Position Profile

Job Title:  Community Engagement Advisor

Work Unit:  Heritage, Royal Alberta Museum

Ministry:   Alberta Culture and Tourism

Competition Number:  1041977

Date:  April 2017



Reporting to the Head of Community Engagement, the Community Engagement Advisor is responsible for engaging with Aboriginal communities to implement appropriate collections care for sacred ceremonial materials, for developing protocols for moving sacred ceremonial objects and other related materials to the new Royal Alberta Museum, for developing and implementing procedures around the display of certain key objects of interest to Indigenous communities, and for developing repatriation regulations for the First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act. In doing so, the Community Engagement Advisor will assist in advising the Royal Alberta Museum on engagement recommendations and protocols, provide administrative supp01i for engagement and policy initiatives, promote and facilitate relationship-building between museum staff and Indigenous communities, and foster knowledge and integration of Indigenous perspectives throughout the museum.

Responsibilities and Activities


Develop a protocol for a move strategy for sacred ceremonial objects and other related materials by:

  • Developing a database of appropriate Aboriginal individuals and organizations
  • Initiating and participating in ceremonial protocols and activities, as required
  • Assisting in designing an engagement strategy to ensure effective and appropriate representation and participation of Aboriginal peoples in planning for the movement of sacred ceremonial objects and other related materials
  • Assisting in establishing a resourcing plan to achieve the engagement: schedule, people, resources
  • Documenting engagement recommendations, ensuring communication is maintained between sessions
  • Assisting in establishing and implementing post-consultation protocols to establish positive future partnerships
  • Assisting in advising Royal Alberta Museum project teams on recommendations

Support the development of repatriation regulations for the First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act by:

  • Assisting in preparing an engagement strategy for repatriation activities
  • Initiating and participating in ceremonial protocols and activities, as required
  • Consulting with First Nation communities about the development of repatriation regulations
  • Arranging for First Nations to view the sacred ceremonial objects in the museum's collections
  • Participating on a repatriation regulation drafting team
  • Assisting in developing draft repatriation documents
  • Supporting the Glenbow Museum, as required, in its repatriation of government-owned collections

Support the development of other cultural initiatives for Metis communities by:

  • Assisting in determining repatriation mechanisms and protocols, should any Metis sacred ceremonial items come into Government of Alberta collections
  • Assisting with arranging for greater collaboration and access to Metis items at the Royal Alberta Museum

Establish an Elders' Advisory Panel to advise on the care of key objects in the museum's collections:

  • Identifying appropriate community contacts
  • Maintaining a database of all individuals and organizations consulted, as well as recommended future contacts
  • Preparing reports on findings and recommendations



The ability to engage with Aboriginal communities will enhance the museum's effectiveness as a relevant community resource, will provide the ministry with operational protocols, and will establish long-term positive partnerships. Engagement with Aboriginal cultural knowledge holders and others will be essential. In many cases, there will be no precedents for developing and delivering effective engagement. One of the first responsibilities of the position will be to assist in the development and implementation of an engagement strategy to support collaboration with Aboriginal communities in the development of move protocols for sacred ceremonial items, and for certain key objects such as the Manitou Stone, in preparation for the opening of the new Royal Alberta Museum in its downtown location. In dealing with sacred ceremonial items, the Community Engagement Advisor participates directly in ceremonial protocols such as offering tobacco to elders, and occasionally in ceremonial activities such as smudging, sweat lodge ceremonies, and pipe ceremonies.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge, understanding and experience with theories and practices relating to stakeholder engagement and relations, particularly in relation to Aboriginal people, communities and organizations.
  • Knowledge, understanding and experience with Aboriginal culture, governance theories and protocols, including ceremonial protocols.
  • Ability to successfully work in a politically sensitive environment.
  • Understanding and knowledge of diverse Aboriginal history, cultures, traditions, beliefs and protocols, and the ability to provide expert consultative advice that is culturally appropriate and sensitive to the needs of Aboriginal communities.
  • Proven reputation for establishing collaborative working relationships within Aboriginal communities and with a wide variety of stakeholder groups and other jurisdictions.
  • Ability to identify problems, develop and influence strategic direction and manage diverse issues.
  • Ability to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships within the ministry, across government and with stakeholders.
  • Exceptional verbal, written, listening and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Ability to be strongly objective in hearing, communicating, responding to and synthesizing many different views, values and perspectives.
  • Vehicle travel will be a significant part of the work, and the incumbent must be licensed to drive passenger vehicles.
  • Interpersonal skills and the capacity to adapt to a wide range of institutional and cultural environments will be essential to this position.
  • Post-secondary degree in Native Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Geography, or related discipline.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Executive Director, Royal Alberta Museum


Strategic direction

Director of Human History


Operational direction and status reports

Head of Community Engagement


Strategic direction operational direction

Head of Cultural Studies


For collections care and repatriation


First Nations & Metis elders, ceremonialists and cultural knowledge holders

First Nations Band Councils or other designated representatives

First Nations organizations

Multicultural organizations

Community organizations

As required for consultation

Relationship building

Identifying relevant collections

Establishing culturally-appropriate procedures and protocols for repatriation and stewardship of sacred ceremonial items

Supervision Exercised



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