Position Profile

Job Title:  Executive Secretary

Work Unit:  Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility Division, Assistant Deputy Minister's Office

Ministry:   Alberta Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1041690

Date:  April 2017



The Executive Secretary coordinates and administers the Assistant Deputy Minister's (ADM) schedule. As the first point of contact in relation to the ADM's calendar, this position represents the ADM's office when liaising with various levels of staff throughout the division and department (including the offices of the Minister and Deputy Minister) and external stakeholders and clients at the executive level. The Executive Secretary is relied on to collect and provide information, coordinate calendars, and resolve associated issues as the front-line representative for the ADM. This position manages information and work flow pertaining to the ADM's calendar and provides secretarial and administrative services to the ADM's office. The Executive Secretary applies an understanding of priorities internal and external to the division to assist the ADM and support the effective and efficient operation of the ADM's office.

The Executive Secretary also reviews, develops, implements, synchronizes, and monitors administrative policies and processes to ensure division administrative operations are current and consistent with department and government guidelines and standards.

This position is relied on to compile information from a variety of sources, alert the EA and ADM to emerging administrative issues, provide associated recommendations and solutions, and confirm the status of assignments, projects and initiatives.

A high degree of organization skills and the ability to multi-task is required to monitor and prioritize multiple assignments and requests. In addition to working closely with staff in the ADM's office, the Executive Secretary liaises with staff internal and external to the division to ensure the timely completion of requests and other activities. This position continually works with highly confidential and sensitive information relating to staff, programs, and policies.

Under the direction and guidance of the Executive Assistant (EA), but also reporting to the ADM, this position works within applicable legislative requirements and department and government policies, standards, guidelines and procedures.

Responsibilities and Activities


The ADM's calendar and schedule are effectively administered and coordinated.


  • Applies judgment and knowledge of division and department issues, priorities, and relationships to screen meeting requests, re-direct requests where appropriate, prioritize meetings, and incorporate other activities to ensure effective arrangements and time management on behalf of the ADM.
  • Negotiates and resolves conflicts in scheduling appointments and apprises the ADM or Executive Assistant (EA) of meeting conflicts and potential issues.
  • Liaises with various levels of staff throughout the department, government, and external stakeholder organizations to schedule meetings.
  • Communicates extensively with staff in other federal / provincial / territorial (F/P/T) jurisdictions in relation to the ADM's calendar and availability to participate in teleconference calls and face-to-face meetings.
  • Tracks incoming / outgoing correspondence related to ADM's schedule and organizes calendar accordingly.
  • Issues Action Requests (ARs) for ADM meetings to ensure necessary meeting materials are prepared for the ADM.
  • Maintains "bring-forward" system for assignments, ARs, and projects relating to ADM meetings to ensure timelines are met.
  • Assists with preparing and/or editing correspondence on various topics at the ADM's request.
  • Provides options on acting assignments during ADM absences, notifying appropriate ministry staff.

ADM meeting requirements, including those pertaining to travel, are effectively coordinated and arranged.


  • Makes arrangements for ADM meetings, including preparing and arranging for coffee, catering, or reservations and setting / cleaning up meeting rooms.
  • Notifies building security of guests and relevant information and arranges for security passes when ADM attends meetings at other locations.
  • Prepares and processes hosting / working session request forms, ensuring approval in advance of events and meetings.
  • Certifies that meeting materials to be distributed in advance to meeting participants are accurate and received in a timely manner.
  • Compiles and/or copies at table meeting packages, verifying they are up-to-date and complete.
  • Addresses meeting room requirements, including ensuring access to smart boards / overhead projectors and loading PowerPoint presentations.
  • Acquires, prepares, and arranges meeting materials and ensures they available to the ADM in appropriate format (e.g. hardcopy, iPad) prior to scheduled meetings.
  • Creates agendas for ADM's weekly manager meetings, one-on-one meetings with Executive Directors, and other meetings when necessary.
  • Takes minutes for various meetings, as needed by the EA/ADM.
  • Reviews agendas and materials for ADM meetings to ensure relevant correspondence is gathered and assembled.
  • Plans ADM travel requirements for meetings and conferences, including arranging transportation, accommodations, itineraries, and equipment and resources.
  • Prepares and processes travel request forms, ensuring appropriate signatures received in advance of travel dates.

