Position Profile

Job Title:  Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister

Work Unit:  Policy Legislation & Evaluation ADM’s Office

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1041755

Date:  April 2017



This position is responsible for assisting the ADM in support of the Division’s organizational and administrative requirements. The position serves as a liaison with external stakeholders, internal executive offices, division branches, the Deputy Minister’s office and other government Ministries. This key position deals with challenging, high profile issues of a sensitive and confidential nature and requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of department’s organization, policies and practices.

Responsibilities and Activities


Responsible for senior administration and assistance for the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM)

  • Coordinates all meetings for the ADM, working with department staff, other Ministries (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) outside organizations, companies and stakeholder groups.
  • Coordinates travel arrangements for ADM to and from meetings.
  • Monitors ADM’s calendar in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Provide ADM with information prior to all meetings (e.g. Presentations, agendas, supporting documents.)
  • Meetings are arranged including the preparation and distribution of agendas and support material, as well as ensuring meeting rooms are booked and set up with appropriate supporting equipment and supplies.
  • Coordinates and assigns, reviews, drafts and composes action requests in cooperation with the Minister’s, Deputy Minister’s offices and Branches.
  • Handles all incoming inquiries by preparing and forwarding accordingly.  Seeks direction on sensitive issues when required.
  • Incoming correspondence and material is reviewed and significant items brought to the attention of the ADM (includes viewing and processing his e-mails when he is away.) Material is forwarded to appropriate branch for action is necessary.
  • Provide staff with direction and advice on procedures dealing with Action Requests, legislation (documents for Standing Policy Committee (SPC) – Ministerial Orders, Ministerial Reports), etc.
  • Maintains filing system for the ADM comprised of bring forward systems to ensure timely completion of tasks, general and personal files.
  • Facilitates a smooth flow of communication between divisions to provide information on ongoing integration efforts.
  • Ensures acting incumbent is found for ADM when he/she is away.
  • Coordinates information responses and requirements on behalf of the ADM.
  • Acts as a Branch liaison to ensure accurate and timely information within program/procedures is provided to Division staff and/or the ADM.
  • Provides quality control for information requests including formatting, clarity, response to directions and readability before submitting to ADM.


  • Prepare all of the ADM’s MasterCard and Exclaim Statements in compliance with all Financial policies and procedures.
  • Ensures coding is accurate on invoices and submits all invoices to Financial Services.
  • Assists the Division Financial Administrator with the ADM’s office operational budget, including forecasting, ensuring accuracy in coding all accounts payable invoices, submitting all payables to Financial Services and reconciling of all payments in order to monitor year-to-date expenditures and estimated remaining expenditures against authorized budgets for the ADM’s office.
  • Responsible for producing IMAGIS reports in order to reconcile all accounts payable for the ADM’s office. If errors in processing occur, adjustments are completed, submitted and reconciled.
  • Liaise with Division Financial and Budget Coordinator to ensure guidelines and formats are adhered to.
  • Processes and reconciling all expenditures for the ADM’s office and ensures coding is correct.
  • Ensures system guidelines and formats are adhered to.
  • Monitors expenditures in accordance with budget limitations.
  • Assists the Financial and Budget Coordinator on budget matters pertaining to the ADM’s office, including preparing various documents and spreadsheets detailing, manpower, contracts, grants and material and services.
  • Monitors expenditures in accordance with budget limitations and identifies potential pressures or issues that may arise.
  • Ensures all invoices are checked for accuracy, coded and processed for payment.
  • Interprets financial polices as needed in processing documents for payment.
  • Provides office quarterly accruals.
  • When contracts are required for the office, responsibilities include:
    • Contract preparation and administration.
    • Reconciling all invoices for Contract payments.
    • Tracking and ensuring monies do not exceed Contract amount.
    • Responsible for quarterly accruals for Contracts.
    • Providing a monthly report on the status of Contracts and Contract budget.
  • Enters and tracks all training development in IMAGIS’s Training Module for the ADM’s office.
  • For Forecasting purposes, tracks salaries, increments and other potential changes in the ADM’s office that may affect the overall budget.



This position requires creativity in achieving results and outcomes by liaising with the Deputy Minister’s office, Assistant Deputy Minister’s offices, Directors, Executive Assistants, key leads of the integration team, and staff. Requests are handled promptly, courteously and with discretion, while maintaining confidentiality. Responsible for coordinating action requests, assigning, logging, tracking, formatting and drafting occasional responses.  Ensuring a timely flow of information is achieved by creating and following deadlines. An understanding of various legislation and policies pertaining to the Divisions’ operations, along with an understanding of the organizational structure is required.

This position functions independently to meet organizational objectives. It ensures coordination of e-mails, action requests, etc. in order to provide the Assistant Deputy Minister and key leads of the integration team with appropriate material and to help bring important matters to his attention.  A professional working relationship is required with external stakeholders and internal clients.  Support is also provided to the Assistant Deputy Minister on external committees with the preparation of documents.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to work with a high degree of independence, resolving problems on own initiative.
  • Considerable knowledge of departmental organization, policies and practices.
  • Ability to research concerns and make recommendations or decisions as appropriate.
  • Familiar with an automated working environment (e.g. ARTS, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows, Adobe Acrobat, IMAGIS, Exclaim, Power Point).
  • Excellent organizational, time management and interpersonal skills.
  • Diplomacy, political sensitivity, initiative and flexibility.
  • Knowledge of government budget practices and policies
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to respond to changing priorities and timelines as well as handle multiple tasks.
  • Development of new office systems to meet specific needs.
  • Originality, skill and tact must be used when dealing with internal staff and departmental contacts.
  • Use judgement to determine and identify priority issues to bring forward to ADM for immediate attention.
  • Required to respond directly to the Deputy Minister’s office and/or Minister’s office regarding information requests, including those of a confidential nature. This often requires securing and verifying information from within the organization, often under time constraints. The responses can take verbal or written form.


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