Position Profile

Job Title:  Grant Program Support

Work Unit:  Rural Development Branch, Agriculture Grant Programs Section

Ministry:   Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1042136

Date:  May 2017



Reporting to the Manager of the Rural Life Enhancement Unit, this position provides a full range of administrative services for the Agricultural Society Program, Century Farm & Ranch Awards Program, Open Farm Days, and the Agriculture Hall of Fame Program within Rural Life Enhancement Unit. The incumbent is responsible for the overall coordination and facilitation of these grant programs.

Responsibilities include the coordination and administration of an annual grant to 283 Agricultural Societies, distribution of yearly grant packages and tracking their receipt, management and updating information for each individual package that is returned to our office, updating information in the Corporate Registry System, administration of an annual grant to two major agricultural societies and seven regional agricultural societies. Under the Rural Life Enhancement Unit, responsibilities include initiating grants in the Grant Management System (GMS), maintaining accurate financial records, and cross-ministry work. Coordination of all paperwork in the Action Request Tracking System (ARTS) is required to maintain the flow of all of these programs.

Responsibilities and Activities


Administration of Agricultural Societies Program. Working with the Grant Manager you will:

  • Be the initial contact for general enquiries pertaining to the Agricultural Societies Program, providing pertinent information or client referral to the appropriate staff member or alternate agency.
  • Administer one annual grant per fiscal year to each of the 283 Primary Agricultural Societies that are in good standing.
  • Prepare each incoming application against the checklist for completeness and accuracy of documents.
  • Prepare and send out year-end packages to each Agricultural Society.
  • Data entry and the creation of statistical reports within Microsoft Access
  • Update information in the Corporate Registry System (CORES).
  • Prepare ministerial correspondence to grant program recipients.
  • Prepare grant payment request documentation, including supporting information for review and approval.
  • Prepare recipient correspondence for grant programs.
  • Receive, review, and prepare Agricultural Society bylaws for the Manager when submitted for approval.
  • Distribute yearly "Certificates of Good Standing" to all eligible Agricultural Societies.
  • Support to management using the Action Request Tracking System (ARTS) database and the completion of Action Requests in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Regular reporting using Financial Analysis Report Management System (FARMS) as required ensuring program financials are current.
  • Manage financial expenditures for each program area and report to Expenditure Officer for payment.
  • Records custodian and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Coordinator for the Unit, thus ensuring records are in compliance with Administrative Records Disposition Authority (ARDA) regulations and procedures are being followed for the archiving and destruction of these records according to the FOIP Act.
  • Administrator for the Agricultural Societies website. Maintain current information and answer inquiries regarding the site and send the link when requested.

Administration and support for the Major and Regional Exhibitions (Agricultural Societies). Working with the Grant Manager you will:

  • Prepare and send out grant agreements to all seven regional exhibitions in a timely manner.
  • Ensure yearly payments of unconditional funding are executed to seven regional exhibitions.
  • Ensure proper reporting is provided by regional and major exhibitions.
  • Prepare payment documentation for operating grants and follow-up to ensure payments are made to the client.
  • Update client information in CORES and send out Certificates of Good Standing.

Administration and support for the, Century Farm Awards, Open Farm Days and Agricultural Hall of Fame, and any other grant that comes to the Rural Life Enhancement Unit. Working with the Grant Manager you will:

  • Review grant applications for completeness, scan their information and file them electronically, create applicant profiles in GMS and Microsoft Access database.
  • Creation and maintenance of Microsoft Access database each fiscal year.
  • Prepare year-end reports for cross-ministry distribution that summarize grant expenditures and adhere to funding criteria policies.
  • Regular reporting to the Program Manager using FARMS to ensure financials are current.
  • Draft and compile information for annual return packages for mail-out to clients each fiscal year.
  • Ensure information on the Rural Life Enhancement Unit is current on the Agriculture and Forestry website.


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