Position Profile

Job Title:  Child Intervention Manager - Hinton and Edson

Work Unit: North Central AB CFS

Ministry:  Alberta Children’s Services / Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1041659

Date:  April 2017

Position Summary


Reporting to the Senior Manager, Prevention and Intervention Services, the focus of this position is to lead the delivery of quality intervention services and programs to children, youth, and families Jasper, Hinton and Edson served by the Hinton and Edson offices as well as Foster Care Support Services or Adoption and Permanency Planning services and staff located in each of the local offices throughout North Central Alberta Child and Family Services. Through leadership, guidance and support, this front line leadership role ensures that: services delivered are aligned with the key strategies and business plan goals of the Region, reflect the vision of the Department and Ministry, and comply with appropriate legislation, regulations, provincial standards, Regional policies and fiscal targets. This position will play a key role in supporting implementation of Child Intervention Practice Framework Practice Strategies, which includes Signs of Safety, as well as supporting the strategic direction of the Ministry and implementation of new initiatives within the Region which includes Integrated Service Delivery. The responsibility for: guiding the shift from a focus on child protection to healthy families; developing positive communities, promoting collaborative partnerships and achieving better outcomes for children, youth and families is integral to this role. This position will support a virtual unit of either Foster Care/Kinship or Permanency with the recruitment and development of placement resources as required through foster care and adoption, ensuring implementation of regional policy and practice standards and is the primary authority/linkage with key partners such as community agencies, stakeholders and partnering Ministries.

Specific Accountabilities


Program service delivery is effectively implemented by:

  • Leading and managing personnel resources and teams that work to meet the needs of clients served by the offices
  • Utilizing project management techniques
  • Involving key stakeholders in efficiently applying resources to the program area
  • Ensuring services are relevant to all cultural groups including First Nations, Metis and Inuit children, youths, adults and families.

This ensures that culturally respectful and appropriate services that are delivered to children are in compliance with legislation and policy directives, and that children remain safe.


Establish and maintain partnerships with community stakeholders and partnering Ministries by:

  • Creating opportunities for the inclusion of partners in problem identification and resolution
  • Participating in partnership activities to provide education and promote co-ordination of services
  • Maintaining regular contact with other Managers and staff throughout the region

This role ensures that cooperative relationships are established. Work results are focused in a collaborative and efficient manner, client service needs are appropriately assessed, and appropriate program delivery responses are developed and implemented.


Lead the development and implementation of new or changing services by:

  • Ensuring systems are in place to identify changing needs
  • Performing the project manager function of the implementation process
  • Participating in provincial initiatives to address the changing needs of a growing workforce and client group

This ensures that changing needs and new programs are delivered in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.


Manages, evaluates and continually develops competencies in employees, teams, the organization as a whole and own personal attributes by:

  • Preparing annual performance and learning development plans
  • Assessing individuals, mentoring and coaching them on performance
  • Conducting regular feedback sessions
  • Ensuring human resource management is in compliance with the Public Service Act, and union Master and Subsidiary agreements.
  • Maintaining knowledge of trends and developments in the human services industry, human resource and financial management, and through personal development training.
  • Ensuring staff have pertinent and timely communication on matters relevant to their work.

This ensures employees are performing and improving to the best of their abilities, their work is aligned with the vision, values and assigned business plan and organizational strategies, and services provided are based on relevant best practice.


Effectively and efficiently manage resources by:

  • Ensuring financial and administrative management is in compliance with the Financial Administration Act, the Government Accountability Act, Regional and Departmental policies and procedures, and the centers budgeting allocation.
  • Reviewing expenditure reports on a regular basis and adjusting operational activities to ensure financial targets are not exceeded.
  • Forecasting personnel requirements to meet cyclical demands and ensuring contingency plans are in place to address un-forecasted shortages.
  • Regular contract monitoring and reviews with the assistance of the contract unit to ensure services are being provided in accordance with the identification of needed services and that those same services are meeting contract obligations.
  • Regular participation in RFP and RFQ process to assist the region in obtaining needed client services.

This ensures that legislative and policy requirements are met through active stewardship and accountability.


