Position Profile

Job Title:  Career and Employment Consultant

Work Unit:  Delivery Services

Ministry:   Alberta Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1041909

Date:  April 2017



Reporting to the Program Delivery Supervisor, the Career and Employment Consultant (CEC) is a proactive professional who works to strengthen Alberta’s workforce in response to the labour market, in consultation and collaboration with departmental and community partners. The CEC provides support and guidance to business, industry and Albertans, to implement the Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce Strategy, assess career, employability, educational, employment and financial needs, and apply labour market information. The CEC assists individuals to make informed choices that enable them to support themselves and increase their employability and their economic and social well-being. 

Responsibilities and Activities


Consistent with the guiding principles of the Department, the Career and Employment Consultant provides career, training and employment counselling and support services to individuals and groups to assist them in arriving at informed decisions regarding their plan and to promote self-sufficiency in making such decisions in the future.


  • Conducts Service Needs Determination interviews to assist individuals, employers, and industry groups in clarifying and prioritizing service needs.
  • Determines eligibility for Alberta Works programs and services.
  • Utilizes theories of human behaviour, career/employment development techniques and methodologies to help individuals identify achievable, realistic and meaningful life and career goals.
  • Provides advice in relation to educational options and financial resources.
  • Relays labour market information and relates that information to employment and training options.
  • Works with individuals to develop a mutually agreed upon plan to assist in attaining career, education and/or employment goals.
  • Recommends approval of funding, where required.
  • Develops, facilitates and leads workshops (e.g. career, employer, immigration).
  • Assists individuals in searching for work and advise/counsel individuals to assist them in maintaining work.
  • Provides labour market information to support those Albertans requiring information and self-directed services to enable them to find and maintain desired work, training or career information.
  • Consults with colleagues and community partners in efforts to assist and, when appropriate, refer individuals.
  • Responds to public inquiries for information and direction in relation to career research and work search.
  • Provides more intensive intervention with special needs clients.

Through developing effective relationships with community partners ( industry, business organizations and associations, First Nations/Aboriginal groups, immigrant serving agencies, educational institutions/training providers, service agencies, and other government ministries and levels of government), the Career and Employment Consultant markets Department programs and services to the community and fosters partnerships that enhance services to Albertans.


  • Consults and liaises with community partners.
  • Designs, develops and delivers information to community partners regarding Department services and programs.
  • Engages in community consultations to determine the service needs of community partners and individuals.
  • Supports and influences community partners by facilitating attraction/retention strategies that address labour market needs and skills shortages (e.g. Employer Symposiums, Job Fairs).
  • Works with industry partners and associations to assist individuals impacted by workforce adjustment.
  • Develops and maintains effective networks/partnerships.

The Career and Employment Consultant performs employability and learning needs assessments that enable individuals to identify employment strengths and barriers and develop appropriate individual plans.


  • Conducts an interview to assess individual’s abilities and potential.
  • Utilizes appropriate testing tools and methodologies, administers assessments and interprets results.
  • Co-ordinates access to external assessments, as needed (e.g. psychological, educational, functional capacity, etc.).
  • Provides information about and referral to various internal and external programs and services (e.g. AADAC, Mental Health, etc.).
  • Assesses needs for assistive technology and disability related supports.
  • Analyzes information, interprets and applies policy in order to refer individuals to appropriate programs and services.

This position provides case management and supports individual progress in meeting the goals defined in their individual plan.


  • Supports the client in addressing barriers that may impact their path to independence.
  • Collaboratively works with individuals to revise plans, where needed.
  • Coordinates the provision of required services, supports and assistive technology.
  • Case conferences with colleagues within and outside the department, as needed.
  • Case management/follow-up - reviews and monitors progress of the individual plan as required, making recommendations to appropriate internal/external programs, services, resources, and post-employment supports.

The Career and Employment Consultant supports clients in crisis:


  • Provides immediate crisis intervention, assessing the presenting problem and providing brokerage and/or guidance and counselling to de-escalate/resolve the conflict.
  • Provides individuals with the support necessary to deal with their crisis needs, either by direct service delivery or by the timely and efficient referral to appropriate services.
  • Influences and advises individuals to develop individual plans that include goals, steps to achieve goals, responsibilities, and timelines focusing on existing services in the community.

This position provides funding to individuals through departmental delegations of authority, as prescribed in a variety of governing acts, regulations and agreements. Supports individuals to access alternate funding options.


  • Determines eligibility and authorizes/recommends funding available through various governing acts, regulations and agreements.
  • Authorizes/recommends funding within delegated levels.
  • Responds to individual inquiries as to the status of application award determination.
  • Provides information to individuals and the community on funding options.
  • Maintains responsibilities as authorized counsellor regarding grant/loan funding.
  • Reviews personal and financial information provided on Alberta Works applications (and supporting documentation).
  • Assesses applicant eligibility for Alberta Works programs and issues initial financial benefits to meet applicant’s immediate needs.
  • Where applications have been denied, outlines the appeal process and alternative resources.

