Position Profile

Job Title:  Mentoring Programs Advisor

Work Unit:  Child Intervention, PEI

Ministry:   Alberta Children's Services

Competition Number:  1041925

Date:  April 2017



This position is the ministry’s primary advisor to senior and executive leaders for mentoring and family support policies, strategies, grants and programs. The Advisor provides secretariat and research services for the Co-Chairs of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP); coordinates and develops recommendations to inform Human Services’ commitments to the Partnership; manages grants related to mentoring and family supports, and supports the development of ministry-funded programs (e.g. Youth in Care Mentoring Pilot, Family-to-Family Peer Support Groups) in support of Ministry goals and objectives. The Advisor is a primary support to the Senior Manager, Prevention and Early Intervention Branch, for issues related to mentoring and family supports. This position liaises with internal and external stakeholders across the province and in other jurisdictions to inform policy direction for children, youth and families in Alberta and to report on progress toward goals.

This position is also involved in the department’s promotion and activities related to mentoring (e.g., sharing expertise on mentoring approaches, developing options etc.) internally and nationally. Information is shared across the branch to inform other child, youth, and family initiatives and programs.

Responsibilities and Activities


Coordination/management of child, youth and family serving programs, grants and strategies funded by the ministry:

  • Work with stakeholders to develop program and project elements from a governance perspective (e.g., development of evaluation plans and performance measures for three pilot sites for Youth in Care Mentoring.)
  • Disseminate research results, and make recommendations based on results achieved for future implementation enhancements and maintain alignment with ministry frameworks and priorities
  • Manage contracts awarded from the ministry that support the implementation of the goals and strategies to ensure they are meeting audit standards for grant reporting
  • Promote the department’s prevention and early intervention activities and participate in relevant activities
  • Pursue the creation of innovative programs that utilize prevention techniques to increase protective factors in collaboration with community partners (e.g. Family-to-Family Peer Mentoring Network)
  • Respond to emerging issues with prevention focused solutions where appropriate (e.g. Creation of mentoring resources for Syrian Refugees and increasing Indigenous Mentoring in Wood Buffalo as response to Fort McMurray wildfires)

Research and advisory services on a range of mentorship issues:

  • Lead the ministry’s collection and assessment of data from multiple sources to profile and give evidence to the social impacts of mentoring and develop recommendations for their integration into Alberta policies, strategies, and programs
  • Prepare briefings, reports and data summaries for relevant local and provincial partners, government departments and ministries
  • Synthesize and assess ministry learnings regarding mentoring with targeted populations such as children and youth in care, LGBTQ youth, youth with disabilities, immigrant youth, aboriginal youth, youth who may have experience family violence, and develop associated recommendations
  • Collaborate with branch staff and promote sharing of information and expertise to achieve broader outcomes.
  • Research and identify evidence-based tools and resources that will support and advance the use of mentoring across Alberta, and disseminate existing tools and resources across the province
  • Review and provide feedback on documents that require Human Services approval
  • Develop common tools and measures to assess/evaluate mentoring outcomes
  • Create an inventory of mentoring evidence-based leading practices and programs

Secretariat and Advisory Services for the AMP Co-Chairs and Leadership Team

  • Prepare and disseminate meeting agendas and supporting documentation
  • Consolidate and synthesize Leadership Team and Co-Chairs inputs and feedback to create meaningful documents including operational and strategic plans and reports
  • Liaise with stakeholder groups on behalf of the Co-Charis and Leadership Team
  • Coordinate and follow up on Action Items that result from meetings
  • Raise awareness to emerging issues that could shape agendas and priorities
  • Guide documents through approval processes of the Co-Chairs / AMP Leadership Team
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the Co-Chairs and leadership Team based on situational awareness and analysis of trends and opportunities

Inform strategies and directions of the AMP

  • Contribute to strategic policy and planning discussions around the mission and vision of AMP based on knowledge of current issues and priorities, and leading practices,
  • Review and provide feedback on documents that require Human Services input/approval as part of the ministry’s commitments to the AMP
  • Analyze strategic plan and supporting documents to ensure alignment with Government strategies.
  • Incorporate the results of AMP evaluations / literature reviews etc. into future planning activities
  • Develop and deliver presentations to ministry staff, cross-ministry staff and stakeholders
  • Research and demonstrate linkages and alignment across programs and projects with current government policies and strategies relevant to the ministry Business Plan to move forward the mentoring agenda

