Position Profile

Job Title:  Team Lead, Disaster Recovery Programs (2 positions)

Work Unit:  AEMA

Ministry:   Alberta Municipal Affairs

Competition Number:  1041809

Date:  April 2017



Recovery Operations Small Business Team assists Alberta businesses recover from damage caused by a disaster or emergency event by providing financial assistance/reimbursement via a ministerial announced Disaster Recovery Program (DRP). DRPs can have multi-million dollar budgets and be required to serve thousands of Albertans. Each DRP is unique and must be tailored to the nature of the emergency or disaster and number of people impacted.

This position is the lead for a team of Case Managers. The Team Lead is a subject matter expert. The incumbent is responsible for coaching and providing guidance to the team to help them administer the program effectively, and resolve complex issues on their own cases, and reviews all files for completeness and accuracy prior to their submission through the management chain for approval. Consolidated reports and trends are provided to the Manager to inform unit planning and operations. The Team Lead also stands in as the Acting Manager as needed.

The scope of work also includes case management for more sensitive files where the rationale for decisions must be explained in highly emotional or complicated situations. The Team Lead develops supporting documents, procedures and policies related to DRP administration.

Responsibilities and Activities


Expertise and analysis are provided to maintain effective DRP regulations, policies and processes.

  • Develop briefing notes, transmittal memos and speaking notes as part of program administration as required
  • Interpret policies and procedures regarding federal and provincial disaster recovery legislation for all applicants
  • Assist with policy recommendations to address issues that arise during the development and administration of disaster recovery programs
  • Research emergency management best practices and tools in other jurisdictions and develop recommendations to contribute to enhancing Alberta's DRP service excellence
  • Provide input for the update of the Disaster Assistance Guidelines and Small Business Case Management training materials

Guidance and coaching are provided to the team to foster consistency in case management and high quality service to all DRP clients.

  • Review all files for completeness and accuracy prior to their submission for approval as part on ongoing quality assurance
  • Develop and deliver training content and job supports as needed
  • Provide guidance to Case Managers to help them resolve sensitive, complex or ambiguous situations in their caseloads
  • Provide expertise and advice to the team and other units or ministries as needed on DRP processes related to small business recovery
  • Lead, coach and mentor case management staff to work with various applications (e.g., on DRP eligible expenses, how to create a submission and do a line by line review of each requested expense for DRP eligibility and recommend payment)
  • Step in on cases that are complicated or particularly sensitive to provide rationale for decisions and address queries in emotionally charged situations

Contribute to the timely administration and delivery of DRP financial assistance.

  • Gather, assess and apply applicant information to determine eligibility as needed by utilizing taxation documents, the Alberta Corporate Registry System, land titles, lease agreements, Statements of Loss and Damage, insurance documents, damage evaluation reports and other relevant information
  • Ensure that DRP claims are processed in accordance with program protocols, decisions are documented, and records are properly stored in accordance with policy and program audit guidelines
  • Develop and prepare payment recommendations in accordance with the Government of Alberta (GoA) and Government of Canada (GoC) eligibility requirements
  • Review and analyze complex GoA/GoC eligibility requirements for each application; ensure applicant file is in a state of readiness for GoA and GoC audit processes
  • Act as a point of contact for third party, GoA and GoC auditors

Collaborate with other Recovery Operations colleagues and stakeholders to ensure operational priorities are met.

  • Work with stakeholders including evaluators, engineers, and ministry partners to support timely processing of applications and stay abreast of emerging and existing issues
  • Provide and participate in training events for surge resources and stakeholders as required
  • Participate as needed with the coordination of, and attend, Disaster Recovery Registration Centres, including assisting AEMA Field Officers in the coordination and administration where required, and training of involved municipal staff on DRP
  • Work closely with the contracted specialists, representatives for Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Agriculture and forestry, Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada, municipalities, and field officers as needed to collect, interpret, analyze and report environmental data and other information pertaining to an event

Support is provided to the Manager to achieve expected performance measures and outcomes of the unit.

  • Consolidate team monitoring and reporting into unit level reports and updates against expected performance measures and standards
  • Provide updates and statistical information on the status of applications in a timely manner
  • Lead, or participate in Lessons Learned and Best Practices processes to identify improvements for future DRPs
  • Create briefing notes on demand with very tight turn around times (less than four hours on average) for the Minister, Deputy Minister, Managing Director, MLAs, etc. regarding status of payments, submissions, inquiries regarding eligibility, etc.
  • Work with stakeholders including evaluators, engineers, and ministry partners to support timely processing of applications and stay abreast of emerging and existing issues
  • Provide inputs and recommendations as needed to inform policy discussions and decisions

This position may be required to work in the Provincial Operations Centre or on field assignment as needed during emergencies in order to coordinate provincial emergency response efforts and/or support/advise/assist government ministries, municipalities, First Nations and/or other organizations. In these circumstances, the position may require working extended and irregular hours and/or shifts with minimal or no notice, particularly during emergencies and exercise.



