Position Profile

Job Title:  Auditor Level II

Work Unit:  Resource Revenue and Operations / Compliance and Assurance

Ministry:   Alberta Energy

Competition Number:  1041825

Date:  May 2017



The Auditor II classification is a working level audit position that operates within a team of audit professionals who ensure that the Crown’s share of mineral resource revenues is complete, accurate and fairly valued.

Reporting to an Audit Manager or Senior Auditor, the incumbent working either as a part of a team or independently performs professional compliance auditing under the authority of the Mines and Minerals Act and related Regulations.

The Auditor II must have extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry, from how corporate entities function to how the industry physically operates in the field. They must have significant experience working with Energy’s Regulations and published Guidelines. In addition they require a professional accounting designation with detailed knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in order to be able to evaluate the information provided to them by clients and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) as their work must be in compliance with those standards.

The Auditor II must possess sufficient professional experience to identify specific risk areas to be audited, the specific audit steps within established audit programs to be executed and determine the audit sample for their assigned audits. The Auditor II must then use their professional judgement to evaluate the findings of their audit tests and to be able to fully and clearly document the findings arising from the execution of their audit program and to determine if the audit plan needs to be revised based upon initial audit test results. The audit plans and audit program that the Auditor II prepares for each client are reviewed and approved by the Audit Manager or Senior Auditor.

Audit assignments are conducted in a highly complex industry from both the operational and accounting perspectives. Audit assignments vary over a number of specialty royalty programs including Oil Sands, Volumetric Reporting, By-product Valuation, Allowable Costs, and various Royalty Incentive programs. Audit clients may range in size from the largest multinational oil and gas companies to small privately held corporations.

Responsibilities and Activities


Audit Planning:

  • Assist in planning for the audit coverage of the total audit population for an Assigned Royalty Area of Responsibility:
    • The Auditor II may assist the Senior Auditor with the annual audit plan for a specified area of audit responsibility. This may include an overall risk evaluation for inherent and control assurance and assistance in obtaining the specified audit population and then using statistical sampling techniques and judgemental sampling (based on professional experience) select clients to be audited in the coming audit year.
  • Planning for Individual Audit Clients:
    • Develop a draft audit plan for the assigned individual audit clients.
    • Complete the necessary administrative requirements (file maintenance forms) to obtain an audit number and to have the audit set up on the audit time reporting system.
    • Review the prior year’s audit file (if the client has been previously audited) for leads related to areas of audit concern.
    • Prepare preliminary audit files for all individual clients selected, obtain copies of relevant documentation and prepare initial audit correspondence to be issued to the audit client.
    • Develops specific audit plans for each specific audit client and adjusts audit programs to address specific risk areas. The Auditor II ensures all identified risk areas are addressed in a cost effective manner.
    • The Auditor II will have the Audit Senior or Manager review and approve the audit plan prior to commencing the audit work.

Audit Duties – the Auditor II will:

  • Prepare all working papers in TeamMate in a clear and concise manner that will facilitate efficient file reviews by the Senior Auditor or Manager.
  • Independently executes the audit program either in the field or at their desk to ensure that royalty submissions are materially complete, accurate and fairly valued.
  • Perform substantive audit tests and analysis using approved audit programs and documents findings using standard working paper and file preparation procedures.
  • Monitor the time incurred in the audit and inform the Senior Auditor or Manager if it appears that the authorized budgeted time may be exceeded.
  • If necessary, modify (expand or contract) the initial audit plan as to the scope and audit procedures to reflect the findings that arise, as a result of the audit tests conducted.
  • Inform the Senior Auditor or Manager of any changes to the audit plan.
  • Work independently or as a team member on audit files depending on the nature and complexity of the audit.
  • Present audit issues to their Senior Auditor or Manager as they are identified, with a complete analysis of the situation, the Regulations and previous audit rulings and present possible actions and present a recommendation(s) for resolution of the issue/s.
  • Present audit findings to the auditee with reference to the applicable sections of the Regulations.
  • Prepare a Notice of Determination (in accordance with the established Departmental external communication standards) which is easily understood and provide sufficient documentation to support audit findings and conclusions.
  • Notify the Senior Auditor or Manager that the audit file is ready for review.
  • Clear all queries promptly.
  • Issue the Notice of Determination and conclude the administrative side of the audit.
  • Verify that all amendments arising from the audit examination have been submitted by the audit client and are in accordance with the directions in the Notice of Determination.

