Position Profile

Job Title:  Executive Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Minister

Work Unit:  Intergovernmental Relations, Communications and Engagement

Ministry:  Alberta Climate Change Office

Competition Number:  1042153

Date:  May 2017

Position Summary


The Executive Advisor is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Assistant Deputy Minister's Office. This position plays a critical role to establish, implement, and monitor effective communication processes and information management systems to ensure the Assistant Deputy Minister is briefed on all emerging issues, and critical information is communicated to affected program areas. The Executive Advisor will assess issues, determine their nature and priority, research and coordinate supporting information and take appropriate action to ensure that inquiries are dealt with in a timely, accurate and coordinated manner within the Division.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Develops implements and monitors information/communication systems and processes to manage information flow and ensures all inquiries received in the ADM's office are routed appropriately, responses prepared, and issues addressed.
  • Provides professional support and assistance to ADM to ensure the ADM is briefed on issues and emerging issues. Follows up to redirect issues that are specific to a Branch or determine appropriate response to address an issue or inquiry, and provide assistance to the Branches in resolving issues, as requested or required.
  • Assesses, prioritizes and researches issues and inquiries with Divisional implications. Determines matters requiring ADM's attention and directs issues to appropriate areas.
  • Acts as the primary contact for the Minister and Deputy Minister's offices in the absence of the ADM to coordinate or prepare responses.
  • Prepares/coordinates briefing material for the ADM, DM, and Minister. Works with Communications to ensure accurate key messages for the media and speaking notes for the Minister are prepared. Coordinates responses with respective Branches.
  • Act as the primary liaison between Communications staff and Divisional staff, particularly when dealing with media enquiries.
  • Ensures Directors are kept informed on issues affecting their respective areas.
  • Liaises with Division staff to ensure the ADM is informed of significant developments or problems in the day-to-day operations of the Division.
  • Ensures appropriate integration and coordination of Climate change's activities with other department services and other government agencies (federal, provincial or municipal).
  • Represents the ADM as requested at meetings/briefings/events to report back on issues and outcomes.
  • Leads the development and coordination of the Divisional Operational Plan.

Knowledge / Experience

  • Understanding of department programs, inter-relationships, and resources.
  • Strong strategic thinking skills.
  • Familiarity with stakeholder groups and their issues.
  • Strong written and verbal communication s skills.
  • Problem resolution and issues management skills.
  • Skilled generalist with the ability to anticipate issues and develop strategic responses.
  • Able to support multiple, occasionally competing, priorities simultaneously.
  • Knowledge of the linkages/business/programs of our SREM partners.

Leadership and Business Know-How

  • Strong coordination skills are required to ensure that each of the internal/external parties impacted by a specific issue is linked into the solution. This position is key in assisting to build collaborative internal partnerships and in developing approaches to ensure effective two-way communication and collaboration with other Ministries, divisions and governments. Considerable influence is also required to assist the ADM to promote collaborative approaches to issues management and delivery of key work for the Division. This position also requires strong political astuteness to recognize issues that may have potential impact.

Problem Solving

  • Analytical and evaluative skills are required to assess issues and inquiries in order to determine their urgency and impact, as well as to determine the most appropriate and timely response. The Executive Advisor must be able to access appropriate resources quickly and develop approaches that ensure timely and accurate responses.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact



Keep advised/take direction



Keep advised/information exchange

Director Daily Keep advised/information exchange
Directors Daily Keep advised/information exchange
Section Heads Daily Keep advised/take direction

Policy Staff


Keep advised/take direction

Deputy Minister's Office


Keep advised/information exchange

Minister's Office

Daily Keep advised/information exchange



Other Department Services


Stakeholder groups


Liaison/program contacts and information

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)

  • Participation in the key functions of the Division, and provides support on key business processes, including human resources, finance and other related items. This position plays a key role in assisting the ADM to develop strategies and processes that promote the delivery of the Division's programs. The support provided by this position has a significant impact on the effective operation of the office and on public perception of the department.

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