Position Profile

Job Title:  Senior Policy Analyst, Indigenous Initiatives

Work Unit:  Integrated Resource Management System Secretariat

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1041321

Date:  March 2017



Reporting to the Senior Managers in the IRMS Secretariat, the Policy Analyst coordinates key efforts that contribute to the integration and operationalization of the enhanced regulatory system and other policy and operational initiatives associated with the priorities of the integrated resource management systems (IRMS) of the Government of Alberta (GoA).

The incumbent supports various integration initiatives, stakeholder engagement activities, and key policy coordination activities that enhance and maintain the continued support of the IRMS (core organizations include Alberta Energy, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Energy Regulator, Indigenous Relations, and Agriculture and Forestry).

As part of a team, the incumbent:

  • IRMS Secretariat's contribution to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP);
  • Supports the IRMS Common Priorities and Performance Measures files through research and facilitation of internal and external stakeholder relationships;
  • Leads cross-ministry, cross-divisional, or cross-department initiatives supporting the IRMS and the GoA mandate as it relates to resource development;
  • Promotes and coordinates risk informed policy analysis, development and advice;
  • Promotes the development and implementation of integrated decision making and coordinated implementation;
  • Provides facilitation services, employing design principles and systems thinking;
  • Coordinates integration initiatives across the division, department and integrated resource management system; and
  • Leads and coordinates preparation of responses to inform input for action requests (ministerial letters or briefing notes) for decision makers, stakeholders and partners, often within short time frames.

Responsibilities and Activities


Reporting to the Senior Manager, IRMS, the incumbent will have a wide scope of discretion to:

  • Lead cross-ministry, cross-divisional, and cross-department initiatives supporting the IRMS Common Priorities, and strategic plan and mandate of the Secretariat.
  • Lead and provide ongoing support to Secretariat projects such as the Coordination of an Approach to Resource Developments' Cumulative Impacts on the Exercise of Treaty and Aboriginal Rights, the Performance Measures task team; and IRMS communications business needs planning.
  • Provide support to divisional planning and reporting in line with ministry and GoA timelines and requirements.
  • Support the development of the priority plan for IRMS Common Priorities and develop metrics to help the division develop and implement operational plans and track performance for common priorities.
  • Represent the division on cross-ministry policy and issue-based initiatives (e.g. UNDRIP working groups, IRMS First Nations Task Team, other) to ensure an integrated perspective, and that policies and strategic issues are in alignment with deadlines and divisional requirements.
  • Ensure clarity of messaging and communication between the division and integrated resource system partners delivered through all communication material originating from the IRMS Secretariat.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships throughout the department and IRMS partners.
  • Promote risk-informed policy analysis, development and advice.
  • Enable policy discussions and development of proposals using a risk-based approach.
  • Prepare and review policy documents and briefing materials.
  • Participate and lead cross-government initiatives, as required, to represent divisional interests.
  • Support the education of staff regarding cultural awareness and sensitivity training to support the GoA commitment to implement UNDRIP.
  • Support policy development to include the incorporation of perspectives of Indigenous communities.
  • Promote the development and implementation of integrated decision making through:
    • Effective partnerships and working relationships with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders at all levels of government.
    • Designing processes and collaborative tools to support implementation of a dynamic governance structure.
    • Ensuring periodic reporting and ongoing maintenance to support continuous improvement of the system and associated tools.
    • Leading and coordinating research and employing a variety of methods and tools to access comprehensive and current information.
    • Leading and coordinating the development of innovative options and strategies to address complex issues in collaboration with cross-ministry peers.
  • Provide facilitation employing design principles and systems thinking.
  • Facilitate the development of projects and initiatives using systems thinking to support successful integrated resource management.
  • Deliver conflict resolution, mediation and engagement process support to the division and integrated resource management partners to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Guide divisional staff and cross-ministry colleagues to ensure the scope of initiatives is strategic and employ a systems-level perspective.
  • Facilitate the development of strategic options, proposals and strategies.
  • Coordinate integration initiatives across the division, department and integrated resource management system.
  • Support the Executive Director through assuming acting responsibilities for the managers, as required.
  • Lead and coordinate, as needed, the responses to inform input for action requests (ministerial letters and briefing notes) for decision makers, stakeholders and partners, within short time frames.
  • Provide back-up secretariat support to the IRMS Executive Leadership Team (IRMSELT (Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) and Executive Vice President (EVP)) committee.
  • Ensure issues and initiatives for decision making are appropriate and allow for ample time for the ADM to prepare for discourse.
  • Support the maintenance of IRMS tools such as the IRMS w Portal and the Alberta Responsible Energy Policy System (AREPS) portal.
  • Ensure documentation and record keeping of meetings and decisions is auditable.



