Position Profile

Job Title:  Writer/Editor

Work Unit:  Correspondence Management Unit

Ministry:   Alberta Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1042260

Date:  May 2017



The mandate of the Correspondence Management Unit (CMU) is to support the Minister, Deputy Minister, and ministry in communicating the Alberta government’s policies, programs and strategic directions to Albertans, elected officials, professional organizations, and other stakeholders.

Reporting to the CMU Manager, the writer/editor reviews, researches, edits and completes executive correspondence and briefings, to ensure the messages and information in each response or briefing are accurate, responsive and consistent with all other ministry communications (both internal and external) using plain language.

The writer/editor works closely with all divisions of the ministry; communication and coordination within this context is crucial to assist the Minister, Deputy Minister, and ministry achieve their goals. At the same time, the writer/editor must ensure that deadlines are met.

Responsibilities and Activities


Drafts or edits written responses in final format for the Minister, other elected officials, and the Deputy Minister within short timelines. Reviews drafts for content including technical details, clarity, tone, style, English usage, grammar and format. Ensures draft documents fully address all questions and concerns raised by the correspondent.

Establish positive working relationships with ministry staff to foster cooperation and teamwork in the development of responses. Provide information, advice and assistance to staff on Action Request (AR) preparation and processes, and provide feedback that is clear and consistent.

Assist in providing in-service writing sessions for staff on drafting ministry ARs.

Develop and maintain an awareness and understanding of how government works; the role of the ministry and the Minister’s office; the role of the other ministries; as well as the governing legislation, regulations and policy; the ministry’s programs and services; and programs and services of organizations that operate under the ministry’s jurisdiction.

Collaborate with the CMU Manager, other writer/editors and administrative team members to meet priorities and timelines, and continuously improve processes.



The writer/editor:

  • ensures clear, accurate, comprehensive and timely responses are provided for the Minister and Deputy Minister.
  • produces error-free, high quality documents, and guides ministry staff in preparing clear, concise, consistent and timely responses;
  • drafts original material for the Minister and Deputy Minister, as required;
  • enhances the overall service delivery of the ministry by contributing to the training and development of staff to help them refine their written communications skills;
  • identifies and helps to develop new approaches to streamline and continuously improve the AR process; and
  • brings sensitive matters to the attention of the CMU Manager.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Understanding of how language impacts message and tone.
  • Knowledge of English grammar and usage, as well as the appropriate Canadian, plain language, and Alberta government writing styles.
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to issues.
  • Ability to research, analyze and compile relevant information thoroughly, concisely and efficiently.
  • Ability to prioritize correspondence by analyzing the issue and information.
  • Identify and make connections between ministry programs and policies, as well as external initiatives and programs related to the ministry’s mandate.
  • Recognize and interpret the specific needs of the audience to whom the correspondence is directed.
  • Strong working knowledge of government processes, functions and roles, including legislation and policy.
  • Creativity, resourcefulness and good organizational skills.
  • Ability to work as a team member in a high-volume, fast-paced environment.
  • Technical and specialized knowledge including computers and computer applications, Microsoft Office and ARTS would be an asset.



To edit and draft correspondence:

  • Minister’s Office.
  • Deputy Minister’s Office.
  • Ministry staff.
  • Staff from other ministries.

Supervision Exercised



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