use of IMAGIS functionality.
  • Oversee creation and updates to Ministry financial policies, procedures and controls.
  • Provide advice to program areas and management on financial and administrative policies interpretation and approaches. Research and interpret trade agreement regulations and directives and communicate impacts to ministry buyers and Expenditure Officers.
  • Monitor the Ministry - Service Alberta relationship. Liaise with Service Alberta to ensure compliance with the Ministry's financial policies and procedures. Monitor service levels and resolve issues with Service Alberta's management.
  • Oversee the contract review process. Provide advice and training on contract preparation and trade obligations to program areas.
  • Ensure training opportunities are identified and appropriate training developed.
  • Ensure staff provided high quality advice and education on financial management issues.

Internal control systems are maintained and operate efficiently and effectively.

  • Develop and implement cost effective internal controls and institute best practices for financial services.
  • Identify opportunities to ensure a proper internal control environment.
  • Institute best practices for financial services to achieve the highest possible level of service and efficiencies within available resources.
  • Recognize opportunities to improve procedures through analysis and environmental scanning.

Strategic management of administrative services is provided.

  • Oversee that the Ministry's accommodation requests are appropriately handled by Infrastructure.
    • Assist program areas in completing request for accommodation that accurately reflect their requirements for office space and warehouse space for collections.
    • Co-ordinate the completion of each accommodation project by liaising with the local management and Infrastructure contacts.
    • Act as a liaison with Infrastructure with respect to accommodation.
  • Co-ordinate Vehicle Fleet Management.
    • Review current and emerging fleet safety operating standards and update as necessary.
    • Liaise with Fleet Management Services, Service Alberta, to ensure program areas are kept informed of vehicle safety requirements and replacement plans.
    • Monitor services provided by Service Alberta, address any issues.
    • Establish processes with Service Alberta for the program areas to review their vehicle replacement plans and updates to the inventory.
    • Ensure vehicle license requirements are maintained and that the Ministry's inventory is up to date.
  • Manage and co-ordinate the Ministry administrative policies and procedures.
    • Review the effectiveness of the current administrative policies and procedures.
    • Oversee creation and updates to Ministry administrative policies and procedures.
    • Administer and communicate approved policies and practices to employees throughout the Ministry.
  • As Ministry coordinator, lead the planning and implementation of related special projects:
    • Participate on GOA initiatives.
    • Seek input from all departmental stakeholders.
    • Ensure all field and corporate offices have the resources and training aids to ensure effective implementation of changes.
  • Coordinate Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) needs with Alberta Finance and Enterprise
    • Oversee the completion of the Ministry renewal submissions.
    • Consult RMI on contract insurance requirements.
    • Respond to Risk Management inquiries.

Staff in the Financial Operations and Administration Unit are provided with the orientation, training and support required to effectively do their job by:

  • Effectively managing the unit.
  • Supporting the implementation of department performance management practices including the preparation, progress review and assessment of staff performance plans.
  • Supporting opportunities for staff to grow and develop in their roles.
  • Encouraging staff input into work unit planning and setting of objectives.
  • Demonstrating attention to excellence and recognizing staff performance and contributions.

Knowledge / Experience


Knowledge required:

  • Financial, accounting, administration and systems.
  • Databases, data structure and system configuration.
  • IMAGIS Financials/HRMS reporting tools, nVision and Query. Other systems include: ExClaim, Online Surplus Sales, Work Order Tracking System and the Electronic Payment System (EPS).
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Public Sector Accounting Principles, and Government of Alberta accounting policies and directives.
  • Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.
  • Relevant government financial and administrative acts, regulations and legislation, as well as ministerial financial and administrative policies and procedures and internal controls.
  • Government planning and budgetary process.
  • Ministry's mandate, organizational structure and business plan.
  • Human resource management policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of mandates and roles of Infrastructure, IBM and Service Alberta.