The work of this position directly impacts the implementation of specific DRP programs that provide provincial and/or federal funds to small business applicants to reimburse costs due to uninsurable emergency response or disaster recovery.

Effective case management contributes to integrity in the use of financial resources to compensate for disaster recovery. Multiple DRPs can also be in existence at any one time, each with their own sets of requirements.

Because of their level of expertise, the Team Lead has responsibility to participate in some cases where there are requirements for more interpretation of policy and rationale for decisions. Applicants can be in varying stages of mental and physical condition post disaster and situations can be quite emotionally charged. Likewise, there can be circumstances that add to the complexity of the case (e.g., repairs are complete before Evaluator arrives). The Team Lead plays a central role in resolving these most sensitive situations and also coaches Case Managers in this area. The Team Lead will need to exercise tact, understanding, and empathy in applicant interactions or in supporting case manager interactions with applicants.

The Team Lead also provides ongoing training and coaching to Case Managers, and guidance for their issue resolution, impacting the unit's ability to reach performance targets and expected outcomes. Consolidated reports and updates provided to the Manager inform planning and priority-setting for the unit. Advice and recommendations can also impact policy and/or DRP process.

Challenges include ensuring fairness, transparency and compliance with DRP requirements in situations that can be sensitive due to financial impacts. The DRP does provide policies and guidelines, however the incumbent is expected to interpret grey areas and be able to articulate decisions and rationale internally and to applicants. Communication strategies may have to be adapted to work with different applicants. Approaches to resolve problems require expertise in the DRP requirements and the ability to assimilate multiple pieces of information. The Manager is available to support problem solving as needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Education and Experience

  • Post-secondary degree plus at least four years' related experience, or equivalent mix of education and experience
  • Business or accounting / finance background
  • Emergency management background is an asset
  • Experience delivering government or aid agency grant programs is an asset
  • Experience with staff development and coaching
  • Experience dealing people who are emotionally distressed and personally affected by a major emergency or disaster


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Emergency Management Act, Disaster Recovery Regulations, Disaster Assistance Guidelines
  • Working knowledge of the emergency management framework that is applicable to the GOA
  • Thorough understanding of the branch's goals and objectives and how they relate to the department's business plan.
  • Expertise in the scope of the provisions, policies and processes of specific DRPs
  • Familiarity with commercial insurance, leasing documents, financial statements, incorporation, land titles, and tax forms.
  • Knowledge of the construction industry and property assessment considered an asset.
  • Knowledge of building and assessment processes as they relate to various DRPs.
  • Sound understanding of contract management and human resource management
  • An understanding of small business: ownership and management experience is beneficial

Skills and Abilities

  • Strong project management skills
  • Training and coaching skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Demonstrated excellent customer service and people skills and experience dealing with stressful situations
  • High emotional intelligence to manage sensitive situations
  • Strong oral and written communication skills - public relations, report writing, listening, conflict management, meeting skills, negotiating, networking, relationship building, and teamwork
  • Strong issues management and problem solving skills
  • Proficient consulting and advisory skills
  • Effective decision making skills, including analyzing, fact finding, judgement, problem solving, risk assessment and innovative thinking
  • Proficiency in the use of technology for communication, database management, database queries, analysis, and reporting purposes (e.g., DRP Database, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook, Internet and Intranet, and Share Point)
  • Effective time management and stress management coping skills
  • Effective critical thinking skills, including analyzing, fact finding, judgment, problem solving, risk assessment and innovative thinking.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail to ensure accuracy and clarity in estimating and observing correspondence and financial documents
  • Strong records management and reconciliation of hard files to an online database
  • Business leadership skills in developing, implementing and evaluating of programs; developing and monitoring quality assurance procedures; developing guidelines, standards and operational policies, providing strategic advice, options, and recommendations to management


  • Manager and Director - provide updates and reports statistics on the unit's progress toward goals; identify process improvement; provide recommendations to support the Manager's responsibilities; stand in as Acting Manager as needed.
  • Team staff - provide daily coaching and guidance; guide issues resolution on specific cases to reduce escalations to the Manager; guide staff in accordance with performance measures for the unit; peer review all files prior to submission to the Manager.
  • Other DRP Units or Recovery Units (e.g., Evaluators) - collaborate on specific cases; share information; provide expertise on small business DRP work; draft responses to Action Requests and briefings etc.
  • DRP Finance - provide summaries and approval documents / evidence to support inter-unit transfers.
  • Applicants - communicate on specific situations; respond to queries; interpret policy and decisions as needed.

Supervision Exercised

  • Functional guidance and supervision to all unit staff members.


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