Position Profile

Job Title:  Policy Coordinator

Work Unit:  First Nations and Métis Relations, Métis Relations

Ministry:   Alberta Indigenous Relations

Competition Number:  1042052

Date:  April 2017



The Policy Coordinator, Métis Relations, is responsible for analyzing and developing policies and strategies to support the development of accountable, self-regulating and self-reliant Métis people across Alberta. The position provides research, advice, and recommendations on a wide range of policy matters affecting Métis issues. This includes building and maintaining effective linkages and relationships with internal and external stakeholders such as the Métis Settlements, the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), and other provincial ministries or federal departments.

The Policy Coordinator also has responsibility for leading projects related to the administration and further development of Métis Settlements legislation, regulations, and associated agreements. This includes initiatives that increase governance capacity.

The Policy Coordinator provides support to the Métis Relations Branch and is able to cover off for other positions as required. This means that the role must stay informed on a broad range of topics related to the Branch and Métis people in Alberta.

The framework of existing GOA legislation, policies, and agreements, as well as ministry priorities and business plan goals, GOA policy development and decision-making processes, and branch operational plans guide the work of this position.

Responsibilities and Activities


Research and develop options and recommendations related to a range of policies related to Métis relations within the GOA framework and support their implementation.

  • Lead the analysis of specific policy issues (e.g., standardized reporting, Code of Conduct for Métis Settlements General Council (MSGC)) and develop options and recommendations.
  • Research and analyze existing policy and provide recommendations for their implementation and possible improvement.
  • Implement and coordinate approved strategies and initiatives that reflect current and future policy (e.g., process for MSGC standardized reporting and obligations of the Crown regarding Metis Consultation).
  • Harmonize policies based on research and analysis of national and international models.
  • Interpret policies for internal and external stakeholders to contribute to consistent application
  • Participate and represent the Branch and Ministry on provincial and national policy committees as required.
  • Research initiatives to ensure projects are planned and completed to address relevant Métis issues.

Lead research, analysis and recommendation of action to address emerging issues as assigned.

  • Provides back up to the intake of calls related to the Protecting the Public Interest initiative.
  • Maintain relationships with stakeholders (e.g., Métis Settlements Appeal Tribunal, other ministries involved in cross-ministry initiatives) to serve as a trusted advisor on responding to emerging issues.
  • Provide advice and guidance within the existing policies, legislation, and agreements to inform decision-making regarding solutions.
  • Research and analyze issues to development recommendations for the path forward.
  • Prepare and present documents and reports that define options and recommendations.
  • Lead initiatives to increase governance capacity within Métis Settlements organizations.

Participate in the interpretation and evolution of legislation to support its implementation and fulfillment of statutory obligations.

  • Assist in the administration of the Métis Settlements legislation and any applicable financial agreements with the MSGC, Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), and other Métis organizations (e.g., respond to queries, monitor application of legislation against practice).
  • Interpret legislation and provide related advice to facilitate its application.
  • Lead the coordination and execution of stakeholder consultations related to legislative review.
  • Prepare legislative documents according to the GOA process and policies (e.g., working with the legislative drafting team).
  • Track the legislative review process to ensure progress and required milestones and outputs are prepared and presented as needed.
  • Coordinate legislative elements of initiatives to address the policy perspective.
  • Raise awareness to potential conflicts in the application of legislation.

Support the Director in reaching the performance objectives of the team.

  • Develop and coordinate briefings and background materials to inform decision making and direction.
  • Develop and maintain effective communication and relations with a variety of Métis stakeholder groups and organizations, GOA Departments, and other governments.
  • Represent the ministry on various working committees, as required.
  • Attend workshops relevant to Métis Settlements and other Métis organizations to maintain awareness of current issues and trends.
  • Participate and lead some sections of branch planning and reporting.
  • Speak on behalf of the department at a variety of engagements attended by different stakeholder groups.



This position impacts interpretation and implementation of Métis Settlements legislation and policy in all departments across the provincial government. Recommendations made by this position contribute to the formulation of governance policy and strategies for the Métis Settlements, and to greater self-reliance and self-governance of Alberta's Métis Settlements. This position works in an area where the projects and initiatives undertaken are of a pilot or developmental nature in a complex and often politicized environment where parameters are not always clear. The diversity and numbers of stakeholders and complexity of their issues adds to the challenge. Complexity is the result of the sensitivity of legal and policy issues and the volatility of multi-party negotiation or conflict resolution processes, all with significant legal and financial impacts. There is a high degree of political sensitivity surrounding this work.

Using strong relationship building and research skills the Policy Coordinator is able to identify needs related to implementing strategic policy framework and shifting to more proactive perspectives and approaches. The scope of work requires the incumbent to identify and assess policy implications on a number of areas, and to develop and communicate related recommendations based on impact assessments.

When leading an initiative the incumbent could report directly to the Executive Director, while keeping the Director apprised of progress and project status.

Multiple ministry policy initiatives are managed at one time (e.g., MCGC policy; MSAT policy; specific policy implementation projects) each with their own timelines, factors, and issues. Cross-ministry initiatives are also part of the assigned portfolio. Within each initiative there will be a variety of needs to address (e.g., coordination of legislative supports, stakeholder engagement, research, review). The Policy Advisor determines how to resolve problems and involves the Director on more complex or unique or sensitive situations. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of issues and concerns as they relate to the Métis Settlements and other Métis organizations.
  • Knowledge of Métis interests, protocol, and their relationship to provincial government programs and policies.
  • Awareness of law, history and legislation as it relates to Métis Settlements governance issues.
  • Knowledge of the priorities and agreements between the GOA, ministry, and Métis Settlements
  • Knowledge of government operations and policy development process and decision-making factors
  • Knowledge of the GOA legislation and policy development and review processes
  • Knowledge of different approaches for stakeholder consultation
  • Knowledge of governance processes
  • Process oriented to guide legislation and policy reviews through each step ensuring that all documents and requirements have been met
  • Able to lead policy projects including research and development of options and impacts and recommendations
  • Strong consultation and facilitation skills
  • Sound research and analytical skills.
  • Sound verbal and written communication skills to communicate and prepare documents for a variety of audiences.
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills.
  • Ability to think strategically about policy and legislation impacts and their application.
  • Project management/development skills.
  • Ability to exercise discretion and diplomacy in a highly sensitive political environment.
  • Issues management / knowing where to refer/manage caller queries
  • Ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to share information and complete multi-faceted initiatives on time and on budget, producing high quality deliverables.


  • Director, Executive Director - receive direction, provide project status updates; raise awareness to emerging issues
  • Branch staff - share information and collaborate on projects
  • Department staff - share information; provide input, advice, and guidance related to Métis governance, policy, and legislation
  • Public - service as back up to protecting the Public Interest initiative; receive and respond to calls
  • Métis Settlements General Council and Métis organization staff and leadership - maintain strong working relationships; interpret policy and legislation queries; represent the ministry’s position and priorities; collaborate to identify current issues and priorities; lead specific projects related to policy, legislation, or issues management
  • Legislative Technical Drafting Team - provide information and collaborate on drafting legislation content

Supervision Exercised



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