Position Profile

Job Title:  Business Analyst

Work Unit:  Forestry Division, Wildfire Management Branch/Business Services

Ministry:   Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1042046

Date:  April 2017



Agriculture and Forestry’s Wildfire Management Branch operates within a complex, evolving and emergent environment. The Branch’s activities are primarily within the Forest Protection Area of Alberta (60% of the province’s landbase). Wildfire Management Branch responds to approximately 1500 wildfires per year that burn a total of 297,000 hectares (numbers based on 5-year average).

The Business Analyst position is necessary to support the Wildfire Management Branch's efforts for continuous improvement and effective and efficient programs. This position addresses the need for cost analysis, cost control and efficiency. This position will identify trends and provide recommendations to ensure financial efficiency of wildfire management programs.

This position is relied on to liaise with branch and ministry business areas for issues, inquiries, and requirements relating to financial aspects of the wildfire management program. Reporting to the Director, Business Services, this position performs all work in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies, and guidelines.

This position provides leadership by developing, coordinating and contributing professional financial expertise and analysis to a variety of individuals (management and non-management) and teams made up of individuals with different skills and knowledge (technical and administrative). A team could consist of Agriculture and Forestry professional/technical/administrative staff, internal reviewers, data analysts, business analysts and contractors. This position will lead assignments in a project management role.

This position develops and analyses financial reports and provides recommendations relating to the efficiency and effectiveness of wildfire management program. This information is used by senior management and stakeholders as input to plans and decisions, as well as alerting them to emerging issues and opportunities for potential strategies. This position also provides wildfire management program related financial expertise into the development of Agriculture and Forestry’s business plan and annual report, as well as program reviews, financial trend analysis, capital plan initiatives, business cases, and strategic plans for the Wildfire Management Branch.

Working closely with the staff at all levels and positions, this position compiles and analyzes information to respond to inquiries, determine trends, and report on the wildfire management program. This information supports financial and program accountability. This position operates within applicable ministry and government frameworks, standards, and agreements and accounting and reporting requirements.

Areas of focus for this position are financial expertise and prudent business practices; strategic planning; financial legislation, policy and procedures; knowledge of wildfire management programs; applicable Government of Alberta and department legislation and policy; research, and exceptional interpersonal and writing skills.

Responsibilities and Activities


Coordinating the reporting and analyses of financial results in accordance with established guidelines, standards, agreements, and reporting requirements.


  • Works with financial and operational staff (management and non-management) to compile and analyze program information to develop roll ups, summaries, and management reports as to financial status of programs.
  • Determines and provides analytics pertaining to wildfire management programs to branch and division representatives (e.g. program costs, area specific costs, etc.); identifies trends and issues pertaining to costs, revenue, etc. for input to plans, forecasts, and decisions.
  • Responds to ad hoc requests for information from division and ministry representatives by analyzing, presenting, and explaining program data.
  • Provides leadership for development of new and revised reporting forms, systems, and processes based on requirements for financial and program information.

Collaborates with corporate, divisional, branch staff with respect to financial matters.


  • Collaborates with Wildfire Finance Specialist on budget allocation, reporting and forecasting.
  • Conduct research and analysis, participate in program reviews and identify specific areas to monitor and review. This can range from a high level view to a detailed analysis of specific data elements.
  • Proactively monitor wildfire management programs, processes and activities to ensure financial objectives are met according to internal control measures and business risk is minimized.  
  • Provide cost/benefit analysis for business cases.
  • Identify cost pressures and provide cost benefit analysis and financial trend analysis for the range of wildfire management programs.
  • Provide financial data, analysis and recommendations for the development of Agriculture and Forestry’s business plan, Ministry annual report, program reviews, capital planning initiatives, strategic plans and other specific reports related to financial matters
  • Provides background information and analyses to support budget allocations.
  • Prepares roll ups, summaries, and management reports pertaining to financial operational results.
  • Identify spending patterns and completes requests for additional funding
  • Provides consultation and advice to division executive team and representatives in relation to actual vs budgeted results based on analysis and interpretation of financial operational and program outcome data; communicates trends and issues and provides recommendations as to potential responses and actions.

The Director is supported in achieving the mandate and goals of the Business Services section.


  • Responds to action requests and other inquiries and provides senior management with decision-support by preparing correspondence, briefings, financial reports, and analyses and developing options to address issues.
  • Provides guidance in relation to budget planning, monitoring, and forecasting concepts, processes and procedures.
  • Provides analysis, reports and recommendations relating to financial issues, opportunities, challenges and benchmarking associated with the wildfire management program.
  • Participates in working groups, teams, and committees at division, Ministry, and cross-ministry levels as assigned.


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