The Career and Employment Consultant actively participates in departmental activities related to enhancing service provision to ensure alignment of the department’s strategic vision.


  • Works collaboratively with other Department staff in the delivery of programs and services (e.g. Contract Services Coordinators, Regional Specialists).
  • Leads and/or participates in special project development, design and delivery.
  • Assists in the evaluation and development of Best Practices in the delivery of Department programs and services.
  • Participates in Department committees and initiatives.
  • Provides consulting support on department policy and procedures to Department contracted training providers.

In keeping with Department policies, procedures and Best Practices, the Career and Employment Consultant performs administration duties.


  • Ensures the timely completion and accuracy of file documentation in hard copy and electronic file documentation, as required for case management, funding interventions and information sharing with other Department employees and contractors.
  • Ensures file documentation reflects prescribed policies, procedures and confidentiality requirements.



The focus of this job is to support the Government of Alberta “Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce” strategy, by working with Albertans to address the province’s labour and skill shortages and to consult with community partners.

The Career and Employment Consultant provides service to a very diverse client group, so applies a high degree of resourcefulness and creativity in meeting the varied, and often multiple needs of clients.  Not all interaction with clients is voluntary, as some may be poorly motivated or in a crisis situation.  As a result, interactions can be very demanding.

The Career and Employment Consultant:

  • Applies considerable knowledge of varied programs and services (internally and externally).
  • Interprets and applies program specific policies and procedures.
  • Makes decisions as to program eligibility and funding support levels for individuals.
  • Conducts Service Needs Determination interviews to assist individuals, employers, and industry groups in clarifying and prioritizing service needs.
  • Provides career, training and employment support services to individuals, groups and community partners.
  • Provides funding to individuals through departmental delegations of authority and acts as an Authorized Counsellor.
  • Provides case management and supports individual progress in meeting employment and/or training goals.
  • Works with stakeholders to implement BETW, including but not limited to:
    • Employers, industry, business organizations and associations
    • Public and private educational institutions
    • Contracted service providers - agencies, psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists
    • Other provincial government departments
    • Other ministries and levels of government
    • Community agencies
    • First Nations/Aboriginal groups
    • Workers’ Compensation Board
    • Albertans

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Completion of a recognized degree or diploma related to the Social Sciences and several years of progressively responsible, related experience.


  • Human behaviour theory.
  • Career development and employment counselling theories and strategies.
  • Disabilities and potential impacts on employment and career goals.
  • Career development and employment counselling theories and strategies.
  • Adult learning strategies and techniques.
  • Available community resources, education/training programs, government programs and services, and labour market information and trends.
  • Income and Employment Supports Act, programs, policies and procedures.
  • Funding programs, policies and procedures.
  • Social barriers, human behaviour, cultural diversity, family dynamics, behaviour change.
  • Industry, industry associations and labour groups.
  • Immigration issues.
  • First Nations/Aboriginal issues.
  • Contract management processes.
  • Current information systems.
  • ALIS (Alberta Learning Information Service) and the Internet.
  • FOIPP in all interactions and communications, the Alberta Public Service Vision and Values and Delivery Services Guiding Principles and ability to incorporate them into day-to-day practice.


  • Ability to apply knowledge of human behaviour theories, while applying career and employment counselling techniques to support change, growth and development toward increased employability.
  • Ability to interpret labour market information and conditions to career planning and employment.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills are essential to provide information, guidance and counselling to individuals.
  • Analytical skills are required to assess individual career and employment difficulties.
  • Ability to select, administer and interpret vocational tests, and tools.
  • Ability to exercise a high degree of independent decision making by applying professional standards to personal judgement and objectivity in dealing with clients, programs and the community.
  • Ability to exercise a high degree of independent decision making while approving expenditures under delegated authorities for Employment and Immigration programs.
  • Sound relationship building skills and team building skills are essential when dealing with community partners, colleagues, co-workers and clients.
  • Effective public relations skills.
  • Good research skills.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Well-developed written skills and active listening skills.
  • Ability to assume lead responsibility in various functions.
  • De-escalation/ conflict resolution /negotiating/ troubleshooting skills.
  • Computer skills in basic keyboarding, Microsoft Word/Internet applications and job related information systems.



C&SS Staff - Daily - To provide information, seek updates on strategies process, identify challenges, provide direction and request follow-up.

Supervisor - Monthly - Problem solve with, seek direction, clarify expectations, and strategize responses, updates.

Business, Community and Industry Partners and potential partners - Daily - Seek information, discuss possible solutions to labour force challenges, address:  inform, attract, develop and retain issues.

Other Municipal and Provincial Government Representatives - As Needed - To obtain specialized information and arrange for attendance at meetings.

Community Stakeholders - As required.

Site Manager - Quarterly at Staff Meetings and as required.

Area Manager - Annually at Area meeting and as required.

Supervision Exercised



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