Communication with Clients – working independently, the Auditor II will:

  • Initiate the audit by way of a formal letter in accordance with the Departmental external correspondence standards and/or an entry meeting.
  • Request specific supporting information and back-up documents from audit client as required.
  • Manage the audit timeline, taking into consideration the complexity of the audit, the client’s workload and other factors unique to the audit.
  • Communicate with the client in a professional manner regarding the progress of the audit and any issues or concerns that may arise.
  • Discusses audit findings with clients and develops resolutions or recommendations for review by Senior Auditor or Manager.

Team Work – the Auditor II will:

  • Interact on a regular basis with fellow team members and other Department Business Units including Royalty Operations, Oil Sands and Royalty Valuation and Analysis in addition to the Legal and Engineering Branches as required.
  • Assist the Senior Auditor or Manager and the Director of Appeals in the resolution of appealed audits.
  • Advises Senior Auditor or Manager and ensures that other affected Business Units are informed of any audit findings or policy issues that may impact their operations.

Training – the Auditor II will:

  • Assist clients by providing informal training in Department regulations and guidelines, new initiatives or policies and proper procedures for preparing royalty submissions.
  • Provide training to junior audit staff to ensure continuous improvement and career development.
  • Provide technical cross training to other staff within Compliance and Assurance (C&A).
  • Ensure continuous personal knowledge of developments in the energy business and related legislation through review of internal and external publications and attendance at seminars and training courses.
  • Be actively involved in the final stages of an accredited accounting designation.

Other Duties:

  • Participate on internal policy review teams and joint industry-government committees as the opportunities arise.
  • Secondment to other groups within the Department of Energy as required.
  • Assist Senior Auditor or Manager in the day-to-day coordination of the audit team.



The Department of Energy has sole responsibility for the stewardship of one of the Province’s major sources of revenue – Oil and Gas Royalties. The Auditor II is assigned to the C&A Branch, which is responsible for ensuring that annual Crown Royalty revenues are complete, accurate and fairly valued. Overall energy revenues have traditionally accounted for approximately one third of all government revenues. This revenue helps to fund all Government operations. The gross overall audit population covered by the Branch is in excess of $80 Billion annually.

The Auditor II is required to plan and conduct field audits of a diverse client base on a variety of specialized areas ranging from freehold land owners to large multi-national corporations funding billion dollar capital projects to small privately owned single operator entities. This position requires the ability to communicate effectively with staff from a clerk level to senior accounting managers and controllers. The Auditor II utilizes professional audit techniques and demonstrates initiative, independence and a thorough understanding of GAAP and GAAS in ensuring that limited audit resources are focused on high-risk areas.

The incumbent analyses and evaluates supporting documentation to ensure that client royalty and tax submissions comply with legislation. Audit conclusions are developed and documented, discussed with the royalty client and amendments prepared.

Audit coverage and results have a direct impact on all other business units within the Department and form the basis for the annual audit opinion on the completeness and accuracy of Crown mineral resource revenues.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The Auditor II must:

  • Have a sound knowledge of GAAP and GAAS with a minimum of 2 years of audit experience, preferably in an oil and gas environment.
  • Have extensive knowledge of policies, regulations and legislation for assigned program areas and where to find the relevant documentation. Such knowledge should be clearly evident when evaluating client responses to audit queries and file review queries.
  • In-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry including field operating processes and engineering practices. (Enrollment in the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting Program is recommended.)
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of computers and their applications in accounting and auditing (i.e. TeamMate, Idea, Excel, Word and database programs).
  • Completed a post-secondary degree in accounting, business, or finance and actively enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program leading to the Chartered Professional Accountant designation.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to communicate complex audit issues to audit clients and other staff within the Department.
  • Have strong analytical abilities.
  • Demonstrate attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Must be adaptable, to demonstrate the ability to adapt to changes in workload based on changing deadlines, priorities, changes to audit scope and changes in staffing levels.
  • Be able to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Demonstrate workload management skills.
  • Operates with a considerable degree of independence and assumes full responsibility for the results.
  • Be aware of the impact of audit work on other commodity areas.
  • Assist in mentoring, coaching and supervision of junior auditors. Provide formal feedback for performance evaluation where requested.


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