Position Profile

Job Title:  Service Request Coordinator

Work Unit:  Corporate Services, Informatics Branch, IT Operations

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1041106

Date:  March 2017



The Service Request Coordinator is responsible for coordinating service request activities between internal business clients, technical staff within both the Ministry and Service Alberta, and with contractors to ensure any service interruptions are minimized and appropriately communicated to business areas affected. The position works as the bridge between Ministry staff, the GoA Service Desk and Ministry application and project support teams, balancing the needs of the client, Informatics’ processes, Ministry business processes and the requirements/processes of the GoA Service Desk. As part of the responsibilities and outcomes, the position works to ensure expectations and service levels regarding access to desktop, server, network and business applications are met and to keep information organized and people informed.

The position is responsible for researching, monitoring, identifying, analyzing, recommending and implementing technical solutions and improved processes and services provided to AEP.

Responsibilities and Activities


The Service Request Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating client requests for service to ensure the appropriate engagement method is used while balancing the needs and processes of all stakeholders involved.

This accomplished by:

  • Thoroughly understanding, defining and documenting business requirements (Business Needs and Requirements and Requirements specifications).
  • Gathering client needs and expectations as well as ensuring processes and expected service levels are communicated back to the client.
  • Collecting and compiling information necessary to action the Service Requests.
  • Analyzing and recommending an approach, tools, and hardware and/or software to meet client requirements.
  • Ensuring any expenditure approvals are received prior to submitting a service request.
  • Ensuring all products are appropriately procured and licensed.
  • Balancing method, process and availability of resources with client expectations regarding best solution, costs to Branch timing and minimum service interruptions.

The position is responsible for identifying the best method/approach to action the Service Request efficiently and effectively in a timely and cost effective manner.

This involves:

  • Coordinating and tracking the resolution/implementation of action requests through Service Alberta. This requires the position to:
    • Utilize the appropriate process with Service Alberta.
    • Submit all requests utilizing appropriate forms and ensuring correct filing.
    • Gather and accurately document all information required by Service Alberta to action the request.
    • Communicate with the Service Desk when requests are canceled or changed.
    • Continually monitor service requests to ensure timely completion within agreed to time frames.
  • Collecting and documenting all information required by internal support teams to action the service requests. This requires the position to:
    • Identify service request requirements including solutions/resolutions (e.g. server, storage, internal Citrix, database, applications, etc.).
    • Champion and create an understanding of the client’s business and needs/requirements.
    • Continually liaising with internal support teams to monitor, track and support implementation of solutions.
  • Identifying and recommending technology infrastructure (hardware, software) necessary to fulfill service request requirements.
  • Initiating the procurement process of necessary technology infrastructure and coordinating the implementation.
  • Being the contact and bridge for clients between Service Alberta, internal support teams and contractors.
  • Providing clients with ongoing communication regarding the progress of service requests.

The Service Request Coordinator is responsible for analyzing and determining appropriate actions to address non-routine or unique client requests.

This involves:

  • Understanding and documenting the business requirements.
  • Determining the appropriate method of action to address the situation(s) identified.
  • Identifying the service providers required in the development of a solution(s).
  • Working with the service providers, plan, design and develop an appropriate approach to address the request.
  • Monitoring and tracking the action plan progress and providing required information to all parties.

The position is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of solution activities and service level agreements to ensure client needs/requirements are being met and supported by the Informatics Branch.

This includes:

  • Participating in project reviews and checkpoints to monitor the timing, completion and achievement of service requests.
  • Identifying alignment to the GoA and Ministry standards.
  • Reviewing and analyzing actual service levels against agreements to identify and trigger necessary actions to ensure service levels are routinely met or exceeded.
  • Identifying analyzing and communicating the impacts of service outages.
  • Identifying performance criteria to effectively and efficiently track and monitory service levels.
  • Reporting on compliance to service level agreements as well as service request progress and completion.