Skills required:

  • Analytical skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills - ability to work cooperatively with others in a team environment to establish, build and maintain positive working relationships to ensure deadlines, goals and objectives are met.
  • Leadership, networking, negotiation and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to manage and organize time and projects to meet tight deadlines
  • Ability to manage staff and deal with human resource related issues.

Education & Experience:

  • Professional accounting designation (CPA) is required and a related degree in Commerce or Business Administration.
  • Five or more years of supervisory experience in financial, administration and human resource management, preferably in a government environment. Experience managing ERP systems, developing policies and procedures for administration and/or operations and working knowledge of contracting/procurement processes, agreements and regulations is desired.

Leadership and Business Know-How


The position must coordinate and organize the unit's activities by providing direction to staff on financial system functionality, financial and administrative policies, procedures, and legislation. The position ensures that quality advice is provided to program staff and that educational opportunities are maximized. The Manager must maintain a very good relationship with managers and senior managers in the entire Ministry to help resolve process issues and develop sound processes for changes in policies. In addition the job requires an understanding of complex financial systems used to record business transactions. The incumbent must be able to determine user requirements relating to access and usage of complex financial systems through discussions and interviews. Participation and leadership in systems implementations to define user requirements, evaluate systems functions and assess business impacts in order to improve business processes of the Ministry while meeting business needs is required.

Problem Solving


This position is required to resolve complex policy and systems issues for program areas, the incumbent must interpret and resolve financial and administrative policies and procedures and their application. Assistance required is consultative, reviewing solutions with various stakeholders (internal and external) to test the feasibility and alignment with GOA and the Ministry's financial policies and procedures. Assistance is available through consultation with peers, SFO, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Service Alberta, Infrastructure and the IMAGIS Project Team. Researching acts and policy manuals may also reveal avenues for resolutions.

The Manager is expected to be continually reviewing and streamlining practices and internal controls to minimize the risk of fraud and error in day to day financial transactions and to ensure that best practices are implemented.

The incumbent is responsible to monitor service level agreements and resolve performance issues with Service Alberta, Infrastructure, IBM and other service providers.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Senior Financial Officer/ Branch Executive Director


Obtain direction on sensitive or unusual items. Assist the SFO in providing assurance that the GOA and Ministry financial and administrative policies and procedures are being followed in the Ministry.

Culture and Tourism Staff


Provide Financial and Administrative Operations services and Financial Systems Support.

Financial Operations Unit Staff


Provide advice, training, identify issues and help resolve them.

Deputy Minister / Executive Committee


Present new/updated financial and administrative policies, procedures and implementation plans; seek feedback and request approval.


Service Alberta


Resolve service levels issues; streamline processes; implement efficiencies.

IBM Frequently

Resolve functional and service level issues for IMAGIS.

Auditor General Staff


Resolve operational issues.


As required

Submit requirements for accommodation projects and coordinate implementation.

Treasury Board and Finance - Risk Management and Insurance

As required

Coordinate the preparation of insurance renewals. Inquire about contract insurance requirement and liability exposures.

Other ministries


Participate in GOA financials, administrative and systems community projects. Share documentation and resources.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The Manager of Financial and Administrative Operations is responsible for the ongoing duties and day-to-day management of the staff in the Financial Operations and Administration Unit. The position is responsible for keeping the Senior Financial Officer apprised of major issues that may arise. This position is accountable for the development and maintenance of financial and administrative policies, procedures and controls that provide the basis for all the financial transactions within the Ministry. Policies, procedures and controls are developed internally but affect all stakeholders.

This position is responsible for critical components of the Ministry's accountability and internal control framework.

Strategic financial consultation and advice is provided to program areas and senior Ministry representatives on critical financial and administrative policies and approaches.

The incumbent must be able to interact with various levels of the organization (i.e. program staff, system end-users, senior management) to rollout either previously unimplemented or new system functionality throughout the organization; address change management issues impacting diverse levels of staff using new technology and act as an advisor and trainer. The maintenance and security of the Ministry's financial systems are also the responsibility of this position.

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