Position Profile

Job Title:  Child Intervention Front Line Systems Support Analyst

Work Unit:  Child Intervention Division, Program Information Evaluation & Performance Branch, Child Intervention Business Support Unit (CIBS)

Ministry:   Alberta Children’s Services / Community and Social Services

Competition Number:  1041146

Date:  March 2017



Child Intervention Case Information Online (CICIO) is an application that supports Child Intervention practice as well as business processes supported by the legacy system, CYIM. The maintenance of CICIO, development of a new Practice Support Approach and support of application users is the responsibility of the Child Intervention Business Supports (CIBS) unit.

Reporting to the Manager, Child Intervention Front Line Systems Support Analyst, the position is responsible for collaborating and engaging with senior staff, managers, and system leads within the CFSs and DFNAs to determine the needs of their application users, develop strategic learning plans for regional and agency staff, provide on-site training, coaching, mentoring and assisting the CIBS unit in implementing change management and evaluation strategies in the field.

Responsibilities and Activities


This position is responsible for:

Ensuring CICIO users are well supported to use the application to its capacity and intent. To achieve this outcome, the Incumbent is required to:

  • Build strong relationships with Directors, senior managers, managers, supervisors, application leads, and application users within each CFS and DFNA.
    • Create and facilitate of a network of worksite leads and application users who act as liaisons between their worksites and CIBS.
  • Disseminate CIBS communication, such as updates, changes, and solutions.
    • Ensure users understand how the application aligns with legislation, policy and practice.
    • Inform users how to best utilize the application in their day-to-day work to maximize CICIO's potential and to achieve desired outcomes.
    • Prepare application users for new releases, tools, and materials.
  • Liaise with Field Operations to provide a coordinated approach to serving the DFNAs.
    • Keep Field Operations staff up-to-date regarding the application, policy, and practice.
    • Maximize training and support opportunities through Field Operations.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the CIBS, CICIO Support Desk and Provincial CICIO Training Coordinator.
    • Stay informed of trends, changes, updates, solutions, and tools.
    • Informing CIBS of activities, opportunities, trends, and solutions.
    • Look for opportunities to maximize training and support activities. Improve materials and tools, and ensure application users are provided quality service.
  • Collaborate with Policy and Casework Supports.
    • Stay abreast of practice, policy and legislative changes.
    • Provide leadership and expert knowledge of technical and policy related issues.
    • Develop formalized processes with the policy and practice colleagues regarding policy, practice or legislative changes that require data fixes and training content revisions.
  • Communicate the practical needs of frontline workers to ministry partners, and advocate for strategies and approaches that would improve the use of the application.
  • Provide workshops, training, and written materials to application users.
    • Creating, developing, and delivering training as required, from workshops to formal training modules. This may be conducted on an ad hoc basis, in collaboration with the Provincial Training Consultant, or the CIBS team.
  • Assist user groups such as Children’s Services divisional staff who have “view-only” access in their use of the application.
    • Ensure user groups understand how best to access and leverage the information available to meet job requirements.
  • Providing ongoing support and strategic planning as larger new releases of the application are introduced.
  • Assist the CIBS team in evaluating training and support activities provided to application users.
    • Develop and implement evaluation tools to assess training and support initiatives.

Conduct CICIO Needs Assessments and Develop CICIO Sustainment Plans for each CFS, DFNA, and group or application users. To achieve this outcome, the Incumbent is required to:

  • Conduct needs assessments, workflow analysis, and workshops for CFSs, DFNAs, and groups of application users.
    • Keep informed of training and support needs, trends, gaps, and changes within each of the worksites.
    • Assess competency, and comfort levels in using the application.
    • Look for potential application leads within the worksites and opportunities for growth.
  • In collaboration with each region and agency, sustainment plans will be developed for the CFSs and DFNAs. These plans will include:
    • Solution focused strategies based on each worksite's unique needs.
    • Plans to ensure application users receive support whether they are new users or experienced users.
    • Recommendations on how the application can be used to its potential in each region and agency.
    • Regular follow-ups and evaluations of progress will be conducted.
  • Work collaboratively with each CFS and DFNA to create strong regional and agency leads.
  • Ensure leads are engaged, willing to take ownership of the role, and motivated to assist their colleagues.
  • Provide change management tools to leads in order to assist them in getting staff ready for new releases, tools, and enhancements.
  • Providing customized tools when necessary to support leads and their colleagues.
  • Providing ongoing support and strategic planning as changes occur at the regional/agency or provincial levels that impact the application.

Providing expert training, leadership and information support regarding technical and policy related aspects of the application.

  • Prepare reports and communication materials for the branch, division, and ministry as required.
  • Participation on provincial committees.
  • Assisting the CIBS team in various activities to meet branch objectives.



This position provides communication, assessment, training, change management and leadership to a broad group of application users. The incumbent works closely with all CFSs, DFNAs, divisional and ministry staff regarding technical and policy related information. This position is responsible for recommending solutions for short-term and long-term sustainment strategies for regions, agencies, and user groups. Given the integral nature of the application to the day-to-day work for front-line staff and data reliant processes within the ministry, this role has a significant impact. The volume of work and complexities of the application make the work challenging.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


A University Degree or equivalent, plus at least three years’ experience as a caseworker are required.

The position requires the following skills and abilities:


  • Strong knowledge of the Casework Practice Model, CFSA and DFNA user communities, Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Children First Act, DECA, PSECA, FOIP and the Policy and Practices which are associated with each of these as well as the court process and dates associated with the CYFEA, DECA and PSECA Acts in order to support Users.
  • Expert literacy in CYIM and CICIO.
  • Cultural awareness and able to work in a culturally respectful and meaningful way, especially with DFNA partners.
  • Knowledge of how the provincial government operates and detailed information on this department and its working relations.
  • Good understanding of CFS and DFNA business goals and programs.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with strong customer relation skills to assist users with day-to-day and system issues.
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to effectively interpret business practice, application functionality and technical information to understand support requests and provide solutions to the issues faced by application users.
  • Ability to translate technical jargon and processes to application users.
  • Ability to assist all levels of staff, from senior management and application leads, to front-line and administrative support staff.
  • Ability to deal factually and confidently with sensitive issues.
  • Ability to deal with emotional users.
  • Clear verbal and written communication skills. Ability to speak comfortably and clearly in small and large group settings.
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks and assignments in a timely and effective manner.
  • Strong facilitation skills.
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive and effective working relationships and partnerships with stakeholders of diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Knowledge of change management practices and methodologies.
  • Ability to be creative and proactive in addressing provincial, regional, agency, and worksite specific issues.
  • Ability to manage diverse perspectives and approaches among stakeholders.
  • Ability to travel and be away for extended periods of time, this will also require a vehicle that compiles with government vehicle requirements.



The position reports to the Manager, Child Intervention Front Line Systems Support Analyst and has daily interaction with several levels of staff within the CFSs and DFNAs. The position is responsible for assessing, supporting, and mentoring CFSs and DFNAs in reaching their learning and sustainment goals. This role requires weekly and monthly contact with colleagues from the CIBS branch and the Child and Family Services Division. The incumbent is responsible for assisting the Management and CIBS Business Support Team in identifying user issues and creating solutions. The position requires collaboration with divisional partners to share information and maximize training and support opportunities.

Supervision Exercised



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