Program Specific Foster Care unit or Adoptions/Permanency - Virtual Unit

  • This position is responsible for the implementation and supervision of Foster Care or Adoption, Permanency and Facility Licensing in the region and directly supervises the Foster Care Specialists and Adoption Specialist and their teams of support staff and permanency workers located in each of the offices across the Region.
    • requires knowledge of facility licensing legislative and policy requirements
    • requires working relationships with community agencies, contract services and stakeholder groups providing services and/or support to Foster homes, Kinship homes, and Adoptive homes
    • requires excellent networking skills to provide support directly to Foster homes, Kinship homes, and Adoptive homes through relationships with their local and regional associations and working teams.
    • ensures recruitment, training assessment and support requirements of all foster, kinship and adoptive homes are met through exceptional program planning and operations planning with parents and staff
    • ensures Regional resource needs for family-based care are met through weekly matching meetings, monthly planning for recruitment and training with stakeholder groups and staff
    • ensures Regional permanency planning goals are met through various reporting, and supporting activities of the Permanency Unit including twice yearly planning for each child in care with permanent or about to be permanent status
    • ensures families are engaged through quality training, networking opportunities and communications, i.e. quarterly newsletter
    • Represent the Region on Provincial Placement Resources Team (group care, foster, kinship, adoptions), Adoptions and Permanency Provincial Committee.
    • Requires excellent networking and relationship building ability with other Ministries and community partners such as Alberta Health Services – Mental Health and Addictions; Alberta Works; Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH); Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD); Office of the Public Guardian/Trustee (OPG/T); Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (RCSD); School Divisions in the Region; Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) in the Region; private agencies and service providers etc.

Knowledge / Experience


Degree in Social Work (preferred) with at least five years of relevant supervisory experience. Related Bachelors’ degree/Diploma with extensive supervisory experience may be considered as equivalent.

Strong leadership, communication, cross cultural and organization skills

Knowledge of management systems and processes including: performance management, budgeting processes, employee discipline, and collective agreements

Demonstrated ability to manage resources and develop, implement and supervise program service delivery.

Strong working knowledge in all of the following service areas; Early Intervention, Prevention of Family Violence, Child Intervention Services, Child Care, Foster Care, Kinship Care, Adoptions and Permanency Planning, Licensing of Facilities, Complex Case Needs (including knowledge of children’s mental health and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders).

Knowledge of various applicable Acts and regulations (Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Drug Endangered Children Act, Financial Administration Act, Accountability Act, Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act, Protection Against Family Violence Act, Social Care Facilities Licensing Act, Adult Adoption Act, Child and Family Services Authority Act, Family and Community Support Services Act, Social Facilities Care Review Committee Act, etc.)

Leadership and Business Know-How


This position must manage a diverse workforce and integrate their efforts with those of community based organizations and other Ministries. It must deliver a wide variety of complicated programs and services to a diverse and complex client base. The ability to influence the efforts of businesses and sectors outside of Human Services and governmental organization, are critical to the success of this role. Exceptional problem solving techniques coupled with superior interpersonal skills are necessary to assure the achievement of organizational and governmental goals. This role requires collaboration and partnership with cross Ministry teams as well as Local, Zone and Regional groups to ensure best practice and best service.

Problem Solving


The Manager of the Zone faces a multitude of challenges in order to find innovative solutions to time-pressing problems and issues affecting the safety of children. The position may sometimes rely on past experiences but more often must assess the impact and political interest in the issue in order to develop and implement unique solutions while ensuring all stakeholders are informed of the result. The ability to apply a wide range of problem solving techniques and to think creatively and critically is imperative.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact

Senior Manager, Prevention and Intervention

Weekly or more often

Routine and sensitive operational and administrative concerns, HR and budget issues.

Sensitive and unique program delivery and administrative issues. Critical and non-critical incident issues to be forwarded to the Deputy Minister or Minister.

Regional Director

As needed

Resolution of HR issues including staffing and labor relations.

Input on Business Planning and Operations.

Critical and non-critical incident issues to be forwarded to the Deputy Minister or Minister.

Senior Manager, Work Force and Operations


Implement cross Ministry projects and provide service delivery.

Other Governmental Departments/Ministries Finance/Payroll

Monthly or as required

Budget, pay issues.


Office of Child Youth Advocate

As required

Issues related to community needs or complaints.

Issues related to client complaints.

Community Associations/Contracted Agencies

As required

Coordination of activities, program delivery issue.

Police Forces

Monthly or as required

Resolution of contract issues, ordering of contract services

As required

Coordination of police involvement in sensitive investigations, threats to personnel, child safety and apprehension

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)


The Senior Team Lead for Hinton/Edson and either Foster Care or Adoptions and Permanency Planning, manages all aspects of Child Intervention services provided to the Jasper, Hinton and Edson geographical area, as well as Foster Care or Adoption and Permanency throughout the Region. Licensing responsibilities for Regional facilities will also be included as a component to the Foster Care duties. This position is responsible for results that respond to business plan goals and Regional/Ministry priorities by ensuring that services are delivered in accordance with legislation, policy and standards. This ensures public confidence in the Department and government to deliver those services and keep families and children safe, resources are developed to meet the safety needs of children and youth, and required permanency planning provides timely decisions when family of origin issues are not resolved. Impacts of errors range from significant embarrassment to the government to significant harm or death of a child. It provides interpretive and advisory support services to the staff, general public, and community organizations. It is responsible to achieve its goals within assigned targets and is provided the flexibility within legislative parameters to do so. This position requires the ability to work effectively with all levels of government (Provincial and Municipal), and other organizations/partners in the human services field.

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