Position Profile

Job Title:  Policy Manager

Work Unit:  Policy, Legislation and Evaluation Division, Policy Branch, Sector Standards Section

Ministry:  Alberta Climate Change Office

Competition Number:  1042044

Date:  April 2017

Position Summary


The Policy Manager will be responsible for coordinating the implementation of Alberta’s sector-based climate policies, including the transition to the output-based allocation system. This includes leading the project management functions of policy development, such as developing work plans, tracking and reporting on current status, developing briefings and updates for senior leadership, and advising on resourcing needs. The Policy Manager will also be accountable for advising on the integration aspects of Alberta’s and federal climate change policies, including the methane reduction target, electricity transition and oil sands limit. The integration function also includes leading staff level and supporting senior leadership level cross ministry working groups and working with provincial and federal counterparts to ensure policy alignment.

This position will involve policy leadership, project management, stakeholder engagement and cross-ministry coordination. This position works collaboratively with other ministries, teams in the Alberta Climate Change Office and stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of sector-based climate change policies. A key success factor of the position is to develop and maintain effective, open and consultative relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Specific Accountabilities


Lead the policy management functions for the output-based allocation system and any future climate change policies or initiatives led by the branch. Activities include:

  • Develop policy documents, including briefing notes, decision sheets, and Cabinet reports;
  • Lead and support cross ministry working groups focused on policy integration;
  • Support Alberta’s participation (advice, feedback, strategic input, reporting within Alberta) on federal and cross-jurisdictional works on climate change policies.

Lead Cabinet Reports and provide policy advice based on technical analysis, best practices from other jurisdictions, and in climate and public policy research.

  • Collate economic and technical analysis from multiple sources and branches around ACCO, and other branches in government, to convey complex environmental and economic policy decisions to government.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical information in a way that is concise and comprehensible to a non-technical audience.
  • Strong ability to lead and communicate risk assessment and regulatory impact assessment.

Support the development of policies and programs that are complimentary to the Output-Based Allocation System. Activities include:

  • Remain current on the status of closely affiliated policies, such as the OSAG work, the Methane policy development, the REP program and anything else related to the implementation of the Climate Leadership Plan.
  • Ensure that policy staff is adequately engaged with other teams, branches and ministries to develop climate related policies and programs as needed.
  • Represent the team at cross-department and cross-ministry working groups, to ensure that the branch’s interests are properly represented in the development of related policies and programs.
  • Provide strategic advice to leadership when issues arise with the development of other policies and programs that affect the implementation of the Output-Based Allocation system.

Manages and directs the work of four direct reports / policy analysts accountable for policy research, analysis, advice, issues management and evaluation of implementation. Works across Branch, Division, and Government to manage the work of peers and technical analysts contributing to policy development. Effective leadership is fundamental to this position. Activities include:

  • Achieve business plan goals and links services and program activities within the department to develop processes and optimize capacity.
  • Provide effective leadership and support to a team of policy professionals.
  • Assure that resources are allocated in an equitable and efficient manner.
  • Coordinate staff meeting and brainstorming sessions, provide coaching, advice, motivation and mentoring to staff.
  • Manage staff performance to ensure a high performing, respectful workplace that encourages staff engagement and participation.
  • Provide effective performance management feedback.

Knowledge / Experience


The person holding this position will have a good understanding of the environmental, policy and legal context in which these various outcomes are to be achieved. Specifically a good background understanding of the climate change actions currently being undertaken by federal, provincial and municipal governments and the other provinces, as well as a significant level of awareness of the issues being managed.

A degree (masters preferred) in public administration, environmental science, sustainable development, political science, business administration, or other related field plus experience managing policy advisors. In addition, the Manager is required to have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Broad knowledge of climate change policies across Alberta and Canada, and internationally.
  • Effective communication skills, verbal, non-verbal and written, effective interpersonal and management skills, and proven skills in systems thinking, problem solving, decision making are required.
  • Strong experience in policy analysis, policy research, policy options, design and implementation fields.
  • Experience drafting Cabinet Reports.
  • Experience working with stakeholders that often have competing interests.
  • Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to supervise team members, ensuring work is conducted satisfactorily.
  • Ability to work effectively and diplomatically with senior ministry officials, and to liaise effectively with other entities (e.g., other ministries, agencies and levels of government).
  • Knowledge of strategic planning, issues management and public administration practices.
  • Understanding of the government’s overall direction and current actions and priorities related to climate change.

Leadership and Business Know-How


Experience working with stakeholders and governments with varying perspectives is considered essential.

Work on frameworks, policies and strategies will have to be accomplished within the context of changing information, multiple interests and positions, multiple partners, varied scenarios and distributed influence.

  • The position must coordinate and organize the team’s activities by providing direction to staff on policies and procedures, ensuring the direction is consistent with overall government direction.
  • Position facilitates relationships on behalf of team with other government departments, other governments, industry, associations and other partners.
  • Position is also responsible for evaluating the team’s performance and deliverables.
  • Identify options or courses of action, setting priorities and having the team carry out the work efficiently.

Problem Solving


Alberta is one of the first jurisdictions in North America to address this policy and institute carbon pricing, yet the policy continues to evolve significantly as expected in such an “emerging” field.

The position must represent Alberta in multi-stakeholder and multi-jurisdictional forums, which will require on-the-spot communication and management of issues. The position must work on complex files that require a balance of economic, social and environmental outcomes with multiple inputs and positions. The development of an output-based allocation system is an immediate focus of the position. The transition to this system while have a significant economic impact and a fiscal impact to government of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The incumbent will have supports from within the Branch and across government as they attempt to integrate issues and find solutions through innovative policy development that reflects stakeholder inputs.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Policy Staff


Assigning work, ensuring priorities are set and deadlines are met

Director, Sector Standards and Policy


Direction, assistance in setting priorities and identifying goals

Providing project updates and risk identification

Executive Director, Climate Change Policy


Informing, seeking direction on goals and government interests

Providing project updates and risk identification

Assistant Deputy Minister


Providing project updates and risk identification


Federal, Provincial and Territorial Climate Change Staff

Monthly to Bimonthly

Sharing information, ensuring alignment where possible.

Industry/Industry Associations

Non-government organizations

Stakeholder organizations (advisory councils and committees)


Representing Ministry priorities and positions; identify and resolve complex issues, exchange information, communicate key policy and legislative initiatives; develop strategic partnerships and working relationships.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


This position has a significant impact on the effective development of the output-based allocation carbon pricing system in Alberta. The output-based allocation system will impact a significant portion of the Alberta economy. This position will also influence the development of other policies under the Climate Leadership Plan. Lastly, this position is directly responsible for managing 2 other positions.

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