Position Profile

Job Title:  Family Violence Death Review Committee: Senior Analyst

Work Unit:  Community Services and Supports, Family and Community Services Branch

Ministry:   Alberta Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1041358

Date:  March 2017



The Community and Social Services Division works towards an Alberta that is free from family violence and bullying through a coordinated provincial response to family violence and bullying with strengthened community-based, comprehensive services and supports for children and their families who witness, or are victims of family violence or bullying, and programs to prevent perpetrators from re-offending.

The Family Violence Death Review Committee Senior Analyst provides an integral role in the mandate of the Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC). The Senior Analyst provides leadership, expert advice, analysis and recommendations relating to all investigations into deaths related to Intimate Partner Violence across the province. The Senior Analyst identifies issues, defines processes, and plans, develops, and conducts file reviews, complex investigations, and special reviews involving sensitive and high profile cases. The position also identifies risk factors, service gaps between systems, and key areas where improvement to services and programs may be required.

The Senior Analyst provides comprehensive written reports, recommendations, and perspectives for consideration by the FVDRC, management, executive management, and the Minister. In addition, the Senior Analyst completes ad hoc activities including special projects and special reports, as assigned by the Chair of the Family Violence Death Review Committee and the Division Manager.

The FVDRC Senior Analyst is an extremely specialized and unique role in the Government of Alberta. The position provides expertise and strategic advice as the only GoA, non-management representative in the newly formed FVDRC. The position reports functionally to the FVDRC Chair, and administratively to the Manager, Family Violence Prevention Initiatives. The investigative activities and resulting recommendations made by this position can provide a positive and significant impact in working towards an Alberta that is free from family violence.

Responsibilities and Activities


The FVDRC Senior Analyst provides leadership, expertise, and resulting recommendations. The FVDRC Senior Analyst is responsible for the following:

  • Leads in identifying issues and defining processes. This includes planning, developing and conducting file reviews, investigative projects and special reviews into family violence deaths, through interviewing, data gathering, and other investigative techniques and strategies, including identifying risk factors and trends.
  • Completes complex analysis and conducts formal investigative interviews, observing the sensitive nature of the situation.
  • Gathers information by reviewing relevant file information.
  • Assesses designated services and provides expert advice and recommendations, looking at:
    • services and supports provided to the victim(s) and family;
    • the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the systems' involvement with the victim;
    • communication and cooperation with other ministries, police services and community agencies involved with the death;
    • identifies the services that worked for the victim/family; and, identifies any gaps in service;
    • reviews the decision-making, case planning and overall case management, as they compare to best practice;
    • assesses the impact of family and social history on the victim; the effectiveness of informal family and community supports;
    • identifies any cultural, medical or other special needs present for the victim and his/her family; and
    • determines adherence to Legislation and Policy; identification of systemic issues which may have affected the supports and services provided to the victim and his/her family.
  • Provides comprehensive written reports, recommendations, and perspectives for consideration by the FVDRC, management, executive management, and the Minister.
  • Leads, plans and designs the detailed research and analysis of issues resulting from reviews, contacting other jurisdictions and agencies to discuss issues of common interest, identifying systemic issues and trends and providing recommendations and solutions for future prevention.
  • Evaluates and determines the validity of investigative data, analyzes results, and provides detailed reports, including findings.
  • Identifies opportunities to significantly improve programs and services to victims of family violence including identifying service gaps, and provides recommendations for the formulation of prevention strategies.
  • Collaborates with other subject experts/specialists/agencies and participates in committees, forums, presentations and conferences related to investigation and review to develop networks, gather information, and develop and implement best practices.
  • Participates in multi-agency and multi-disciplinary teams, consisting of various community experts and stakeholders tasked with reviewing and resolving complex issues related to family violence deaths.
  • Recommends creative methods and mechanisms to identify, obtain and analyze highly sensitive and confidential information aggregated from numerous data sources and reports on trends, gaps in services and other indicators.
  • Collaborates with a team of internal and/or external investigative resources to create and implement innovative reviews, investigative strategies and methodologies for addressing family violence deaths.
  • Contributes to the production of annual reporting and special reports on family violence deaths.