Financial administration services are provided in relation to ADM office expenses and purchases.


  • Reconciles and prepares ADM expense claims and EA P-Card purchases in accordance with department and government financial policies and procedures.
  • Maintains accurate and complete records for ADM' s office expense claims and P-card submissions.
  • Follows up on and processes ADM's office meeting-related invoices for payment in a timely manner, using IMAGIS as required.
  • Reviews invoices and associated forms for completeness, accuracy, and appropriate signatures, liaising with appropriate department contacts to ensure adherence to relevant financial and administrative processes.
  • Monitors and tracks submitted and approved training requests and expenditures.
  • Operational and budget / financial administration functions for the ADM's office and the division are provided with leadership and coordination.
  • Reconciles and reviews accounts receivable and payable reports for the ADM's office.
  • Prepares monthly forecasts for ADM's office, including entry / submission to Budget Analyst for division roll-up.
  • Tracks and reconciles manpower, expenditures, and budget versus actual reports for the ADM office.
  • Provides division representatives with guidance to processes and templates required for procurement, hosting, etc.
  • Prepares, reviews, and completes financial forms related to Expenditure Officers, including approval processes, applications, and terminations of permissions.
  • Reviews, prepares, and processes invoices, receipts and backup materials to ensure accurate coding and calculations and processing of appropriate and timely payments in IMAGIS.
  • Reviews and reconciles P-Card and Exclaim submissions to the ADM related to business operations, travel, conferences, courses, meetings, etc. in accordance with department policies and guidelines.
  • Ensures forms submitted to the ADM are current, accurate, and complete, liaising with the appropriate department contacts to ensure relevant processes are adhered to.
  • Maintains necessary records for submissions approved by the ADM.

Administrative and secretarial services are provided to support the effective operation of the ADM' s office.


  • Establishes and maintains confidential and working files for ADM, as well as day-to-day filing and records systems, in accordance with department and government retention and disposition schedules.
  • Compiles information from the ADM office records to respond to FOIP requests.
  • Provides secretarial assistance and support to the ADM office in relation to projects and initiatives as required.
  • Identifies administrative issues with potential to impact division operations; recommends solutions to deal with issues; and develops, streamlines and coordinates administrative systems and processes to enhance efficiencies.
  • Attends meetings and liaises with other staff in the department in relation to issues that may have an impact on the administrative operations of the division.
  • Reviews incoming mail and correspondence to the ADM's office to determine appropriate action required.
  • Maintain "bring-forward" system for ADM office assignments and projects to ensure timelines are met.
  • Issues service requests to coordinate furniture, telecommunication, and information technology requirements for the ADM's office.
  • Prepares and processes applications for approval of access cards and parking assignments in accordance with government policies and guidelines.
  • Creates and maintains administrative procedures manual for division administrative staff.
  • Tracks inventory levels and coordinates the order/surplus of inventory for the ADM's office.

Divisional requests are coordinated and administered in accordance with established policies and procedures.


  • Actions and coordinates with administrative staff, information to respond to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) requests on behalf of the division.
  • Coordinates and reviews floor plans for the division and ADM's office to ensure they are up to date and functional.
  • Coordinates and tracks various ADM and EA office requests and action items to ensure they are completed within deadlines, such as call outs for department travel listing and session/department contacts.
  • Monitors and communicates changes, which may"have a potential impact to divisional processes/procedures.
  • Receives, distributes, scans, and files hard copies of correspondence as appropriate.
  • Provides cover-off support for other positions assisting the ADM and other areas of the department as required.
  • Participate in and/or coordinates divisional/ministry events or retreats.
  • Serve as representative on divisional committees, working groups or voluntary activities as required.



In addition to coordinating the ADM' s schedule and calendar, this position provides complex and timely administrative services to the ADM, the EA, and other senior representatives to support achieving division and department goals.

This position requires a good understanding of the division and department mandates and operations and the ADM's priority items to make decisions regarding the ADM's calendar, as well a comprehensive understanding of division and department processes and policies to make decisions related to other action items.