As a member of the IT Operations team, the Service Request Coordinator is responsible for the development and support of technical solutions in the client computing environment to improve service provided to clients.

This involves:

  • Performing personal computer trouble-shooting and diagnosis on site when required.
  • Working directly with clients and Service Alberta technical teams to identify and resolve client computing issues and problems.
  • Researching, recommending, implementing and supporting locally attached computer peripheral devices (e.g. secure external hard disks, scanners, printer/plotters, Smartboards, dual monitors, etc.).
  • Developing procedures for and supporting mobile computing devices (e.g. sanctioned smart phones, tablet devices, ruggedized equipment, etc.).
  • Identifying and resolving technical issues that are not being sufficiently addressed by other service providers.



The work of the position affects the delivery and provision of services for staff throughout the Ministry. These services include desktop type services such as the provisioning of PC, email, file and print services as well as those related to common infrastructure components such as business applications, servers, storage, network, remote computing, backup and recovery, etc.

The IT field involves rapidly evolving technologies and solutions that require the position to continually develop/re-develop, design and implement the necessary practices and procedures and/or integrate with established practices to ensure timely resolution to client request. Given the diversity and size and complexity of client requests, this involves both structured and ad-hoc approaches.

The position required to balance and understand the needs of the GoA managed environment as well as any existing computing environments and often needs to obtain buy-in from users of the technology infrastructure which can be difficult when employees are familiar with more unstructured and ad-hoc applications and systems.

While a certain amount of activities and responsibilities are covered under established practices and procedures, there exist many areas where activities are neither clearly defined nor consistent. As a service delivery role is expected to be in all Ministry’s that have migrated into the GoA, the scope of the position extends externally to be involved in the development of cross-Ministry common practices, procedures and guidelines as they relate to the role and the way each Ministry is expected to communicate with the GoA Service Desk. As each ministry has unique and varying infrastructure, technologies and expertise, the development of common solutions to meet broader goals and objectives of the Alberta Government requires creative problem-solving by the position in contributing to the challenge of developing cross-government standard processes.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


The position requires a university graduation in computer science or a related discipline with little to no experience required. Equivalencies will be considered.

The position requires a basic to general knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Information technology that includes desktop and laptop computers, servers, mobile devices, application and utility software, networks, security, etc.
  • Ministry, Division and Branch business needs, processes, responsibilities and reporting structure.
  • Decision and approval processes within the Ministry.
  • Processes and principles involved in the practice of Service Delivery with a focus on ITIL practices and principles.
  • Service Alberta processes, responsibilities and practices.
  • Custom developed business applications and current software used by the business areas.
  • Service Alberta systems for interaction with ministries including, but not limited to BMC Remedy.

The position requires the following skills and abilities:

  • Interpersonal skills – ability to relate to all levels within the department.
  • Communication skills – convey complex technical information to both technical experts and users within the Ministry.
  • Negotiation skills – to influence technical decisions that will impact the Ministry.
  • Project Management – ability to follow project discipline including the development of project plans, identification of goals, milestones and objectives as well as being able to lead and participate in projects.
  • Creative problem solving and analysis – able to develop solutions to complex issues; ability to translate business needs into technical requirements and technical solutions.
  • Ability to understand client needs and address their issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability to develop relationships with technical support teams in the Ministry and Service Alberta, contractors and peers in other ministries to leverage knowledge and to coordinate responses to requests for services.


  • Ministry business area staff: To understand business needs and discuss service request requirements and to communicate and provide information.
  • Informatics staff: To engage at the appropriate time and when necessary to develop, design and implement a response to requests for service.
  • Internal and External Technical Experts: (e.g. Ministry, Service Alberta, contractors) To facilitate and effect the timely resolution of service requests and technical issues.
  • IT Operations management: To provide progress on projects; to seek advice, direction, approvals including escalation of issues.

Supervision Exercised

  Position does not supervise.


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