Stakeholder Liaison and Mentoring Promotions/Communications

  • Build awareness; strengthen relationships and connections between groups, networks, and programs within the ministry, cross-ministry partners, and external stakeholders to engage support and interest or participation in mentoring opportunities. (e.g., work with agencies across Alberta to establish how mentoring can add value to the healthy development of young Albertans)
  • Collaborate with Communications and other ministries to develop appropriate communications/marketing strategies and materials as per communications strategy that include the priorities of the ministry (e.g., specific campaigns, announcements, launches).
  • Work in partnership with contractors hired to develop appropriate communications/marketing materials as per communications strategy.
  • Liaise with Alberta based research organizations to maintain awareness of current research and to integrate mutual goals
  • Share research, documents and information with community partners and ministry partners as key pieces to inform the work of mentoring in Alberta



This position provides evidence-based research and recommendations, advisory services to leadership committees, and program monitoring and oversight that advance the Prevention and Early Intervention Framework and related ministry priorities. The position also leads the collection and assessment of data that illustrates and confirms the collective impact of mentoring in Alberta. Results produced by this position impact the ministry’s commitment as Co-Chair to the AMP; it’s funding of mentorship programs. The results have a province-wide impact.

Subject matter expertise in prevention, family support, and mentoring approaches combined with knowledge of a span of targeted populations (e.g., children and youth in care, LGBTQ youth, youth with disabilities, immigrant youth, aboriginal youth, youth who may have experience family violence) provide a foundation for this position to develop recommendations and move initiatives forward. Related advice and guidance is provided by the incumbent to internal and external stakeholders.

The position has authority to participate in discussions with Ministry partners to determine what data to collect, how to best collect it, and what to share, while maintaining compliance with FOIP requirements and existing policies. The position is challenged to work with cross-ministry partners and community partners who might have different priorities and/or perspectives. The incumbent must be forward looking and strategic to proactively identify potential risks and conflicts and to identify resolutions that will motivate common direction and continued engagement. The provincial scope of the work also adds to the complexity of the position; needs may vary across the province and leading practice or research from other jurisdictions might not be directly applicable to some provincial situations. Creativity is applied when determining how best to present information to different stakeholders, and how best to engage their support and engagement on prevention and mentoring initiatives. The incumbent determines work priorities based on the general direction provided by the Senior Manager.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Thorough knowledge of current theories, issues and trends related to prevention, early intervention, and mentoring (particularly with children and youth)
  • Knowledge of the issues, priorities and trends in a range of youth populations (e.g., immigrant, Aboriginal, youth in care)
  • Knowledge of the community agencies and organizations that are engaged in mentorship and family supports or related activities across the province
  • Evidence-based program development and evaluation theories and approaches
  • Ability to integrate trends, strategic priorities, and stakeholder interests and data analysis to generate options and recommendations
  • Strong written and oral communication skills to draft and present a variety of documents to different audiences
  • Project management skills to plan and lead specific projects of varying duration and with multiple stakeholder groups
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Strong organizational skills to coordinate leadership committee meetings and ensure associated action plans and documents are prepared and distributed
  • Financial monitoring and management skills
  • Ability to develop and track performance measures


  • Senior and Executive leaders in the branch and division - provide updates, advice and recommendations
  • Branch staff - collaborate and share information
  • AMP Co-Chair ministries and Leadership Team (e.g., other ministries; Big Brothers Big Sisters; Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta) – provide advisory and secretariat services
  • Professional and management staff in other ministries - represent the ministry in work related to mentorship programs or approaches; share information
  • External stakeholders (e.g., Child and Family Services Authorities; Safe & Caring Schools, FCSS, Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters) - provide information on mentorship programs and strategies; oversee grants provided to specific projects; engage participation in research or data collection or pilot projects etc.; respond to queries
  • Contracted vendors - negotiate and manage contracts for services; review deliverables
  • Other jurisdictions - seek information on leading practices or programs
  • Researchers engaged in mentorship or other early intervention or prevention research - seek information; collaborate on projects; share information

Supervision Exercised

  • N/A


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