Position Profile

Job Title:  Recreation Engagement Officer

Work Unit:  Operations, Provincial/Approvals (5 Regions)

Ministry:   Alberta Environment and Parks

Competition Number:  1040910

Date:  March 2017



Reporting to the Lands Approvals Team Lead this position is an entry level wage position whose regular duties will be to provide information and assistance to the public regarding access and use of vacant public land and Public Land Use Zones (PLUZ) to meet regional recreational goals that are in alignment with department’s priorities and the Division Operational Plan.

This position supports the day to day operations of the recreational program and requires some specialized technical background and skills. It is expected the incumbent will have progressive responsibility under direct supervision as he/she demonstrates proficiency in the program area. They will assist with the delivery of the provincial recreation mandate and public lands enforcement through education and engagement with the public and various stakeholders. They will develop and maintain an operational level working relationship with local Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (FWEB) staff, Parks Division Conservation Officers, the RCMP and other inter-agency enforcement and emergency response partners.

They must be familiar with (includes but not limited to) the Public Lands Act, Public Land Administration Regulation (PLAR), Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA), Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations, and other legislation regulating the use of off highway vehicles in Alberta. This position requires communication, facilitation, time-management, and working level technical knowledge and skill.

Responsibilities and Activities


Regional Recreation Program

Under the supervision of the Lands Approvals Team Lead this position will support the ongoing planning, development, facilitation of regional recreation programs by providing field level information.


  • In coordination with Regional staff, Provincial Programs, Strategy Division and ED4Rec assist with the management of the Regional Recreation Plan.
  • Work with their supervisor on providing critical information that will help identify and prioritize areas that need to be addressed through the coordination of enforcement and educational efforts with FWEB, Parks and local Approvals, Resource Management and Compliance staff.
  • Conduct backcountry patrols to interact with the public.

Recreation Community Education and Engagement

This position will develop and foster positive relationships with the recreation community while promoting the GoA’s recreation goals and priorities in a coordinated effort with Strategy Division.


  • Seek out, establish and maintain appropriate public relations in the recreation community through on the ground individual, group and social media engagement.
  • Communicate with local clubs so they are aware of the GOA’s objectives to help form strong partnerships.
  • Build capacity and stewardship in the recreation community to achieve compliance through an educational approach and improving responsible recreation practices.
  • Attend and engage groups during organized events, such as races, poker rallies and club trail maintenance/clean-up days.
  • Educate the public on responsible stewardship and help them understand the appropriate legislation.
  • In coordination with Strategy Division prepare and deliver presentations to schools or other groups on department messaging related to recreation and land stewardship issues.

Maintenance of Recreation Areas

As directed by their supervisor they will conduct maintenance and make improvements to recreation sites located on vacant public land and within PLUZs.


  • Work with local staff on identifying areas that require maintenance such as the signs, kiosks and other facilities.
  • Install and/or replace signage in existing or new areas.
  • Manage and maintain the regional recreation inventory of signage, gates, rec sites and resources in PLUZs’ and on vacant Crown Land.



This position is the regional representative for recreation management and is responsible for ensuring the vision and mandate of both the region and province is followed. The position requires working knowledge of legislation, departmental policy and requires some technical expertise in order to meet the expectations of the position. The incumbent must consider the desired outcomes of not only the region, but other departments and ministries. They must keep current on local issues, trends and social media, while remaining objective, non-judgemental and consistent when providing information to the public and making recommendations to the department.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • This position must have good interpersonal skills and must be able to demonstrate excellent communication. Must be willing take direction from others and have a good host image and attitude.
  • The individual must perform all duties in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Must be able to work in remote backcountry locations and be able to operate an OHV in order to conduct backcountry patrols to interact with the public.
  • Must be familiar with various Acts such as the Public Lands Act, Public Land Administration Regulation (PLAR), the Public Lands Act, Public Land Administration Regulation (PLAR), Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA), Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations, and other legislation regulating the use of off highway vehicles in Alberta.
  • This position must have education and experience in the natural resource field.
  • Must be able to coordinate and apply the goals and objectives of the different groups and departments involved in recreation management.


  Contacts are internal and external to the department. Internal contacts are other regional and provincial staff, managers, and human resources. External contacts are other government’s (municipal and other provincial jurisdictions), industry, members of the public and recreation groups/clubs.

Supervision Exercised



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