Position Profile

Job Title:  Review Specialist

Work Unit:  Child Intervention Division, Policy, Practice and Program Development Branch

Ministry:   Alberta Children’s Services

Competition Number:  1042146

Date:  May 2017


  • Support the Director of Policy, Practice and Program Development Branch and the ADM of the Child Intervention Division in promoting and ensuring quality in the provision of intervention services across the province.
  • Play a key role in the development of child intervention policy and program development that is based on best practices and promotes the attainment of good outcomes for children and families.
  • Lead special projects and initiatives that set practice and program direction.
  • Make recommendations to the Director, senior management, ADM, DM/Minister based on specialized program knowledge and skills.
  • Client groups include: senior management, CEO’s and other CFSA/DFNA members; Directors and other First Nation staff members, Service Recipients.

Responsibilities and Activities

  • Research and develop policy that reflects the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act and the Drug Endangered Children Act.
  • Identify issues and trends that lead to possible changes to standards/practice/policy.
  • Maintenance and/or revision of the provincial practice/program/policy by ensuring that they reflect new trends, directions and best practices and to incorporate service quality dimensions.
  • Extensive consultation and liaison with a variety of professionals both within and outside the Ministry and Government.
  • Ensure that timely and regular information is provided to the statutory Director/ADM/DM/Minister on sensitive issues.
  • Chair provincial working groups/committees and coordinating and assigning work resulting from working group/committee work.
  • Lead special projects/initiatives that contribute to enhanced quality of services, programs and directions including supporting system level reviews and recommendation implementation.
  • Conduct research and write briefing notes, position papers, public response documents, proposals and drafting correspondence for the Director ADM/DM/Minister related to the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act.
  • Analyze and make recommendations to the Director regarding practice issues and/or systemic issues.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • In depth knowledge of legislation, including: Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act; Child and Youth Advocate Act; Protection of Sexually Exploited Children; and Drug Endangered Children Act.
  • Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act, Drug Endangered Children Act and other related Acts, regulations and policies (i.e. FOIP, CFSA Act).
  • Knowledge of the policy cycle and legislative process.
  • Knowledge of program planning and design and understanding how to work through legislative reviews and social policy development.
  • Knowledge of other programs and related legislation within the Ministry (e.g. Child Care, Social Care Facilities).
  • Knowledge of programs and legislation from other departments and how they impact Children and Youth Services client groups.
  • Knowledge of program and policy development and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of the contracting process and other related policies (e.g. Records management).
  • Knowledge of departmental information systems (e.g. CYIM/ISIS, Intranet, Internet).
  • Knowledge of approval process for decision-making.
  • Knowledge of practices, developments and initiatives undertaken by other jurisdictions.
  • Knowledge of current trends and theories in best practice.
  • Knowledge of research methods.
  • Knowledge of Aboriginal communities and government agreements/delegations.
  • Ability to manage diverse, complex and sensitive assignments.
  • Ability to deal effectively with a wide cross section of professionals.
  • Good writing and data analysis skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and positive communication skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Ability to consult, co-ordinate and synthesize in a work climate of rapid change, independence with conceptual and analytical focus.
  • Above average presentation and interpersonal skills, ability to deal effectively with a wide cross section of professionals, community sectors, groups and individuals, chair meetings, do public presentations.
  • Ability in research planning, design, project management, implementation and evaluation.


  • This position deals frequently with a wide variety of individuals, departments and client groups outside of the government. The purpose of these contacts include: to gather/exchange information; seek clarity on the intent of recommendations to develop sound action plans, to seek out new trends, knowledge and best practices; to co-ordinate the development of policy, programs and practice; support cyclical updates to recommendation progress across the division and ministry; and to provide expert advice.
  • Assistant Deputy/Deputy/Minister, regional /DFNA staff, and departmental staff.
  • Directors and other First Nations staff members.
  • Other Ministries (e.g. Alberta Justice, Health and Wellness, Education) and other jurisdictions.
  • Agencies contracted by the service delivery to provide services.
  • Umbrella organizations (e.g. ALIGN, AFPA).

Supervision Exercised

  • Reporting to the manager, this position is required to work very independently.
  • This position does not directly supervise any positions.


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