The work of the IRMS Secretariat has provincial impact affecting the IRMS partners. The scope of work within the IRMS is diverse and deals with complex and politically-sensitive issues.

This position has significant discretion, latitude, and responsibility to contribute to the development of strategic initiatives, programs and policy within the IRM system. A strong relationship and communication between the GoA, the Alberta Energy Regulator, and key stakeholders is fundamental for the success of the IRM system and the GoA's commitment to manage the social, environmental and economic outcomes from natural resource development.

The incumbent is responsible for developing processes and recommendations to senior ministry and government officials that can significantly affect decision making.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Relevant University Degree (business, engineering, sociology, biology, environmental science, agriculture or other related field) with a focus on integrated natural resource management and policy. Understanding of applicable legislation, regulations, ministerial orders, and guidelines (e.g. Mines and Minerals Act, Responsible Energy Development Act, Albert Land Stewardship Act, and all acts and regulations applicable to responsible energy development and environmental protection) across the GoA.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the role of the IRMS Secretariat in policy integration and development, in the provision of policy advice to elected officials, and in relation to the Policy Coordination Office and the Responsible Resource Development Leaders (RRDL) - deputy minister and chief executive officer committee.
  • Exceptional synthesizing, problem solving and interpretive skills to support the IRMS goals and mandate.

The incumbent requires demonstrated knowledge of communications, public relations, indigenous issues, stakeholder engagement, and policy systems gained through education and on-the-job experience. From an operations perspective, the incumbent must understand multiple departmental policies, procedures and legislation relating to the need for policy development for natural resource management. Familiarity with legal obligations pertaining to treaty and constitutional rights, and understanding of indigenous cultures is an asset.

  • Demonstrated understanding of relevant business plan goals, focused agenda items, strategic priorities, issues, provincial and regional programs, resources and regulatory frameworks, including those of the IRMS member ministries and other ministries.
  • Demonstrated understanding of applicable legislation, regulations, Ministerial orders and guidelines (e.g. Mines and Minerals Act, Energy Resources Conservation Act, Responsible Energy Development Act, Alberta Land Stewardship Act, and all Acts and regulations applicable to energy resources and environmental protection) across the GoA.
  • Demonstrated ability to work productively with minimal supervision with clear direction.
  • Demonstrated research skills and critical, analytical thinking.
  • Demonstrated multiple level cross-ministry team leadership.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills based on incomplete, imperfect information.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills, including the ability to prepare responses to inform decisions for action requests (ministerial letters or briefing notes) for decision-makers, stakeholders and partners, often within short time frames.
  • Demonstrated ability to model the Alberta Public Services (APS) Vision and Values.




Staff and members of:

  • Various cross-ministry working groups and stakeholder committees.
  • Stakeholder organizations.
  • Federal government departments and municipal, provincial and territorial governments.


  • Represent IRMS Secretariat priorities and positions identify and assist to resolve complex issues, including facilitate decision making and problem solving.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Promote and encourage innovation.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and working relationships.
  • Make presentations to professional, industrial and other associations.

Supervision Exercised

  The incumbent will supervise summer students when the IRMS Secretariat has them and will provide supervision and oversight to cross-ministry staff in task teams.


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