There is potential for this position's decisions to negatively impact the ADM if relevant considerations are not identified and assessed. Responsibilities have division-wide impact in that the Executive Secretary ensures the timely, consistent, and effective delivery of information and assignments to and from the ADM's office. This position coordinates information flow within and between the ADM's office and those of other senior representatives, including the Deputy Minister's office and other divisions. This position requires superior communications skills given the considerable interaction with various levels of staff in the division and department.

The Executive Secretary must be capable of frequent interaction with all levels of staff internal and external to the department and government, including executive level representatives of stakeholder organizations and other jurisdictions. A strong understanding of relationships with other areas of the department, other departments and jurisdictions, and key stakeholders is essential, as is the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships.

This position requires excellent organizational, coordination, and tracking skills and a high degree of professionalism and commitment to confidentiality given that decisions and actions have a direct impact on the administrative operation of the division and the ADM's ability to achieve priorities. The nature of the work demands sound judgement and ability to prioritize work and respond to tight deadlines on a continual basis, with this position relied on to ensure that the ADM is participating in the right meetings and at the appropriate time. Given the nature and sensitivity of information in the ADM's office, the Executive Secretary must have superior communication skills, including the ability to assess situations and make determinations as to the appropriate information to provide to contacts.

Although this position reports to the ADM, it also receives direction from the EA. The Executive Secretary functions within the parameters of established legislation, policies, and procedures, working with a great deal of independence in managing the ADM's calendar. The EA sets general objectives; however, the Executive Secretary has latitude to determine priorities, areas of focus, and approaches to work on a daily basis. This position exercises initiative to ensure that effective administrative systems are developed and maintained to meet the requirements of the ADM' s office and the division.

Work is normally reviewed on completion for achievement of results, accuracy of information, and implications of decisions or recommendations, with highly unusual or sensitive situations discussed with or referred to the EA. Administrative issues without established policies, processes, and guidelines or clear precedent are discussed with the EA, typically in terms of recommendations made by this position to deal with situations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The Executive Secretary requires thorough working knowledge of:

  • Relevant department and division business plan goals, objectives, and strategies priorities.
  • Department and division organizational structures, mandates, programs, and services.
  • Relationships of the ADM' s office and the division to key stakeholders, clients and partners.
  • Applicable department and government policies, systems, guidelines and procedures for the delivery of administrative services (e.g. records management, expense claims, purchasing, contracts, travel and hosting, and ministry Style Guides).
  • Impact of applicable legislation on division operations (e.g. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).
  • Office software and computer applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Visio, PowerPoint, ARTS, ExClaim, My Agent, IMAGIS, etc.) and meeting equipment (e.g. smart boards).

The Executive Secretary must have a highly developed and demonstrated:

  • Written communication skills, including ability to edit and proofread.
  • Interpersonal communication skills, including ability to communicate clearly with all levels of staff within the department, government, and other jurisdictions as well as external stakeholders and clients.
  • Analytical, research, and problem solving skills, to locate and compile information, and recommend viable administrative solutions.
  • Records management skills.
  • Awareness of political sensitivities and commitment to confidentiality and diplomacy.
  • Ability to handle sensitive and/or difficult situations and negotiate agreement and commitment to action relating to varied administrative processes.
  • Ability to track, record, retain, and retrieve practical information in a well-organized manner.
  • Organizational, administrative, and time management skills to prioritize multiple responsibilities organizational and problem solving capabilities in relation to office administration and scheduling meetings.

The Executive Secretary must be able to:

  • Plan and coordinate the completion of multiple tasks under tight time frames and deadlines.
  • Proactively identify concerns, issues, and potential solutions and recommendations relating to assigned responsibilities.
  • Continually demonstrate initiative, flexibility, and sound judgement.
  • Function independently as well as lead and contribute within a team environment.



As the key contact for the ADM's schedule and division administrative processes and information exchange, this position has:

  • Daily and ongoing contact with staff in the ADM's office and at various levels throughout the division and department.
  • Frequent contact with staff in other departments and other governments and with external stakeholders and clients.

Supervision Exercised



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