The position is quite new and is a specialized role in the GoA, which is expected to identify, define, and analyze alternative courses of action requiring analytical and evaluative thinking. The Senior Analyst is responsible for developing and establishing investigative processes relating to the FVDRC.

The recommendations generated this position based on the investigations into family violence deaths impacts learning and informs practice on a provincial level, i.e. service delivery; policy development or change in existing policy; and, legislation. Investigations conducted inform the public and ensure transparency when there are intimate partner deaths.

The position works extensively and collaboratively with the Chair (as appointed by the Minister) of the FVDRC, senior management, program managers, senior representatives and other stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of policies and legislation. The need to engage stakeholders to get support and have them stay won side" with development and implementation of policy initiatives and projects is critical. Balancing the perspectives of varying stakeholders while meeting the objectives of the FVDRC also adds complexity to the role.

The Senior Analyst works in a changing environment and will be required to conduct independent investigations, as well as participating in team investigations. Political factors also contribute to the ongoing pressure to complete investigation within short timelines.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The Senior Analyst requires the following:

  • University degree, preferably at the Masters level in Social Work, Psychology, Criminology or Law supplemented by extensive related experience. Equivalencies may be considered.
  • Expertise to determine service gaps and provide an analysis of the services that were provided.
  • Expertise in the Protection Against Family Violence Act.
  • Expert knowledge of issues pertaining to family violence, family dynamics, community services, criminal code, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of the following legislation: Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Fatality Inquiries Act, FOIP; also required to understand and interpret acts and regulations of other government ministries as required.
  • Knowledge of family violence programs at a federal, provincial, municipal, and community levels.
  • Extensive knowledge of the complexities of the various systems that a victim may come into contact with during the course of the intimate partner relationship that resulted in a homicide.
  • An ability to handle the challenging workload which deals mostly with injury, abuse and death of women and children.
  • The ability to balance the need for systemic change with pragmatic issues.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills in order to coordinate several reviews simultaneously.
  • A working knowledge in areas of, medical, social and psychiatric conditions affecting behaviour.
  • Strong investigative skills, including observation, deduction, tact and intuition.
  • A well-developed understanding of human behaviour is required to de-escalate emotionally intense situations on an ongoing basis.
  • Strong written skills.
  • Strong social work skills, including excellent communication skills, honesty, compassion, diplomacy, empathy and a non-judgmental attitude.
  • The need to be accurate while remaining neutral.
  • Skills in interviewing and engaging adults.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Auditing skills; the ability to review paper and computer files, and access policy information.
  • The ability to work with diverse styles and skill levels of team members.
  • The ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The ability to deal with difficult people and defuse tense situations.
  • An awareness of cultural diversity.
  • The ability to analyze information and identify trends and patterns.
  • Flexibility and the ability to adjust to a changing environment.
  • Computer skills, utilizing Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, the Internet to conduct research and email.
  • Strong knowledge of family violence legislation, policies, and practices.
  • Strong knowledge of the judicial system and court processes.
  • Good knowledge of project management principles and methodologies.
  • Solid understanding of the development, monitoring, and evaluation of policies.
  • Project management and priority setting skills.
  • Research skills.

Other requirements and considerations:

  • The Senior Analyst works with extremely sensitive and disturbing subject matter. The Senior Analyst reviews graphic information about physical injuries, profound abuse and deaths. This may include examining pictures, reviewing autopsy reports, police reports and witness statements thus requiring the position to have extensive experience.
  • Travel is a requirement of this position and may include periods of time away from home. Road and weather conditions are a consideration.
  • Evening and weekend work may be necessary. The volume, complexity and sensitivity of reviews contribute to high stress levels.


  • FVDRC Chair.
  • Ministry staff (Community and Social Services, Justice and Solicitor General, Health, Alberta Health Services).
  • Members of the RCMP and police forces throughout the province in collaboration of the review process and during interviews.
  • Members of the medical community, medical examiner's office throughout the province regarding cause of death.
  • Contracted service providers, agencies involved with the families (e.g. AADAC, addiction treatment facilities).
  • Family members.

Supervision Exercised

  The position does not have any direct supervision responsibilities. However, this position provides functional supervision to external consultants, as well as staff in other areas of the division as they undertake projects that require technical expertise and advice.


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